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Many parents get nervous about the prospect of flying with a toddler. I can tell you from experience that flying with a toddler can be challenging, but I’ve learned a few tricks along the way to help everyone get through that flight. My go-to strategy for flying with a toddler includes getting them a window seat, some fun toddler airplane activities and a pair of good toddler headphones for plane travel. I have had great success with this winning combination and I hope it will help make your family flight a little easier.

The experience of flying with toddlers is going to be different for every flight, but I’ve learned it’s worth the upfront effort to be prepared. Toddlers can be very busy, fussy and temperamental, so keeping your toddler busy and entertained is the key to success.

Many of these toddler plane activities include the use of headphones. For example, I often let my toddler watch a Disney movie on an iPad, listen to music or enjoy some “Read to Me” books on the Epic! digital library. But keep in mind, not any old pair of headphones will work for your toddler. They need to be louder than the ambient noise of the airplane, but not so loud that it will damage their tender little ears.

a toddler from the family listens to music with toddler headphones for airplane.
My son wearing LilGadgets Headphones on a plane.

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Best Toddler Headphones for Plane Travel

Here are the best toddler headphones tested and reviewed by real moms on actual trips with their toddlers.

1. Snug Play+ Kids Headphones for Toddlers

a toddler uses Snug Play+ Kids Toddler headphones for planes at the airport.
A toddler wears Snug Play+ headphones before a flight.

The toddler headphones from Snug Play+ come in a huge range of colors for your toddler to choose from. They are just as durable as they are lightweight, making these wired headphones great for little ones that play rough with their toys.

Encourage sharing among siblings with the share port feature so nobody feels left out. You also don’t even have to worry about them not hearing you because these toddler headphones don’t fully drown out ambient noises.

All this, along with the ease of packing and folding them make these Snug Play+ toddler headphones especially well-suited for travel.

a child listens to Snug Play+ Kids Headphones for Toddlers in a hotel room on a family vacation.
A toddler uses Snug Play+ headphones in a hotel room.


  • These airplane headphones for toddlers fold up so they don’t take up much space in your carry-on luggage.
  • These volume limiting headphones are great at keeping the sound low to not hurt little ears.
  • The adjustable headband and cushioned ear pads makes these travel headphones for toddlers comfortable even for a kiddo with a 98% percentile head size (like mine).


  • The headphones don’t fully block out background noise, so on a loud plane it may be hard to get loud enough.
  • These are wired headphones with a cord that detaches from the headset. My toddler pulled it out a lot. 

2. LilGadgets Connect+ Toddler Headphones

LilGadgets Connect+ toddler noise-cancelling headphones for planes.

LilGadgets Connect+ Style’s reinforced metal hinges and internal wiring means that there will be no accidental ripping of cables by even the most energetic kids. The microfibre carrying pouch, extensive device compatibility and volume limiting features of these toddler headphones make them one of the best headphones for toddlers on the market.

The price is on point for these wired headphones and they are some of the best headphones for 2 year old toddlers and all the way up to 8 years old. The noise cancellation works brilliantly making them a ideal airplane headphones for toddlers.

My two kids have enjoyed these headphones on many family trips. I can easily recommend these toddler headphones for airplanes for your family trip too.

a child listens to LilGadgets Connect+ Toddler Headphones on a plane.
A young child wears LilGadgets Connect+ headphones on a flight.


  • Easy for kids to put on themselves.
  • Great audio quality through the headphones for listening to audiobooks or music.
  • Fun color options to choose from!


  • Hard for my 4.5 year old to adjust the size of headphones himself when trying to get the right fit.
  • The cord on these wired headphones is not very long.
  • Bulky to use in the car seat with surrounding head protection (compared to CozyPhones). 

3. CozyPhones Headband Headphones for Toddlers

a happy child wearing a pair of CozyPhones Headband Toddler Headphones in a car seat.
I love the design of the CozyPhones headphones!

CozyPhones toddler headphones are one of a kind! CozyPhones have soft, flexible fleece headbands that wrap around your toddler’s head and roll up easily to fit in your purse.

These fun headphones are virtually assured to never come off your kid’s head. My toddler loved looking at himself in window and mirror with these toddler headband headphones on, which helped him to keep them on, especially during longer flights.

