Best Places to Travel With a Baby – 28 Baby Friendly Destinations

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Now that your little one has arrived and you’re ready to go on your first trip with baby, you might be wondering where are the best places to travel with a baby. If you are looking for baby-friendly travel destinations, you’ve come to the right place.

In order to prepare this list of the best countries to visit with a baby, I drew from my own experiences traveling with our babies. In addition to sharing my own family travel destinations, I asked real parents, just like you and me, where are the best countries to travel with a baby? Their feedback, along with my own experience traveling with a baby, forms my list of best places to travel with a baby in the world.

a happy baby on the sand shows why beaches make some of the best holiday destinations with a baby.
My son loved his first trip to San Diego, California.

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How to Choose Where to Travel with a Baby

Choosing the best place to travel with baby isn’t just about finding places with high chairs and baby-friendly activities. Traveling with a baby gives you an opportunity to travel to places that you’ve always wanted to visit and see what you want to see. For example, visiting the Louvre in Paris with a sleeping baby in a carrier is significantly easier than with a rambunctious toddler.

When deciding where to travel with a baby, it helps to pick a destination where the locals are welcoming to parents traveling with a baby. In all honesty, this is literally everywhere. No matter where you travel with a baby, the locals cannot resist a cute baby!

My list of baby-friendly destinations is pretty big. To help you narrow down your choices, I have sorted the best places to travel with baby by geographical region.

Best Places to Travel with a Baby in Europe

Many of the best countries to travel with a baby are found in Europe. Italy, France, Austria and more… the list of baby-friendly destinations in Europe is nearly endless!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The famous canals of Amsterdam - one of the best places to travel with a baby in Europe.
The world-famous canals of Amsterdam.

Traveling to Amsterdam with a baby is an amazing experience. The city is one of the most walkable and friendliest, with a host of activities, parks, boat rides and museums to explore, making it one of the best places to travel with a baby in Europe

Walking around Amsterdam with a baby is easy, as the city is incredibly friendly for babies, though its best to use a carrier to wander the beautiful canals. Strollers are great too, though in some areas, you may need to leave it and walk up or down steps. 

Going on a family canal ride is a peaceful way to explore Amsterdam with your baby. Numerous canal rides occur each day with an evening canal ride recommended by many families as well.

Amsterdam has several great parks for babies including Vondelpark and a small zoo, Artis, that is worth a visit. NEMO Science Museum is a wonderful family-friendly museum that provides hours of indoor activities and hands on exhibits. 

At the least, your baby will be amazed by the abundance of noise making machines, gadgets or bubble wands creating huge illusions. It must also be said, that the Dutch are extremely welcoming to families and will help you if you need it, which makes traveling to Amsterdam with a baby all the better.

This baby-friendly travel destination was recommended by The Elusive Family. You can follow them on Facebook here.

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Barcelona, Spain

a mother visits Barcelona with a 3 month old baby on their very first family trip.
I loved taking my 3-month old to Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona was our first international trip with a baby and found it to be another one of Europe’s best baby-friendly travel destinations. I loved the fact that we could easily get from the Barcelona-El Prat Airport to the hotel without needing to take a taxi and getting around Barcelona with a baby was simple.

We were able to walk almost everywhere and the metro was easy to navigate. We used both an infant travel stroller and baby carrier for Barcelona, which worked really well since not all attractions in Barcelona were stroller friendly.

There was so much to see around Barcelona, that we easily filled a week. From walking through the maze of alleyways in the historic Gothic Quarter, spending time on Barceloneta Beach and marveling at the architecture by Gaudi, you can’t go wrong visiting Barcelona with a baby.

friendly locals make Spain one of the best baby friendly countries in Europe.
A friendly local plays with my baby girl.

Our daughter was 3 months when we took her to Barcelona, so we really got to enjoy our time together as a family and really take in the sights. Traveling with an infant usually means just doing what you want to do since they sleep most of the time, however she did seem to really enjoy the family-friendly L’Aquarium Barcelona.

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Spain is also one of the best places to travel with a toddler!
For more baby or toddler-friendly destinations in Spain, read my posts on Spain with a baby, Madrid with a toddler and Seville with a baby.

Dublin, Ireland

a happy dad carries his baby to the Guinness Brewery on a family vacation to Dublin, Ireland.
A happy Dad takes his baby to the Guiness Brewery in Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin is one of the best baby friendly travel destinations in Europe. Most of the attractions and tourist spots are in the center of the city and are easily reachable by walking.

The city has a lot to offer those visiting Dublin with kids of all ages, and many of the main streets have wide footpaths making them accessible for strollers and buggies. There are also two long pedestrian-only streets as well, making it very family-friendly.

For babies, there are some great parks for them to enjoy, weather depending of course. St. Stephen’s Green, located on the southside, has wide open spaces, a lake with ducks who will gladly receive any food thrown their way, and a refurbished playground. You might find a queue for the baby swings though as they are quite popular.

