How to Plan an Unforgettable Travel Themed Baby Shower

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Is your BFF on the road to parenthood? Are they obsessed with traveling as much as you are? Well, then it’s time to plan a spectacular travel themed baby shower! There’s nothing that says congratulations better than a party that ushers in their “next big adventure”. 

A travel theme baby shower is perfect for new parents who are eager to travel with their baby as soon as possible. Your mom-to-be is likely hearing discouraging and untrue statements like, “well… looks like your traveling days are over“. Help her replace that unfounded cynicism with some inspiration by throwing her a memorable baby shower!

Planning and putting a travel themed shower together can be easy with the right ideas. Read on to see how to plan an unforgettable travel themed baby shower! 

travel themed baby shower decorations such as the Eiffel Tower, hot air balloons and teddy bears with pilot goggles

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How To Select Baby Shower Venues

Answering the most important question, “Where to host the baby shower?“, is the first thing to get out of the way when planning any party! All your other party decisions will most likely revolve around the answer to this question.

Our advice is to choose a venue that’s as comfortable as possible for the new mom-to-be. It should be both close to home and have accessible facilities and enough space to house all her favorite friends.  

a "Mommy to Be" chair decoration for travel theme baby shower

Most parents-to-be want nothing more than an intimate gathering with their closest friends, which makes choosing the party venue a no-brainer: home!

Whether they want to invite their extended family, just their immediate family, or all their best friends and colleagues to their party by the pool or backyard barbeque luau, the options are endless. That’s what the comfort of one’s own home can provide.

On the other and, for larger crowds a party hall might make more sense for a baby shower. An open area for kids to run around is always a good idea if the baby shower is a kid-friendly party. 

two friends make a mom-to-be feel special at her baby shower party

Travel Theme Baby Shower Invitations

Let your friend’s loved ones know that the stork is soon to deliver by sending out shower invitations well in advance. The baby shower invitations are the perfect time to let guest in on the baby shower travel theme!

Let inspiration take flight on the around the world baby shower theme with some baby shower invitations from Etsy. 

Invest in a couple of creative and clever shower invitations designed with motifs like globes and suitcases, and topological maps, or travel back in time and send out vintage travel themed baby shower invitations

What to include on your travel themed baby shower invitations:

  • Place
  • Date of the party
  • Baby registry information
  • RSVP date and contact information
  • Any other baby shower information

Travel Themed Baby Shower Gifts

Help your guests avoid the stress of picking the perfect gift and put together a gift registry with the assistance of your soon-to-be-parents. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out my curated list of travel-themed baby shower gift ideas.

Once your guests know exactly what gifts to “pack”, all they have to do is “check-in” and drop off their “luggage” at the “Luggage Drop-off Station”! 

baby shower decoration ideas

10 Baby Shower Decoration Ideas with a Travel Theme

The devil is truly in the details, which is why shower decorations and decor are the cornerstones of any great party. Simple or elaborate, travel themed baby shower decorations can make a big difference in the success of your party.

Luckily, baby shower decorations can look spectacular without burning a hole in your wallet. Find quirky and thrifty decor and travel themed party decorations online or at your local thrift shop. Here is a list of baby shower decoration ideas to get you started. 

three vintage suitcases piled that make excellent travel themed party decorations

1. An “Adventure Awaits” Welcome to the Party Sign

Decorate your foyer or entryway to give your guests a quick glimpse into all the travel-themed concepts that are up ahead! But first, direct your “travelers” to your baby shower by propping up these creative adventure awaits welcome signs outside. 

2. Guest Books

Guest books placed in the entryway often make the best shower gift for the mother-to-be after the party. They’ll serve as a place for guests to jot down words of encouragement, memorable quotes, or quick doodles. The pages bound together might even end up being the new little one’s first storybook! 

3. Instant Cameras

Another cool idea is to place an instant camera or two at either the entryway or tables for candid shots of the party from the guests’ perspectives. Set up a personal hashtag that guests can use throughout the day and go viral with the day’s festivities!

4. Fun Baby Shower Signs

From here, lead the way with these unique travel themed baby shower signs to the party’s other destinations. In-flight snacks or passport photos anyone?

5. Confetti Balloons

Set the stage with some party decor basics, or in other words, confetti and balloons! Or, use these confetti balloons for the best of both worlds. They are trendy and vibrant as they are easy to clean up!

decorative balloons with streamers for baby shower

6. Globes

Want something more creative and travel related for your baby shower decorations? Borrow some old-fashioned vintage-style globes and combining with some mini globes to use either as travel themed baby shower centerpieces in your decor or as napkin weights or paperweights.