Their portability and comfort-factor make them one of the best toddler headphones for airplane travel. My toddler put these headphones on with no problem. The headband is very soft and great for longer trips.

a 1 year old wearing CozyPhones Headband Headphones on a plane.
A 1 year old wearing CozyPhones headphones on a plane.

A cool second way to use your CozyPhones is to pull the band over your kid’s eyes to double as a sleeping mask if they fall asleep listening to music. So snug and comfy, but so durable at the same time, these plane headphones for toddlers will be able to handle even the squirmiest toddlers without breaking.

a child wears a CozyPhones Headband - one of the best toddler headphones.
CozyPhones toddler headphones with a tablet.

CozyPhones comes in this fun unicorn style, but other CozyPhones styles include a fox, kitty, panda, frog and even Paw Patrol CozyPhones. You can now get CozyPhones that are wireless.

a child wears CozyPhones Headband Headphones for Toddlers on Airplane with a cute panda design.


  • Very comfy band around his head. Fits my 2.5 year old with room to grow. 
  • Easy to put on his head and stays on.
  • Machine washable band helps with keeping it clean.
  • Wired or wireless versions are available.


  • With the wired headphones version, it can be a problem for toddlers who pull on the cord.
  • Doesn’t come with instructions so may take a few extra minutes to troubleshoot and set up.
  • On the wireless version, even after figuring out how to turn on Bluetooth it was delayed in connecting to devices that were being used.
  • It’s a little too easy for small hands to reach and remove the small speakers in the headband. Would have been nice to have velcro or some other option to make it more difficult.

4. Kidrox Tiger-Ear Toddler Sized Headphones

a small child listens to Kidrox Tiger-Ear Toddler Sized Headphones in a car seat.
Listening to Kidrox Tiger-Ear Toddler Sized Headphones in a car seat.

Allow your toddlers to explore imaginary jungles with these tiger print toddler headphones for airplanes and travel. The orange and black striped ear cups have ultra-soft 3D ears that pop out. They also come in 3 color choices: black, green and orange.

The Kidrox wired headphones for toddlers have no controls on them and have an extra-long cord which makes them idea headphones for 18 month old toddlers who like to move around a lot.

The rubber wires hold strong against tiny fidgety hands. The included stickers are a lovely addition for kids with a flair for creativity.

While they do not fold up, these toddler size headphones come at a reasonable enough price to be added to your toddler travel essentials without a second thought.

Both my toddler and I love these affordable headphones. They are cute, sturdy, small, light and flexible enough to fit in any carry on or backpack without any hassle. The Kidrox headphones have a standard AUX jack so they are universally usable. They sit really well on my kids (admittedly big) head and he loves the tiger design (or “meow” as he calls it).

So far we have only used it on the road and at home (great for the TonieBox audio player) but I’m sure they will come in very handy for our next family flight as well.

Kidrox Tiger-Ear Toddler Sized Headphones.
Listening to a TonieBox using Kidrox toddler headphones.


  • Very cute child headphones for plane travel.
  • Perfectly sized for small heads.
  • These toddler headphones are sturdy! Our toddler hasn’t been able to break them – despite his trying, making them some of the best headphones for toddlers.


  • Like any toddler with headphones, they are too easily taken off and tricky to put back on his own.
  • Like similar over-the-head headphones, they can be uncomfortable in car seat for longer stretches of time.

5. iClever Bluetooth Headphones for Toddlers

a small child listens to iClever Kids Bluetooth Headphones for toddlers.
Listening to music on iClever Kids Bluetooth Headphones is fun!

With a headband that strong enough to withstand any twisting done by your toddler, these wireless toddler headphones worth considering. The padded headband is soft and the cushioned ear pads are made of memory foam, which should help your toddler keep these headphones on for the duration of the movie or as needed on the airplane.

There is a volume limiting function, but it’s still on the louder side. Parents should monitor the volume on these ones.

The adjustable headband on these portable toddler headphones will ensure you can use them for several years. You won’t mind packing these toddler wireless headphones for plane travel since they are foldable and will easily fit in your diaper bag or your toddlers carry-on bag.

a toddler watches a show on a tablet using iClever Kids Bluetooth Headphones for toddlers.
No cord is a huge advantage on the iClever Bluetooth toddler headphones.