If your baby is past the newborn stage, then they might enjoy a visit to Dublin Zoo, located in the Phoenix Park. The new African Plains area is a great addition to the city zoo. The Phoenix Park can also be enjoyed with a baby with the People’s Gardens, a playground and more on offer. Check around the Papal Cross for the herd of fallow deer too.

If you are looking for a great indoor place to take a baby, then a visit to Imaginosity, the Dublin Children’s Museum in Sandyford is a must. This family-friendly museum, set across three floors, allows children to be children and has two dedicated baby and toddler exhibitions. With babies from 6 to 12 months costing just €2 and those between 1 and 2 years of age priced at just €6, it’s brilliant value for an indoor activity.

The Dublin Children's Museum is a great place to bring a baby on a rainy day.

Dublin is an extremely family-friendly city and can easily be enjoyed with a baby in tow, making it one of the best places to travel with a baby in Europe.

Visiting Dublin with a baby was recommended to me by @passportsandadventures.

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Nice, France

a newborn baby plays with pebbles on the beach in Nice, France - one of the best places to travel with a baby in Europe.
My baby plays with small pebbles on the beach in Nice, France.

Our first international trip with a baby was to Nice, France. The laid back atmosphere of the Côte d’Azur makes it one of the best places to travel with a baby in Europe. Avoiding the rush and hustle of a big city meant we could focus on figuring out how to incorporate nap schedules and diaper changes into our travel style. We relaxed our normally hectic travel itinerary and focused on spending time together as a family.

One of the things we enjoyed the most during this family trip was relaxing on the beach. The French Riviera is best known for its azure blue waters. Thanks to its pebble beaches, the waters are crystal clear. Still, pre-baby, I scoffed at pebble beaches. Clear water or no, sunbathing is much more comfortable on a sugar sand beach. 

Our trip to Nice with a baby taught me to appreciate pebble beaches. No sand getting into every nook and cranny. No fighting a sandy baby to reapply sunscreen. And no digging sand out of curious mouths. We found sitting on an inflatable float made our beach trips much more comfortable.

Another thing we enjoyed about Nice was all the great food! On our first visit as a family to Nice our baby hadn’t started eating solids yet, but she enjoyed the sights and sounds of the city as we wandered around finding restaurants to try. The great thing about traveling with a baby is that they go where you take them and don’t have an opinion about where you eat!

This baby-friendly travel destination was recommended to me by Best Traveled Babe. You can follow @besttraveledbabe on Instagram.

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Innsbruck, Austria

a family hiking to Finstertaler Stausee in Kühtai while visiting Austria with a Baby.
We loved the Austrian Alps on our vacation to Innsbruck with our baby.

If your family loves nature and hiking, where better to stay than Innsbruck – the capital of the Alps. Always surrounded by mountains, we had dozens of shops and restaurants right at our doorstep in the historic old town while being only a short cable car ride away from taking long hikes with breathtaking views.

Visiting Innsbruck, Austria was an ideal place to travel with a baby for the first time. We had no issues finding incredible hikes to do with our baby and loved exploring the old town. For anyone planning a similar trip, including hiking with a baby or toddler around Innsbruck, be sure to check the website of the local cable cars and mountain huts when planning your hikes. Some cable cars only operate on certain days of the weeks, in certain seasons or on good weather days.

with plenty of family-friendly hiking, Innsbruck Austria is one of the best places to visit with a baby in Europe.
Hiking with our baby near Innsbruck, Austria,

What can we say: our family trip to Innsbruck with a baby was a huge success and we can highly recommend coming to Austria with a baby or toddler.

This top baby-friendly destination was shared with us by Vanessa. She shares more details her family trip to Innsbruck with a baby.

Sicily, Italy

Travel with a Baby to Sicily, Italy - travel europe with baby.
My daughter loved our family trip to Sicily.

I have been to quite a few distant places for holidays with my little girl and husband and not everything is hunky-dory when you travel with a small child. You still are on feeding schedules, trying to fix nap times and mastering the art of diaper changes at odd places & all the usual baby business that happens along the way. Despite the challenges of traveling with a baby, it never deters my excitement for planning our next family vacation.

Out of all the places that I have been with my little tribe I’d pick Sicily (Italy) as the best place to travel with a baby. It’s the one place with a dramatically lasting experience and here is why:

This places is not just about emerald water beaches; it has so much more. Sicily offers a very diverse landscape and cultural composition as you navigate from the north to the south. It has some of the best vineyards and most colourful fishing villages all around.

And for all those foodies, the island will be a sure culinary delight; especially for those trying to satiate their sweet tooth; the place boasts of quite a few prolific restaurants that serves Sicily’s timeless recipes.

Apart from all that, the highlight of our trip to Sicily with a baby was the time we spent in this one-of-a-kind luxury resort ‘Cita del mare’ that feels straight out of a film set. This family-friendly resort has so much, from all the entertainment and recreational activities like live music, spa, sauna, salsa class, sports ground, kids play area, private beach, Olympic size pools and theater nights.

