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12 Best Baby Noise Canceling Headphones for 2023

Everyone knows that babies cry when they hear loud noises. While it’s true that this is partly due to them startling easily, it is also because noises that are loud to us are even louder to them.

Babies have very tender ears with ear canals that are smaller than our own, which is why it is recommended that babies not be exposed to sounds and noises above 60 decibels. This is a great list for approximate decibel levels for everyday noises.

Repeated and prolonged exposure to loud noises above the recommended threshold can lead to ear damage.

How do you protect your baby’s hearing? One way is to invest in a good pair of baby noise-canceling headphones when traveling with a baby. 

Baby wearing yellow baby noise canceling headphones

Since babies are pretty portable, we love to bring them along to concerts, fireworks and other loud environments. You may be wondering about flying with a baby and if you should invest in a pair of baby headphones for flying.

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Should babies wear noise cancelling headphones on a plane?

Takeoff and landing will be the loudest times on the airplane. During the flight the noise level will be lower. Keep in mind that it will be louder at the rear of the cabin and near the engines. Based on this it’s not necessary for babies to wear baby headphones for planes.

If you are concerned baby airplane headphones are relatively cheap and something you’ll use at other times in your baby’s life.

Some parents actually find that the white noise from the airplane can help baby to sleep.

The biggest consideration in purchasing baby ear protection for flying is if you think it will help your baby sleep. The noise of announcements may wake up your baby or if close to the toilets (or loud passengers). Infant headphones for flying might help baby sleep.

However, you want to make sure when you purchase the best baby ear protection for flying that they fit properly and will be comfortable for your baby to sleep on the airplane.

Traveling with a baby is both rewarding and challenging. There are a lot of things to figure out, from packing travel items for getting your baby to sleep to planning and executing the entire trip, our minds can get pretty occupied.

Don’t worry because we have already done the work of scouring the internet and making a list of the best baby noise canceling headphones. From the things you need to know before buying baby headphones for noise to the best infant ear protection, we cover it all!

What to Look for When Buying Baby Ear Protection Headphones

 Here are some factors to be kept in mind when you are selecting headphones for the best baby ear protection. 

NRR Rating (Noise Reduction Rating)

NRR values say a lot about a pair of baby noise cancelling headphones. NRR, short for Noise Reduction Rating, is a means to measure the ability of a pair of headphones to cancel out noise.

The higher the NRR value, the better the noise-cancellation. 

If you are looking for baby headphones to just drown out some noise, baby noise blocking headphones with lower ratings can work fine. But, if you think you will ever have your baby with you at a concert or a fireworks show, it’s wise to invest in a pair of baby soundproof headphones with a higher rating. 

 Size/Weight of Babe Noise Canceling Headphones

Another thing to remember while looking for baby headphones for flying or concerts is to pick a pair that is neither too big nor too heavy on their little heads.

It’s a good idea to check the description of the pair of infant noise cancelling headphones that you’re eyeing for its dimensions, size, and weight in order to avoid ordering something that is simply too bulky for your little one. 

Age of Baby

If you want to get the best value for money, then consider the age of your baby when buying headphones for them. Not only will this help you pick one that suits your baby best from among the wide variety of colors and styles, but most importantly, will help you choose one that will sit sturdily on top of their little heads and ears. 

Baby noise reduction headphones that can be adjusted at the headband are always the best choice as this allows them to grow right alongside your child as they get bigger. And we all know how fast that can be! 


As parents, we know that comfort is always the top priority when it comes to choosing baby travel essentials.  

It’s a good idea to pick baby ear protection for flying, concerts, sporting events, etc that are softly padded and have a comfortable covering.

Furthermore, ensuring that baby headphones fit as your child grows is one thing, but also making sure that they fit well is another. And the only thing that can guarantee that is adjustable baby sound proof headphones.

Packable Baby Headphones

Baby headphones for flying should be compact and fold easily. When folded, some noise canceling baby headphones can even fit into the pocket of a diaper bag or stroller bag.

Best Baby Noise Canceling Headphones For Airplanes, Concerts, and Fireworks

Baby Can Travel’s Pick:

Baby BANZ Earbanz hearing protection is our choice for baby headphones for concerts, sporting events, festivals, race events and even flying.

These baby noise canceling headphones are VERY well rated, they offer decent noise protection for babies ears and are specifically designed for babies and toddlers. Each headset weighs just 142 grams.

They come in two sizes: infant ear protection 0-2 years old and kids ear protection 3+ years old.

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Best Noise Canceling Headphones for Babies