  • Battery life lasts forever. I rarely charge these and they last so long. I’ve never needed to recharge them on a trip.
  • They’re not too “cute-sy” and I wouldn’t mind wearing them in a pinch. Half the time these are being held in my husband’s backpack and he doesn’t mind it (unlike some of the unicorn patterned ones or ones with cat ears).
  • We’ve been using these toddler wireless headphones for 1.5 years so far. We’ve had so many “kids” electronics break quickly, either from the kid being too rough with it or the technology not being good. These have been steady and consistent for us, and I never worry about if they’ll be a problem during a trip.


  • These wireless toddler headphones fit big. My daughter is big for her age, and still we’re on the smallest size possible on the adjustable band. When we first bought them for her, at age 2, they went over her ears a bit, but she didn’t complain about it.
  • There isn’t a light on the outside of them to show me if they’re on. Sometimes I like knowing if they have battery by simply turning them on without putting them on, but I can’t do that with these.
  • Sound gets a bit loud, I wish it had a max volume that was quieter because sometimes my daughter clicks the sound up too high and I know it’s not good for her ears

6. iClever Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Toddlers

a small child reads a book while listening to music on iClever BTH12 toddler Bluetooth Headphones.

These are an upgrade from the iClever BTH02 previously reviewed. They still come with the same soft and bendable headband. The ear cushions are also memory foam to ensure max comfortability for your little one.

These connect wirelessly through Bluetooth, so you don’t have to worry about your toddler pulling on the cord. They are also volume limited, and one of the few that has the ability to limit the volume to three different levels! You can choose between 74, 85 or 94dB, so you can keep it low at 74dB for young toddlers.

Expandable, adjustable and foldable, the top three features that make them perfect for travel for your toddler and the years to come. They also come with fun led lights on the side, which toddlers will love! Though this may cause them to take them off more than you would like!

a happy child listens to music on iClever BTH12 Bluetooth headphones for 2 year old.
A happy toddler listening to her iClever Bluetooth headphones.


  • Wireless bluetooth headphones so toddler can move around more without a cord. Can also use in wired mode for non-Bluetooth devices. 
  • Folds down easily to fit in diaper bag more compactly. 
  • Lightweight. Great for toddler’s comfort and carrying in diaper bag, making them some of the best wireless toddler headphones for plane travel.


  • These wireless headphones for children are on the larger side. May not fit toddlers with smaller heads, especially if less than 18 months. 
  • A strong toddler may be able to break at joint where headphones fold down on either side. 
  • Adjustable size sometimes slides into a bigger size on its own. 

7. gorsun Toddler Bluetooth Headphones

a child listens to gorsun Toddler Bluetooth Headphones.
A toddler listening to his Gorsun toddler headphones.

The gorsun wireless headphones with clip on cat ears are bound to bring a smile to your toddler’s face. They also pair super-fast and easily with all kinds of devices, and have a volume-limiting feature to keep your toddlers ears safe.

They are adjustable, which means your kids will be able to use them for years to come. These toddler plane headphones are not only high functioning and compact, but easy on your wallet too. So, go ahead and bring these gorsun headphones for toddlers along on your next airplane trip.

a child wears gorsun Bluetooth Headphones for toddlers around his neck.


  • These travel headphones for toddlers have a nice ear cushion keeping them comfortable on our toddlers ears.
  • They are very easy to connect for Bluetooth and to charge.
  • They look cool and had fun color options.


  • The volume limit seemed too high, we as parents thought the max volume was too loud. The volume controls are on the headphones so a child could easily blast if not monitored.
  • The headphones seem cheaply made, which is reflected in the price. They showed scratches from 1-2 drops, common with a toddler, and the power button stopped working. We would not recommend for a young toddler since they are easy to pull off and drop.

8. PowerLocus Bluetooth Wireless Toddler Headphones

PowerLocus Bluetooth Wireless Toddler Headphones.

Boasting a built-in FM radio function and a microSD slot, kids will always be entertained even when their iPads or tablets die out.