As if that weren’t enough, they also have a water slide that propels you straight into the Mediterranean Sea. This adrenaline inducing slide passes three decks and at each level you see some spectacular views of this huge property as you come splashing all the way down.

So whatever your style of family travel is or vacation preferences are; Sicily has enough to craft an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Sicily was recommended to me as a top baby-friendly destination by @_slice_of_my_life on Instagram.

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Baby Friendly Travel Destinations in North America

As amazing as Europe is for family travel, North America holds its own too. With choices including world-famous national parks, mountains, cities and beaches, you will have no trouble finding the best place to travel with baby within North America.

Acadia, Maine USA

with incredible outdoor scenery, Acadia National Park is one of the best places to travel with a baby in the US.
Such natural beauty in Acadia National Park.

Acadia National Park in Maine is one of the best baby-friendly destinations in the US. With it’s close proximity to the beautiful coastal town of Bar Harbor, there is plenty to see and enjoy for 4-5 days. The town of Bar Harbor is easily walkable with cute cafes, ice cream shops, restaurants and a walkway along the waterfront that is also stroller friendly. 

In a short shuttle ride or five-minute car ride, you’ll be at the entrance of the stunning Acadia National Park. Take your time while driving along the loop road and take plenty of breaks to take your baby to see the sights.

There are great shorter hikes, multiple parking lots, easy to find bathrooms and serene beauty. Don’t forget to stop at the Jordan Pond House for tea and “popovers”, they are delicious! 

Want to read more about taking a family trip with baby to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor? Here are 10 things to do in Acadia National Park and what to do in Bar Harbor Maine with kids.

This baby-friendly destination idea was shared with me by @packmoreintolife.

Read our post on Acadia National Park with a Baby

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Grand Canyon, Arizona USA

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the best places to travel with baby in the united states.

Visiting Grand Canyon National Park is a perfect destination option for families who love the outdoors and who want to enjoy the canyon while their baby is still young and not yet fully mobile.

We recently visited the Grand Canyon with our nine-month-old, and she loved enjoying the fresh Arizona air and stunning views. The Grand Canyon offers a wonderful, free shuttle service that makes getting around the park quick and easy (with plenty of storage space for your collapsible stroller).

The Rim Trail is the perfect option for families who want to experience the beauty of the Grand Canyon with a baby without doing a major hike. The Rim Trail is well-paved, so feel free to bring your stroller! Some points of the trail will feel safer than others, but it is always recommended to keep your baby close to you in either a stroller or a baby carrier.

The Grand Canyon offers several amazing restaurant options that are all baby-friendly. El Tovar offers amazing views of the canyon and delicious food, and they will make you feel welcome as a family.

Overall, the beauty of this gorgeous American national park makes the Grand Canyon is one of the best places to travel with a baby!

This amazing idea for places to travel with baby was shared with me by @anadventureiscalling.

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New York City, New York USA

a mom with a baby visit Times Square in New York City - one of the best places to travel with a baby in the USA.
My baby daughter loved the bright lights in Times Square.

Visiting New York City with a baby can definitely be included in the list of baby-friendly travel destinations. The ‘Big Apple’ is a fun adventure for both parents and baby!

I loved that we could walk almost everywhere we wanted to go in Manhattan with the exception of a few subway rides, which we avoided at rush hour with our stroller. Most places around NYC are stroller friendly, but be sure to bring a baby carrier for those that aren’t.

New York is a great city to visit with a baby because there’s so much for parents to enjoy while your baby is napping in the stroller. If museums are your thing, there are plenty to choose from, like the American Museum of Natural History, MoMA or the Guggenheim Museum.

Visiting the MoMa museum in NYC with a baby in baby carrier.
Sharing some artwork with my baby in NYC.

The parks are fabulous and we recommend taking a stroll along the High Line and of course, you could spend days in Central Park.

If you don’t have time to visit the Statue of Liberty, you can take the Staten Island Ferry for incredible views of it and the NYC skyline. Don’t miss seeing the city from up high from some of the observation decks too. We tried both the Top of the Rock and the Empire State Building observation decks, and while both are amazing, we liked the Top of the Rock better! Finally, you can even take in a New York Yankees game.

There’s really something to please everyone in New York City, along with incredible food and restaurants.

a family attends a New York Yankees game with a baby in baby carrier.
Taking my daughter to her first Yankees game in NYC.

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Yellowstone National Park, USA

Yellowstone National Park with a baby - best places to hike with a baby in America.
Little ones love swimming at Yellowstone National Park.

You might not think a land of scalding water, precipitous cliffs, and wolves and bears is the best place to travel with a baby, but I do. Living about an hour north of the world’s first national park means our kids grew up visiting Yellowstone from the time they were infants.

