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Rome Airport Transportation to your Hotel

Are you wondering how to get from the Rome airport to your hotel? You have plenty of Rome airport transportation options to choose from, including an airport taxi, a private transfer, express trains and more.

If you are traveling to Rome with a baby or toddler, getting from FCO to your Rome hotel or Airbnb is a little more complicated. It’s no longer just about cost and convenience, now you need to think about the safety of your child and Italy car seat laws as well.

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The 5 Best Rome Airport Transportation Options

So how do you get from the Rome airport to your hotel? Whether or not you are traveling with a baby, here are the 5 best ways to get from the Rome airport to your hotel ranked in order of convienience:

1. Rome Airport Private Transfers

Private transfers are our favorite affordable travel luxury. They are so convenient; we believe they are the best way to get from the Rome airport your hotel. Instead of getting into the taxi line at the Rome airport, your personal driver will greet you at the arrival gate with your family name on a sign. Who doesn’t love that?

Rome airport private transfers to the city need to be booked in advance and will generally cost you a flat fee. Despite the added convenience and personal service of a private transfer, the cost is comparable in cost to a Rome airport taxi.

Parents needing to travel from the Rome airport to their hotel with a baby or toddler will appreciate the ability to pre-book an infant car seat. This is the safest way for your baby to travel in a car and it respects Rome car seat laws.

We have used private transfers many times after long trans-Atlantic flights with our kids. After a long day of flying with kids, we simply love the affordable luxury and convenience of a private transfer.

Welcome Pickups offers Rome airport private transfers direct to your accommodation. Welcome Pickups is baby-friendly and offers complimentary infant car seats if requested at time of your reservation.

In addition to your Rome airport transfer, Welcome Pickups offers makes your trip planning easy by offering convenient products (such as local SIM-cards or mobile hot spots) and experiences (such as tours, day trips, restaurant suggestions, etc.).

Welcome Pickups offers their Rome Airport private transfer service for €48, which is identical to the fixed rate for an airport taxi. For the same price, why not treat yourself to a little affordable luxury?

Learn more about Welcome Pickups Rome Airport private transfers.

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2. Rome Airport Taxi

If you aren’t traveling with a baby or toddler, then taking a Rome airport taxi to city centre is simple and fast. The cost of a taxi from Rome airport to your hotel is currently a fixed rate of €48.

For new parents traveling from the Rome airport to their hotel with a baby, a Rome airport taxi is not a good option. Licensed Rome taxis cannot be pre-booked and the odds of randomly getting a Rome taxi with a baby seat is virtually nil.

If the speed and convenience of an airport taxi appeals to you, but you don’t want to bring your car seat from home, then we recommend a Rome airport private transfer to your hotel.

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3. Leonardo Express Rome Airport Train

The Leonardo Express airport train is a fast, easy and inexpensive option to get from FCO to the Rome Termini train station. The Rome airport express train takes approximately 30 mins and tickets starting at €14 per person. Children under 4 travel for free without a reserved seat.

The Roma Termini train station is centrally located and from here you can walk, take the metro or the bus or risk a shorter taxi ride without a car seat. We do not recommend taking your baby in a taxi without a car seat, however taxis are typically exempt from the mandatory car seat requirements.

For those travelling with a baby or toddler in Rome, you do not need car seats for the airport express train.

Buy your Leonardo Express airport train tickets.

The Leonardo Express Rome Airport train is one of our top 5 Rome Airport Transportation Options

4. Terravision Airport Bus

Terravision operates a non-stop airport bus service from the Fiumicino Airport to the Rome Termini. At roughly €7 per person, it is your cheapest option to get from the Rome Fiumicino Airport to city center, but it takes twice as long as the Leonardo Express airport train.

Children under 4 travel on the Terravision Rome airport bus for free. If you have the extra time or on a budget, this option is a fraction of the cost of a car service with child seats.

For our visit to Rome with our kids, we took the airport bus to the Roma Termini, followed by a public bus to our vacation home rental apartment.

We chose this option as our flight arrived well before our check-in time at our central Rome vacation home rental apartment, so we were not in a rush and figured we’d save some money. Had we been able to check in right away, we’d likely have opted for the convenience of a private transfer.

Learn more about the Terravision Rome Airport Bus.

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5. Rome Airport Shuttle Van

An airport shuttle from the Fiumicino airport to Rome is the only non-taxi airport transfer in Rome where you get dropped off at the door of your hotel. Your airport shuttle van will wait at the FCO airport until it has collected enough passengers to fill the seats, which typically doesn’t take long during the busier times of day.

The Rome airport shuttle will then drop everyone at their hotels in the most efficient way possible. How long this takes varies, as you don’t know how long you have to wait at the airport before the van is full and you also do not know if you will be dropped off first, last or in the middle.

Shuttle Direct offers this service for €11.50 per person and this is a great option for anyone traveling solo from Fiumicino airport to Rome.

We don’t recommend airport shuttle vans for parents traveling with a baby or toddler. Babies are not free and car seats are not available. Given a family of three costs €34.50, we’d splurge and spend a little extra on the safety and convenience of a private transfer to travel from the Rome airport to the city center.

Learn more about Shuttle Direct Rome Airport Shuttle.

Is There Uber From the Rome Airport?

The regular ‘taxi’ Uber service does not currently operate in Rome, although the premium Uber Black, Uber Lux and Uber Van options are available at nearly twice the cost of a private transfer or taxi.

Get Free Public Transportation With the Rome City Pass

If you plan on seeing many of Rome’s top attractions, consider purchasing a Rome City Pass. This popular Rome discount card includes free admission to tons of top Rome attractions (including the Vatican, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum) as well as unlimited access to the public transportation system around Rome.

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Rome Hotels Near the Rome Termini

If you choose one of the Rome airport transportation options above which take you directly to the Rome Termini train station, staying at a Rome hotel nearby will reduce your need to walk with luggage or take a taxi.

We use as we like their lists of family-friendly hotels. See the top family-friendly Rome hotels near the Rome Termini train station.

Vacation home rentals offer lots of baby-friendly amenities, such as laundry facilities, separate bedrooms and a full kitchen. There are many vacation home rentals near the Rome Termini train station.

Should I Bring a Car Seat to Rome?

Taxis are typically exempt from mandatory car seat requirements, but as a parent, you must decide if this is a risk that you want to take.

We recommend not traveling with your infant car seat unless you plan on renting a car at the Rome airport. There is plenty of baby-friendly transportation from the Rome airport to your hotel. Once at your accommodation, you’ll find Rome is a very walkable, baby-friendly city with good public transportation.

If you bring your car seat to Rome, you will likely find you only use it to and from the airport and it will take up a lot of space in your Rome hotel room (which are typically quite small).

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Visiting Italy with Kids

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