Just remember to tape the lenders’ names below whatever you borrow so you know what you need to return to who at the end of the event.

7. Vintage Suitcases and Trunks

Take those dusty suitcases and trunks out of storage and use them as tables, serving stations, or even as seating. Miniature luggage sets, sold online, can be used as stands for platters of food. The different sizes of bags will create a sense of height and variety for the table.

A fun baby shower decoration idea is to store trinkets (like engraved pocket watches, handwritten letters or flower arrangements) in these vintage world map paperboard suitcases. Maybe even organize the gifts, games, and food in these pretty vintage paperboard chests.  

women give gifts at a baby shower party

8. Maps

Step away from the boring old basic guest book and make things more interactive by using a large local or international map as a tablecloth. Guests can be encouraged to doodle out stories of their travels and stamp all the locations they have visited. This could cover everything from favorite travel destinations, to ideas for places the new parents could take their baby!

9. Party Banners

Make the party venue’s decorations more personal by pinning pregnancy progression pictures to your travel-themed baby shower banner.

10. Travel Theme Garland

You could even decorate the walls and ceilings with adorable paper garlands of airplanes and clouds. Or, tape this adorable garland across a door or window frame behind a buffet table. 

Travel Themed Baby Photobooth

Is a party really a party without a few photos for posterity? For a travel baby shower, opt for a “passport” photo station, “driver’s license” center, or provide an assortment of backdrops of the seven wonders of the world!

Set up your backdrop of a map or landmarks on earth where party guests can pose with quirky travel props like oversized sunglasses, binoculars, sun hats, and other touristy items. 

If your parents-to-be have more of an “old soul” vibe about them, consider this map or globe as the background for a more commemorative photo shoot. They make the perfect addition to a vintage travel themed baby shower.

Baby Can Travel tip: Have the guests fill up vintage postcards with encouragement or travel tips for the parents-to-be. This could include handy tips, parenting suggestions, or even IOUs for future babysitting duties! 

props for baby shower photo booth

Travel Themed Baby Shower Games

It’s all fun and games until it’s time for the baby shower games (then, it’s even more fun and games)! If the idea of boring and outdated baby shower games has you wincing, here are some ideas to keep things adventurous and exciting.

Printable travel-themed baby shower games are an interesting way to spice up the party. Easy to organize and personalize, these printable bundles are a surefire way to get guests to loosen up.

With classic baby shower games like ‘‘Don’t Say ‘Baby’’’ and “Baby Around the World”, this baby shower game bundle will bring out the hidden wisdom of wizened mammas and their competitive streaks!

If some silly fun is what you’re after, check out this game bundle. In a game of “Late Night Diapers”, baby shower guests can leave encouraging words and witty jokes about sleepy, late-night diaper changes. The soon-to-be parents and guests will be left in splits while playing the other comical and bizarre games too, like “Labor or Lovin'”, “Baby Bump or Beer Belly”, and “Celebrity Baby Names”! 

If you have a self-proclaimed fortune-teller in the group, ask them to put their predictions to the test in the “Baby Prediction and Advice” game that comes in this travel-themed baby shower games set. Test your guests’ general knowledge of all things baby-related with “Baby Scattergories and Baby Trivia”. And the “Who Knows Mommy and Daddy Best?” game will finally answer the burning question, “who is your real bestie?”!

For a crafty option, test your party guests’ ingenuity and creativity by asking them to make diapers out of anything and everything that can be found in a hotel room. 

Another fun activity idea is for the party guests to come up with as many travel themed baby names as possible!

Whatever and how many ever baby shower games you choose, make sure they’re simple, quick, and keep your guests on their toes!

World Travel Baby Shower Food

Everything tastes better when you’re with family members and friends. The key to a good time is to always keep the party food easy to serve, eat, and clean. But the most important thing is to think of the mommy-to-be. While foods with smells that make her sick are an obvious no-no, curating a menu that is pregnancy-friendly is sure to make mommas feel more included (especially after months of restrictions).

sweets table for a baby shower party

Creativity and practicality go hand in hand when it comes to planning the menu for a travel theme shower. Remember to consider the number of guests, the time of day, food allergies, and the venue, but also make sticking to the world travel theme a priority as well! Matching the theme of the day with appropriate cuisine can go a long way in preparing a spread to remember. 