There is a lot of science telling us we all need to spend more time outside, especially kids. The numerous benefits include better mental well-being and physical health. Of course, you have to do it safely.

Yellowstone National Park is one of the best places to visit with a baby in the USA because there are stroller-friendly boardwalks, easy-access swimming areas, and many short, wonderful trails. It’s the perfect place to go hiking with a baby or toddler.

Yellowstone lodging is family-friendly (though in high demand, make your reservations early!), there are plenty of restaurants, and the markets and general stores have all the necessities you might have forgotten at home.

As your kids get a little older, children’s Ranger programs and campfires, interactive visitor centers (especially at Old Faithful), and Junior Ranger programs, will keep them entertained while they learn more about the park.

This top baby friendly travel destination was shared with me by @TravelingMelMT from

Yosemite National Park, USA

a family hiking with a baby in Yosemite National Park.
We loved hiking with our son at Yosemite National Park.

It may sound surprising, but Yosemite National Park is an awesome baby-friendly travel destination! And that doesn’t mean just driving to overlooks to see the views and snap selfies of yourself with your little ones. There are so many baby-friendly hikes you can do with a good off-road stroller, and even more options if you’re willing to use a baby carrier to hike with your baby.

We visited Yosemite recently with our baby boy for a long weekend, and bringing him along didn’t hold us back at all. We took him on three great hikes to see some of Yosemite’s most picturesque waterfalls. We used a stroller to get to Bridal Veil Falls and Lower Yosemite Falls (two relatively easy hikes), and used a baby carrier to reach the Vernal Fall footbridge (a slightly more steep and strenuous hike). He even had fun crawling around some of the displays at the visitor center!

Visiting Yosemite with a baby — actually, visiting any US national park with a baby — is a great idea. With just a little extra gear, like one of these best baby carriers for hiking, you can take baby all over the park and still have an epic mini-adventure.

Mary Beth from A Reluctant Mom shared Yosemite National Park with me for my list of the best places to travel with a baby.

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Sedona, Arizona USA

a mother hikes the Huckaby Trail in Sedona, AZ with her baby and toddler.
My first trip with my baby boy was to Sedona, AZ.

Sedona may not immediately come to mind as one of the best places to travel with an infant, but traveling with a toddler as well made it perfect!

Our daughter was 2 years old and our son was just 2 months old when we decided to go on a family hiking vacation in Sedona, Arizona. As is typical when hiking with toddlers, our daughter just wanted to explore, which at 2 months post-partum the pace was just fine with me.

a mother enjoys an easy hiking trail near Sedona with her baby and toddler.
My baby slept on most of our family hikes in Sedona.

There are so many family-friendly hiking trails in Sedona that offer incredible views. With our son being so young, he was happy to be in the baby carrier the entire time. Given that he was also breastfeeding, made it easy to just stop along the trail as needed.

We also rented a hiking backpack carrier in Phoenix before driving to Sedona, which allowed us also carry our toddler on longer trails, or more difficult trails like the popular Devil’s Bridge trail.

a family hikes to Devil's Bridge hike in Sedona, Arizona - one of the best places to hike with a baby or toddler.
My family stands on top of the Devil’s Bridge near Sedona, AZ.

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Calgary, Canada

a father visits Calgary with a Toddler.
Some family time in Calgary, Alberta.

We have visited Calgary several times in all seasons and can confirm that there is fun for the whole family come summer sunshine or winter snow! The wide, open spaces, abundance of nature and fresh mountain air never get old. We highly recommend visiting Calgary with a baby.

In the warmer months, from about May to October, you can expect to have lots of sunshine, and longer days with daylight lasting until around 11 p.m. in the height of summer. It is glorious! Between the Calgary Zoo, river pathways and plenty of parks, there’s lots of family-friendly activities in the city. Meanwhile, nearby Banff National Park and Kananaskis Provincial Park can be visited on a day trip and offer the most incredible mountain scenery.

a father with a baby in a carrier stands next to a river in Kananaskis, Alberta - a short drive from Calgary.
Hiking with a baby in the mountains near Calgary, Alberta.

During the colder months, from about November to April, be prepared to pack full winter gear from warm coats, snow pants, toques, and mittens to good quality winter boots, for the whole family. There is so much to experience when you can be outside enjoying the beautiful, white, snowy landscape! It’s like living in a real-life snow globe. There are plenty of outdoor winter activities right in Calgary or visit nearby Banff National Park with a baby.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver with a Baby - best places to travel with a newborn
Vancouver was so easy to visit with a baby!

Babies are pretty portable, especially under 6 months, which makes it so easy to travel with them whether it be by plane, train or car. We took our daughter on her first flight across Canada when she was only 4 months old and visited the Vancouver area.

Vancouver is one of the best baby-friendly travel destinations for many reasons. Vancouver is widely considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world with the city being set between the ocean and the mountains.

