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10 Reasons to Travel with Baby

Some people may be wondering the reasons for taking a baby on vacation with you. Wouldn’t it be more of a holiday if you could leave baby behind having fun at Grandma and Grandpa’s? Wouldn’t that be easier on everyone?

We get it! Traveling with baby can be hard and stressful. It’s definitely nothing like how you may have traveled in the past. All this may be true, but we wanted to share with you the reasons why we feel it is important to include baby: 

1. Learning to travel as a family

Even traveling when it was just the two of us was a learning experience. We have similar interests but we still have to compromise and accommodate each other while traveling. Not everything we want to see and do will be identical. Baby will also have specific needs while traveling that need to be accommodated. Taking baby is a lesson in finding ways to travel together that keeps everyone happy.

2. Building confidence traveling

Taking your baby on the first plane ride or to a new country can be scary and intimidating (see this post on when is it safe to start traveling with your baby). We knew we wanted to keep travel as an important part of our lives, so we felt it best to start as soon as possible with baby. We still wonder how each plane ride or new adventure will go, but we try to see it as a learning experience.

3. Experience new things together

Travel is all about new experiences. We want to experience new things together as a family. Someday our child will know that she got to experience those new sights and sounds right along with us!

4. Sharing the things you love with your children

Sure, baby may not understand what is going on, but we want to share what we love with our child. Why not start doing that right now?

5. We are a family now and want to continue to do the things we love as a family

Prior to having our baby, we had some great role models that just incorporated their new baby into their lives. They didn’t change who they were, they just found a way to make it work with baby. We wanted to do exactly that. We are a larger family now and we do the things we love together! 

 6. Learning to deal with stresses and being flexible

Travel can be stressful. Things don’t go as planned and this can cause even more stress when you have a little one to worry about. But that is part of being a parent and part of life. Traveling together helps all of us learn to be more flexible and deal with stresses. Someday soon, we hope to be good role models for our child in how we deal with stresses and being flexible while traveling. 

7. No errands to run, no lists, no dishes to do…just enjoy your family

Here’s the best part – enjoying time together as a family. Sure you can do this at home, but there are still all those tasks to do. On vacation you get away from all that and get to truly enjoy time together! 

8. Brain development

We don’t have any scientific evidence to back this up, but by introducing our baby to new sights, smells and sounds we have to assume that’s a good thing? Babies are absorbing new things all the time, so we figure by traveling to new places baby will get to experience even more!

9. Encouraging flexibility

It’s easy to get in a routine at home and sometimes it’s hard to get out of that routine, especially if you’ve gotten baby into a good sleeping schedule. Who would want to mess with that? We do ensure we have a good routine for baby when we are at home, but we also want our baby to be able to adapt to new situations and new sleeping schedules.

10. Why Not?

This is a question we often ask ourselves when there’s something we want to do but it seems scary and risky. If we can’t come up with a compelling argument to stop us from doing it, we forge ahead!

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10 Reasons to Travel with Baby
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