The maximum volume is set to 85dB, which means that even when my toddler turns the volume all the way up, she will never damage her ears. On top of that, the microphone and anti-sound distortion functionalities makes the PowerLocus Bluetooth headphones some of the best noise cancelling headphones for toddlers that will last for years to come.

a child wears a pair of lavender colored PowerLocus Bluetooth Wireless Toddler Headphones.
Don’t you just love the color of these toddler headphones?

Soft foam-filled cushioned ear cups and padded headbands let children wear them for long stretches of time without any discomfort. Additionally, they come in a carry case making it easy to just fold and slip them in your backpack for your next trip with your toddler.

a happy child listens to PowerLocus Bluetooth Wireless headphones for toddlers in a car seat on a family road trip..
Wireless headphones for toddlers are great for family road trips too!


  • Sound quality is very good on these toddler sound proof headphones.
  • Great fit for my 3 year old on the lowest setting and can be adjusted so will grow with her to maximize use.
  • They look and feel stylish, the color is beautiful with a lovely finish. They also come with a matching colored case.
  • These Bluetooth toddler headphones pair really easily! Simply turn the headphones on and your mobile device finds them straight away. 
  • While these are some of the best toddler wireless headphones, we appreciate there is a wired mode if the battery runs out. An added benefit is the battery life is clearly displayed under the Bluetooth menu on connected devices.


  • They run large—the smallest size setting may be too big for smaller toddlers.
  • The play/pause and change settings buttons are in line with the volume, so my toddler cannot change the volume on the headphones without fumbling over the other buttons accidentally.
  • While the plastic material looks great, it seems like it can be easily scratched from a not-so-careful toddler. We find a padded outer layer may be better for this age.

9. Riwbox BT05 Wireless Toddler Friendly Headphones

Riwbox BT05 Wireless Toddler Friendly Headphones.

Tired of listening to ‘Baby Shark’ on repeat? These pastel winged headphones will feel like a godsend for both your kid’s hearing and your sanity.

With a volume switch for ‘child mode’ and ‘adult mode’, and a warning “beep” when they hit maximum volume, these headphones go out of their way to ensure safe listening for your toddler.

You’ll probably be swiping the Riwbox BT05 for yourself every chance you get to catch your fave shows while your little ones snooze. Functional, adjustable, flexible, comfortable and mid-range, there’s no wondering why!

These Pegasus-themed toddler over ear headphones truly are worth every cent – for both you and your toddler.

a young child watches a movie using Riwbox BT05 Wireless headphones for toddlers on planes.
In-flight movies are an excellent way to keep your toddler occupied on a family flight.


  • The sound on these rival regular adult headphones! They sound clear and quality is incredible given the price.
  • They fit toddlers through adult. When my toddler was resting, my 7 yr old could use them, too.
  • Though wireless, they include a cord. This came in handy on a long flight we took to South Africa where my children wanted to watch the inflight entertainment.


  • Though they do fold, they are not as compact as other headphones.
  • It does have a kid volume mode, but that can be easily switched by pressing a button on headphone. This is not ideal if you have a toddler who can figure that out.
  • The TF card slot option allows you to put put content on card to listen to on headphones even without internet and streaming. Unfortunately the process isn’t the quickest so we haven’t utilized that feature.

10. Mokata Wireless Toddler Headphones

a pink pair of Mokata noise cancelling headphones for toddlers.

If you need good quality toddler headphones that don’t require you to break the bank, look no further than the Mokata foldable headphones.

These wireless headphones are long-range which means that if you’ve got a runner on your hands, there’s no need to worry! Let your little one burn off that energy, because the audio on these headphones is not disconnecting.

The audio clarity is good for all kinds of music, and the SD card slot makes sure the battery is utilized to its maximum too. Pack these headphones on your next vacation and enjoy quality “me time” while your toddler immerses themselves in their own world.

a toddler watches a show on a tablet using Mokata Headphones for Toddlers for road trips.
Toddler headphones work great for car trips too.


  • Bluetooth device remembers headphones and connects automatically as soon as they are turned on following initial pairing. No need to connect with each use
  • Long lasting battery. Used them for an entire weekend without needing to charge them.
  • Good audio quality.


  • No carrying case to protect them while traveling.
  • The sound ‘leaks’ from the headset when in use so I can hear everything my daughter is listening to which almost seems counter productive.
  • While they work fine, they have a very cheap look and feel to them and not as aesthetically pleasing as other brands.