  • Weather: The weather in Vancouver is almost always nice as it stays fairly warm all year long and never really gets super hot in the summertime, which is when we visited, making it pleasant to be exploring outdoors all day.
  • Lots of baby-friendly outdoor activities: Take a stroll around Stanley Park, visit Kitsilano Beach, enjoy a treetop adventure at Capilano Suspension Bridge
  • Transportation: Vancouver has amazing bus and SkyTrain service making it super simple to travel with a baby in either a baby carrier or in a stroller. We found there was lots of room on the SkyTrain for our stroller as long as you travel off peak times.

You can read more about visiting Vancouver with a baby here.

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Looking for more Canadian destinations for travel with a baby? Ottawa in the winter with a baby is worth a visit. Also, here’s everything you need to know about dressing your baby for winter PLUS 5 outdoor activities with a baby in winter.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

No list of baby-friendly travel destinations would be complete without mentioning going to an all-inclusive resort with a baby. We took our daughter to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico when she was only 18 months old and we loved it. We were genuinely surprised at how many people travel to all-inclusive resorts with a baby, but it makes sense.

a baby plays in the beach during a family vacation to an all-inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
Our daughter on the beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

There are so many baby-friendly all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean with so many amazing amenities for new parents. If you are new to all-inclusives, I’ve written a comprehensive guide to visiting an all-inclusive with a baby.

Best Baby Friendly Destinations in Asia

We can’t forget Asia in our list of the best places to travel with baby!

Bali, Indonesia

a mother plays with her infant in the water on a family holiday to Bali, Indonesia.
My daughter’s first ocean experience was in Bali.

We’ve always loved Bali, Indonesia and have traveled all over the island as a couple. So when it came to booking our first baby-friendly holiday, it seemed like the natural choice. We could not have been happier with our decision.

The kindness and friendliness of Balinese people is well known, but when you travel with a baby they go over and above for you! Everyone knew the three of us by the second day and we couldn’t walk down the street without people shouting our daughters name and waving as we walked by.

People were in no way intrusive and never tried to grab the baby for a hold (something I was particularly worried about beforehand). Instead hotel staff and locals out and about were just happy to see us and were very respectful!

Bali was where our daughter had her first experience in the ocean and her first taste of banana!! Those firsts were made all the more special by the lush green scenery and warm tropical waters. I couldn’t recommend it enough! Bali might just be the best place to travel with a baby in Asia.

Sophie from the Lifestyle Queensland blog shared Bali as the best place to travel with a baby. You can also follow her on Instagram.

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Tokyo with a Baby - best destinations with a baby in Asia.

When traveling with a baby, Japan will always continue to be my number one choice for baby-friendly countries and here’s why: 

  • Baby-Friendly Facilities: Japan is a germaphobes’ dream, my friend. Even in the big department stores, the escalator handles are disinfected by staff 4-5 times a day. Baby rooms in department stores, tourist attractions and major train stations are equipped with private nursing cubicles, microwaves, vending machines with juice and crackers, change tables and even have small play areas.
  • Warm and welcoming approach to breastfeeding: Since Japan is a modest country I was hesitant about the approach to breastfeeding but had nothing but positive experiences and even less stigma and stares compared to many Western countries. It is best to use a nursing cover when breastfeeding in public, but I’ve fed in parks, in restaurants and even on the train. You needn’t worry about traveling to Japan with a baby that is nursing.
  • Japan is so visual: The country is fast paced in parts and calm and relaxing in others.  This makes for a fantastic day out with a baby in a carrier. The aquariums, for example, are designed with little eyes in mind and in Autumn and Spring, the gardens are colorful and bright. Read more on when to visit Japan here.
  • Clean & Reliable Transportation Options: This provides true peace of mind for young parents because, as we all know, sometimes you just need a quick “out” strategy if the day doesn’t go to plan.
  • Playcenters: I have never been so comfortable to put baby on the floor in a playcenter as I have in Japan. The toys are cleaned often, broken toys are removed or mended immediately and all surfaces are soft and squishy. Japanese playcenters focus more on imaginative, colorful play so it is not uncommon to find miniature shops or trains inside.
  • Convenience: This is the land of convenience. Did you know that Japan has 50,000 conveniences stores – and most of them never close.  They sell toiletries, baby goods, fruit and other healthy snacks and some even sell towels and hand sanitizer. It just takes the pressure off forgetting something or choosing a restaurant that lacks the kinds of food that your baby needs right away.

If you are looking for the best places to travel with a baby, Japan gets my vote.

a baby plays at a playcenter in Japan - one of the many reasons it is a very baby friendly destination.

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a mother and her 1 year old look at seashells on the beach while on a family trip to Malaysia

When it comes to traveling with a baby in Asia, there will hardly be a better and easier country than Malaysia. The long haul flight will pretty much be the hardest part, because everything else is very well organized. It really does make for one of the best places to travel with a baby in the world.

Public transport is a breeze with relatively short distances and very, very comfortable buses (really, I still dream about them!) and a clear railway system in Kuala Lumpur. Getting around on foot is doable both with the stroller or the baby carrier.