Let guests experience the culinary wonders of the world by nibbling on travel themed baby shower food at the “In-Flight Snacks” and “In-Flight Beverages” stations. Repurposed maps as table covers are a fantastic way to maintain the travel theme aesthetic. 

Assemble a diverse spread of finger food from across the globe in vintage suitcases or travel-themed baby shower plates. Have party guests experience the culinary wonders of the world, taking them from one continent to the next, from enchiladas to macarons. Tiny labeled flags that offer tidbits of information are another way to highlight the travel theme.

macarons on a tower - ideal travel themed baby shower food

For a fun twist, consider setting up a designated table filled with your mommy-to-be’s most bizarre late-night cravings!

Travel Themed Baby Shower Cake 

Offer your guests cakes and cookies made in the shapes of maps, suitcases, monuments, or binoculars, and watch your mom-to-be’s eyes light up. Decorations like this shiny airplane cake topper on your travel themed baby shower cake and cupcakes will add a touch of sparkle to the event!

travel theme food for the baby shower party

Hosting a family-friendly baby shower with some unruly toddlers in attendance? Say “adios” to the travel themed baby shower cakes and “Ahola” to a dozen quick and efficient cupcakes.

Draw the little ones in by decorating your cupcakes with travel-oriented toppers like passports and planes (or this option) and planes. Use these pretty cupcake wrappers to help keep their sticky fingers from getting any stickier!  

globe cake on vintage suitcases for travel themed baby shower cake

Elevate your mouthwatering sugary delights to new heights with these delightful three-tiered or four-tiered cupcake stands. Besides adding aesthetic appeal, cupcake stands keep cupcakes fresh, moist, and free from pesky insects. Some cupcake stands are even made from environment-safe materials that are easy to carry, assemble and even reuse. 

Opt for custom travel-themed cookies shaped like hot air balloons, passports, and clouds instead. As exquisite as they are delectable, these little treasures are sure to be the talk of the party.

Baby Shower Prize Ideas with Travel Theme

The games are only done when you yell “winner takes all”! If you want everyone vying for a prize at your world travel baby shower, put together a collection of prizes that is practical, quirky, and completely unique.

To get started, ask your friend, the mom-to-be, for some personal insight into the personalities of her loved ones and note down each of their most interesting travel related traits. Here are a few tongue-in-cheek ideas you can get inspired by for different traits!

An all-in-one disinfection kit with gloves, masks, antiseptic wipes, and a huge bottle of sanitizer will be a funny and useful prize for the paranoid, germaphobe traveler.

For the friend who always needs a snack, throw together an emergency hangry management collection of travel snacks. Provide them with boxes of trail mix or in-flight peanuts to munch on for the journey home, and it’s guaranteed they’ll adore you for days!  

Then, there’s always sure to be at least one person who has a reputation for being able to sleep through anything! Get the Sleeping Beauty in the group a hamper with an inflatable neck pillow, colorful sleeping eye masks, fluffy socks, and a box of nasal strips that prevent snoring.

For the Insta-traveler, a light-up phone case will be a lifesaver during low-light selfie shoots. Pair it with a handheld mini fan for that effortless windswept look, and you have the perfect party prize kit!

The nervous nelly who hates traveling can be comforted with a calming adult coloring book, a weighted sleep mask, and maybe a fun game of Cards Against Anxiety to keep those nerves at bay.

And last but not least, for those picky eaters that never order anything other than nuggets and fries? Bestow upon them a refillable keychain set of mini sauce bottles!

Travel Themed Baby Shower Favors

Although baby shower favors aren’t a necessity, they’re always seen as a kind gesture. Have your guests drop by the “souvenir station” to pick up their airplane bottle opener baby shower favors as they depart.

Luggage tags, mini travel kits, or even vintage compasses with customized etchings or initials are a few other ideas for that perfect functional and practical memento.

examples of Travel Themed Baby Shower Favors

You might even opt for some DIY travel themed baby shower favors that guests can make themselves during the baby shower such as travel bar soaps, passport holders, or shoe bags.

Enjoy Your Party!

Celebrating the family’s “new arrival” at a travel themed baby shower is all about creating an opportunity for party guests to share their love, joy, and excitement. Make the day an unforgettable one by starting early, planning ahead, and getting creative! Stick to the travel party theme for wayfarer parents and it’s sure to be hit.

Bonne chance et bon voyage!

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