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While my toddler doesn’t always like to keep sunglasses on, I still think they are worth packing! A wide-brim sun hat goes a long way, but I find that a good pair of toddler sunglasses are a must for those super sunny beach days! As a mom who has tons of experience being in the outdoors with a toddler (including beach time, hiking and travel in general), I can tell you that a comfortable pair of sunglasses for your toddler is worth packing. Here I’ll share the best toddler sunglasses.

We all know that our eyes need protection from the sun and this includes our toddlers! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends at least 99% UV protection and the sunglasses should be child-sized to fit your toddler. In this list of best toddler sunglasses, I also outline the other features to look for when picking out a pair of sunglasses for a toddler.

Toddler in sunglasses and pink hat sitting on beach
Our toddler in sunglasses on the beach in Mexico.

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Best Toddler Sunglasses

I’ve compiled a list of the best toddler sunglasses that cover everything from minimalist styles to funky ones, mellow to vibrant colors, and budget-friendly frames to extravagant frames.

Whatever you choose, the style, comfort, and safety they provide are guaranteed to be a hit with both you and your toddler! Just toss them in your backpack diaper bag and have them whenever you need them!

Here are the best toddler sunglasses to consider for your next beach holiday or even city sightseeing!

Along with these other toddler beach essentials, I find the proper sun protection just helps everyone have a better day at the beach! So, if you are like me and love a good beach holiday with your toddler, I recommend making sure your toddler has a good sun hat, toddler sunglasses and follow these other sun safety tips for toddlers.

My Top Picks for the Best Toddler Sunglasses

I know you don’t always have time to read. You’re a busy parent! So here are my top picks for the best sunglasses for toddlers:

Best Overall:

Hipsterkid Polarized Toddler Sunglasses – These toddler sunglasses are my top pick because they have 100% UV protection, the frames are flexible and the lens are shatterproof plus they have a strap to help keep them on your toddler.

Best Long Term Use:

AZORB Toddler Polarized Sunglasses – While I don’t expect toddler sunglasses to last years, they do fit for a side range of ages. They are so cost effective you don’t have to get stressed about losing them!

What to Look for in Toddler Sunglasses

For me, toddler sunglasses should be tough enough to withstand a toddler constantly removing them and throwing them. These are the top features we look for in toddler sunglasses:

Frame flexibility

If you have a toddler, you know that leaving them unsupervised for even a single moment can lead to absolute destruction. The struggle is real! That’s why frame flexibility is at the top of this list when it comes to buying a sturdy pair of toddler sunglasses.

When shopping for the best toddler sunglasses, look for ones that are made of soft silicone and TPE. These materials are able to withstand great strain and are nearly impossible to break, even by tiny, determined hands!

Hingeless frames are another crucial but frequently overlooked feature that provides exceptional stability. 

toddler wearing sunglasses standing on beach with mother
Our 18 month old daughter wearing her toddler sunglasses at the beach.

UV Protection

UV-protective sunglasses are a must-have beach accessory. The latest UV technology makes it easy for you to protect your child’s eyes from corneal damage.

The UV400 technology helps to block nearly 99-100 percent of UVA and UVB radiation while retaining good vision.

If you believe it’s pointless to buy a pair only for vacation, you’ll be amazed at how frequently your toddler will want to wear them when going outside in the sun!


Everything seems to disappear in the hands of a child, which then leads to hours-long quests to locate the lost items. Buying your child sunglasses with a band can make your life so much easier.

Purchasing a pair with a removable band is ideal since you can choose whether or not to keep it on depending on how much activity your child is up to. When at the beach or a playground, the band will keep the sunglasses secure and prevent them from falling off, reducing the chances of breakage.

Not to mention that sunglasses with a band almost always sit better on children’s noses, providing them with ultimate comfort.

If the sunglasses you pick do not come with a band, we recommend purchasing one separately as it is both practical and inexpensive to do so. 

BPA-free Frame Material / Shatter-Proof

Toddlers have the most delicate skin that can be easily affected by some sunglasses that contain toxins such as BPA and phthalates. Choose frames that are free from these harmful substances to provide the most protection for your toddler.

All the best sunglasses for toddlers featured below are composed of soft silicone or plastic and are completely BPA-free, ensuring your child has a comfortable experience wearing them.

“Shatterproof,” “shatter-resistant,” and “impact-resistant” are all terms you want to keep an eye out for when looking for a pair of toddler sunglasses.

Keep an eye out for polycarbonate lenses that are resistant to shattering even when dropped from considerable heights by your little mischief-mongers. 

toddler in sunglasses standing in water
Our toddler wearing sunglasses in Invermere, BC (Canada).

Age Suitability 

There’s no denying that shopping for products online has many benefits, but choosing the right one and making sure that it fits is a skill in itself!

When shopping for sunglasses for your child, make sure to verify the measurements of the lenses and frames against the measurements of your child’s face.

You’ll save yourself both time and money! Remember to account for how quickly your tot grows and buy a pair of sunglasses that will last you a while to make most of your investment.

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Best Toddler Sunglasses

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