Eating (out) in Malaysia is a feast, even for the picky eaters. As it is a culinary hotspot, you’ll encounter a lot of different things. Some are spicy, but there are a lot of more neutral things as well. Try the Roti Canai (flatbread with dips), baked rice (always a win) or one of the many fresh fruits! There are high chairs available in a few places, but bring a portable high chair just to be sure.

And last but not least: the Malaysians absolutely adore children. Everyone will go out of their way to accommodate you and your kids. You’ll get picked out of a line to go first, people will let you have their seat and you hardly have to pay for your little ones. Be aware that the attention can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for little ones, as a lot of people will want to touch your child or take a picture with them.

@travelgearforkids shared Malaysia with me as one of the best places to travel with a baby.

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Seoul, Korea

Seoul with a Baby - best vacation spots with baby.

Seoul is a great city for many different reasons, including one of the best places to travel with a baby. It is very easy to visit Seoul with kids of all ages. First of all, the public transportation system is great, especially the subway system. So when traveling with a stroller, getting around the stations is quite straightforward. There are elevators in every subway station, making it easy to get to the platform or to transfer.

Another great thing about Seoul is the stroller rentals. Most museums and attractions have stroller rental services. Here visitors can rent a stroller for the whole duration of the visit. If you want to have your own stroller for the whole trip, you can rent one at the airport upon arrival and return it when leaving Korea.

Most public toilets are equipped with a nappy changing station or even a separate toilet for moms and babies. Lastly, like most other countries, babies can enter for free at attractions or museums. 

Thanks to @BeMarieKoreafor sharing Seoul, Korea with me as one of the best places to travel with baby.

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a mother visits Singapore with a Baby - best vacations with a 1 year old.

Singapore is a perfect destination for families. Although the accommodation and the attractions are pricier than in other Southeast Asian countries, it is still a must see country. The public transportation is well organized and easy to get around even with a stroller. Babywearing was not comfortable in such a hot and humid climate, so a a good travel stroller was best for traveling in Singapore with a baby.

Babies and toddlers love animals, therefore the Singapore Zoo or Jurong Bird Park are excellent choices for a more relaxed program. If you prefer a free attraction, head to the Botanic Gardens.

We also loved strolling around the Gardens by the Bay. You can explore the CloudForest or SuperTrees easily. Our son especially enjoyed the evening light show at the SuperTree Grove then fell asleep on the way back to the center while we had a romantic walk along the Bay surrounded by skyscrapers and the famous landmarks of Singapore.

If you have spare time, make sure you visit Sentosa Island and its beaches as well. We spent our afternoons frequently on Siloso beach swimming and playing on the playground. 

Here are more kid-friendly attractions in Singapore.

Thanks to @ourlifeourtravel for this great suggestion on where to travel with a baby.

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Sri Lanka

a happy baby visits Sri Lanka on a family holiday - it's one of the best countries to visit with a baby.
Our happy daughter in Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka is, without a doubt, one of our favourite baby-friendly destinations! Sri Lanka is not your traditional family travel destination, but it offers so much variety that it is perfect for stimulating a baby’s senses and the rest of the family’s senses too. From the exotic sights and sounds to the unusual smells and tastes, our nine month old baby had a wonderful time during our Sri Lanka travels. 

Our trip to Sri Lanka with a baby offered perfect variety, ranging from challenging climbs to relaxing beach vibes. Our baby practiced her crawling at the tea plantations, fed elephants at the orphanage in Pinnawala and was thrown in the deep end of Sri Lankan culture when she was center of attention at a Hindu festival in Kandi.

She explored ancient and modern temples, giggled at monkeys at Sigiriya Rock and took her first trip to altitude when we climbed 2,243 m up a volcano! She then saw more animals when we did a safari in Yala National Park and she even got to hold 1-day old baby turtles in Bentota! Then after all of the excitement we had some well-deserved down-time at the beach in Bentota. 

Whilst not everywhere in Sri Lanka was set up for children, if you are flexible and willing to improvise (you know, the kind where you tie your child to a seat with a muslin blanket because there is no high chair), then your baby will get so much out of their trip to Sri Lanka! 

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a baby and toddler play on the beach in Thailand while on a family holiday to Asia.
My kids loved the beaches in Thailand.

We think that Thailand has to be one of the best places to travel with a baby. With a wonderful tropical climate, amazing beaches, great food, fascinating culture, friendly locals and stunning scenery, Thailand has it all.

When we traveled in Thailand with our baby and toddler it was really the beaches and islands that we loved the best. Thailand surely has some of the most beautiful beaches and islands in the world and many of them retain a low-key relaxed vibe that is very family-friendly. The breeze on the beach helps to take the edge off the heat and you should be able to find a spot under a palm tree to provide some shade.

