Welcome to Baby Can Travel!

Starting to travel with your baby can seem overwhelming at first, even those of us who have done it still have questions. Babies are constantly changing and each trip will be different, that’s about the only thing you can count on! 

We’ve put this page together as a starting point for answering all your “travel with baby” questions. We also have a toddler specific section. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to send us an email!

Baby Travel Gear

Babies need a lot of gear! Or do they? Here we share our favourite travel gear and also some advice on how you can pack lightly. 


One of our main concerns was how our baby would sleep on-the-go and in different locations. All your baby sleep and jet lag questions will be answered in these posts! If not, please don’t hesitate to send us an email through the contact form below. 

Toddler Travel

Toddlers! They still need a lot but travelling with a toddler is a whole lot different than travelling with a baby. If you thought your pace was slowed by travelling with a baby, wait until you get to travel with a newly walking toddler. Don’t get us wrong, we love travelling with our toddler but they do need different gear and be ready to enjoy some playgrounds!


Wondering where to go with your baby or toddler? Here’s just a small snippet of wonderful destinations to visit with your baby or toddler. You’ll find plenty more in the Destinations menu above.

Other Useful Posts

What else might be useful? We hope these posts will help answer those lingering questions…

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