One of the great things about Thailand is that you can find some really good family-friendly accommodations for reasonable prices right on the beach. This makes it so much easier to manage with a baby than elsewhere where you may find yourself carting your baby (and all their baby paraphernalia) down to the beach from your hotel elsewhere.

We have to be honest and admit that our little girl ate more sand than we would have liked, but it was a wonderful way to bond with our baby whilst enjoying the glorious sunshine and scenery.

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Best Places to Travel with a Baby in Oceania

With friendly locals and world class beaches, some of the places to travel with baby are in Oceania.


Australia with a Baby - best vacation destinations with baby.

Australia is one of the easiest places to travel with a baby. No matter which city you visit, there are family-friendly services, accommodation and attractions to make the most of your Aussie family holiday. Almost every restaurant will have high chairs and most places in Australia are stroller friendly.

A stay in any of Australia’s states would be an enjoyable one, each offering different highlights. If you are looking for warmer weather all year round and a quieter big city experience, Queensland would be our top recommendation. There is plenty to see and do in Brisbane, loads of options for day trips from Brisbane – Gold Coast hinterland and rainforests, Sunshine Coast beaches, country vibes out west. 

a day plays with his baby on a family vacation to Australia.

Our second favourite place to travel in Australia with a baby would be Tasmania. Separate from the mainland, Tasmania has some of the most beautiful landscape in Australia and a cooler climate most of the year if you are not such a fan of hot weather. 

However you can’t really go wrong, wherever you decide to go. Australia has something for the whole family and is one of the best countries to travel with a baby.

But don’t be fooled by the fact that Australia is an island. It is a massive country and the biggest challenge when visiting with a baby will be potential long haul flights, so consider overnight stopovers if you are traveling from the other side of the world.

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a dad gives his children a ride on an inflatable dolphin while on a family vacation to Fiji - one of the best baby friendly destinations in Oceania.
Playing in the water on our family vacation to Fiji.

If you are looking for the best baby-friendly vacation destination, there is only one place you need to consider: Fiji. It is the ultimate baby-friendly destination and the perfect chance for you to truly unwind and enjoy some time away. Here are just some of the perks that you will experience on a family vacation to Fiji:

  • All-inclusive deals: start scrolling the sites and you will find so many amazing Fiji package deals, most of which include kids staying and eating for free.
  • Kid-friendly activities: all the hotels in Fiji cater to kids – they love them over there. You will find kids’ clubs at almost every hotel, with plenty of other activities geared towards kids as well.
  • Nannies: not only are they nice and cheap, they are amazing! Book yourself in for a massage, or enjoy a cocktail by the pool and trust your little one is in capable hands.
  • Days out: jump on a boat and go visit an island, head to mini putt putt or the water park in Denarau, or head to the port and enjoy some seafood. You and the kids won’t find yourself bored at any part of your family trip to Fiji.

One of the best parts about Fiji is the slow-paced lifestyle over there. It is so easy to go with the flow and wind down and relax amongst the locals, while your kids can run around and just be kids.

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Best Baby Friendly Travel Destinations in the Middle East

Not to be overlooked, the Middle East has some of the best countries to travel with a baby.


a baby has fun on a family trip to Israel - a family friendly destination in the middle east.
My baby loved the beach in Israel.

Israel is one of the most family-friendly and baby-friendly countries to visit. Not only does nearly everyone have children in Israel, but the family unit is so central to the nation’s culture that kids are welcome everywhere. We’ve taken our children to nice restaurants and other “adult” venues and never been made to feel unwelcome.

There are also great kid-friendly amenities everywhere in Israel. In Tel Aviv, the beaches have play structures right there on the sand and toy sharing boxes in many locations (allowing you to haul less baby beach gear).

You can easily keep baby protected from the strong sun with the affordable beach chair and umbrella rentals available at beaches – prices are set by the municipality, so you won’t face exorbitant resort gouging. Once you move away from the sand, the city’s wide, leafy boulevards are perfect for strolling.

Jerusalem is just as welcoming of babies, with a splash pad just outside the Old City walls and lots of shady parks in family neighborhoods like the German Colony. Find the best family-friendly places to stay in Jerusalem. Just be sure to bring a comfortable baby carrier for the Old City, as the narrow streets and stairs won’t work well for a stroller.

There are also plenty of baby-friendly food options in the country. Much of the cuisine skews toward fresh, simple preparations of produce and meat. The “Bamba craze” that has swept worldwide baby food research over the last few years even began in Israel!

A family trip to Israel is truly one of the best holidays with babies abroad.

Thanks to @thefamilyvoyage for sharing Israel as their pick for the best place to travel with a baby.


a baby sleeps in a stroller near the water in Oman - one of the best places to travel with baby in the middle east.
My four month old enjoys a waterfront nap on our family trip to Oman.

When my last baby was four months old, we set off together to Oman. It is a fabulous holiday destination with a baby and one of the best places to go with an infant.

There are many great attractions and interesting places to visit in Oman with truly spectacular scenery and interesting forts, villages and beautiful beaches.

We found Omani’s to be friendly and welcoming and always happy to help me with my baby. It’s also an easy, modern country to visit (while looking not modern at all making it extra interesting!) so it’s easy to get around with a baby and to find essential baby supplies.

Muscat is very stroller friendly and any time I even approached a step, someone would appear and help lift the stroller up – even for just one step! Many attractions are outdoors which makes it even easier with kids. The only problem is that children under 10 can’t enter the magnificent Grand Mosque which meant we couldn’t visit.

Taxis are readily available although they can be expensive. The easiest way to travel around is by private transfers. Everyone was happy to take us both.

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Best Places to Travel with a Baby in Central America

Costa Rica

a mother walks along the ocean in Costa Rica with a baby
Enjoying a walk on the beach with my 6 month old in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is not only one of the most beautiful countries in the western hemisphere, it’s also one of the most baby-friendly countries to visit. We also found it to be one of the best places to go with a 6 month old.

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I was initially hesitant to visit Costa Rica with a baby because the country is known as an adventure destination. Activities like ziplining and surfing are vastly popular, which made me worry there wouldn’t be much for us to do with a baby in tow.

But we were relieved to find plenty of family-friendly options and excursions in Costa Rica. For those wanting a relaxing vacation, hit up one of the family-friendly all-inclusive resorts in Guanacaste where you can lounge on the beach or enjoy the calm, warm water at the hotel pool with your little one. For families looking for something more adventurous, there are plenty of beautiful, yet gentle hikes through the rainforest that can be done while wearing your baby.

But the number one thing that makes Costa Rica one of the best best countries to travel with a baby, is its people. Everywhere we went people would go out of their way to accommodate and entertain our daughter.

On several occasions, waitresses would even offer to hold our baby while we ate. Traveling with a baby can be difficult at times, but the way the Costa Rican people embraced our family made it much easier and less stressful.

Thanks to @parenthoodandpassports for sharing where to travel with 6 month old.

Best Place to Travel with a Baby in Africa

South Africa

a family at the top of Table Mountain while visiting South Africa with a Baby
Taking our baby up Table Mountain in Cape Town.

South Africa is a diverse country and, having spent a month exploring with our 8 week old, we consider it an amazing baby-friendly travel destination. South Africa has many baby friendly highlights including Cape Town, with the iconic Table Mountain and the historic Robben Island, the Winelands of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, the UNESCO designated Drakensberg mountains and the mesmerising Garden Route.

We were made welcome everywhere we visited in South Africa and most of the hotels, bars and restaurants were baby-friendly. Baby J was fussed over at every opportunity and the locals always had a smile and a kind word for the young adventurer. Like many visitors to South Africa, chasing the Big 5 on safari was high on our bucket list and we enjoyed an amazing safari with a baby in tow in Madikwe, one of its malaria-free parks.  

With great healthcare and high-quality supermarkets and pharmacies, South Africa is an easy and safe place to travel with a baby.

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Tips for Baby Travel

Traveling with an infant or baby can seem intimidating at first, especially for your first family holiday with a baby. But it doesn’t have to be… There are plenty of baby-friendly countries to visit with your little one which are ideal for your first family vacation with baby.

We have no doubts that you’ll find traveling with a baby to be rewarding wherever you decide to go.

Before you do anything you’ll want to plan on getting your baby’s passport. Then, once you’ve been through my list of baby-friendly travel destinations and decided on the ideal destination for your family, make sure to read my tips for flying with a baby and my top baby travel essentials. We also have a great list of baby travel toys to keep your little one entertained on the flight.

a mother holds her infant on her lap on a flight to Sedona, AZ - one of the best places to travel with an infant and toddler.
My son’s first ever flight – to Sedona, Arizona!

The first step in planning your family trip is to choosing where to travel with baby. Then after you’ve booked your flights and a baby-friendly hotel, you’ll need to start thinking about the small details of travel with a baby. But don’t worry, my baby travel blog has you covered. I’ve always tried to keep things as simple as possible and even managed to avoid traveling with all that baby gear.

My blog has all the baby travel tips you need for your family trip, including how to deal with baby jet lag and how to get your baby to sleep on vacation.

My list of the best baby travel beds will help you decide what to pack, as will my post on travel with a baby carrier vs. stroller and my packing list for travel with baby.

a mother navigates the airport by carrying her baby in a carrier before her family flight to a baby friendly destination.
My daughter loved walks in the airport in her baby carrier.

For more baby travel gear recommendations, see my posts on best travel stroller and best baby carrier for travel.

Be sure to visit my Tips for Traveling with Babies page for more useful information on planning a trip with your baby. You’ll find posts on the best baby travel gear, tips for flying and getting your baby to sleep, planning advice and more.

Where to travel with a baby? All the inspiration you need is here in this list of the best places to travel with a baby! #travelwithbaby #bestplacestotravel #babytravel #familytravel

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