11. Riwbox Baosilon FB-7S Frog Toddler Headphones for Travel

s blue pair of Riwbox Baosilon FB-7S Frog Toddler Headphones for Travel.

Looking for a pair of headphones that shout “for kids?” Well, the Riwbox Baosilon FB-7S comes with a fun frog on the side with LED lights which blink and flash three different colors in time with the music!

To keep your toddler’s hearing safe, these toddler wireless headphones have a three-stage volume adjustment switch. These aren’t completely noise cancelling toddler headphones, so you will definitely still be able to call for them to get their attention.

While they are compatible with a variety of devices, they even come with a TF card slot to listen to downloaded music when there is no device to connect to.

a small child watches a movie using Riwbox Baosilon FB-7S Frog Best Toddler Headphones for Planes.
Having good toddler entertainment on plane trips is worth the effort.


  • These toddler plane headphones are robust and survived being carried around by my 2.5 year old and being thrown into our travel bag which is essential!
  • They are easy to use for my toddler but also gave me the assurance of having a child safe lock on the volume so he didn’t hurt his eardrums 
  • We found it very useful to have both the wireless and wired options. Wireless is easy for traveling and safer for young children but having wired is a nice option to allow him control of the headphones when at home and supervised. 


  • They are quite large and my son found them heavy on his head after a while. It was fine as we didn’t need them for long periods at a time but just something to be mindful of if you have smaller children 
  • The light on the headphones can be turned off but it is a bit annoying and you have to persuade your son / daughter that it’s ok to turn it off. We were on a day flight so not an issue but I just imagine on a long haul flight at night it may be annoying for other people!

BONUS: Two Pack Toddler Headphones

two siblings wear identical headphones for toddlers - conveniently purchased as a 2-pack of toddler headphones.
It was easy to buy my kids identical headphones for plane travel with a convenient 2-pack.

If you have two children to buy headphones for, choose one of these convenient two packs. You can get a two-pack that will be adjustable and expandable so that it will fit your toddler and older child. The ones in the picture are the Mpow headphones available at Walmart.

The very highly rated iClever BTH02 Kids headphones or the updated version iClever BTH03 Kids headphones both come as a two pack as well, so you get all the same great features like volume limiting, comfortable ear cushions and foldable to easily pack for travel.

Often two-pack toddler headphones will come with a share port too, so you can use one iPad for both kids! This is a nice space saver when it’s time to eat and those small trays don’t have enough room!

siblings watch the same iPad using the sharing port on their toddler headphones for planes.
My kids sharing one iPad on a flight using the share port on their toddler headphones.

My Top Picks for the Best Toddler Headphones for Travel

In case you don’t have time to read, here are my top picks for the best toddler headphones for plane trips:

Best Overall Toddler Headphones:

Snug Play+ Toddler Headphones – Lightweight, yet extremely durable, these are a great choice for toddlers.

Best Toddler Headphones for Comfort:

CozyPhones – For the most comfort, these headband style headphones fit snugly on your toddlers head.

Best Headphones for Under 3 Years Old

LilGadgets Connect+ Style – my kids used these toddler headphones on flights for years. My kids never complained about not being able to hear over the plane noise, while I loved their durability.

How to Choose the Best Headphones for Toddlers

Your top priorities when picking the best headphones for a toddler should be safety and comfort. This means that they must be soft, padded and easily fit over your toddler’s ears. Looking for designs devoid of sharp parts or hinges that can snag onto clothes and hair is also a must. 

Most importantly, toddler headphones should never cause any damage to hearing. Noise induced-hearing loss defined by Johns Hopkins occurs when children’s ears are damaged by prolonged exposure to loud sounds. These can come from devices like iPads and tablets, learning devices like laptops, or loud music and TV shows.

Ensuring your toddler headphones have a volume-limit control is a safe way to avoid this. Be sure to always keep a close eye out for the signs of hearing loss in children which might manifest in symptoms listed here.

a toddler from the family wears wearing toddler headphones for plane trips.
My daughter watches a movie using her toddler headphones on a flight.

Once you’ve addressed any safety concerns, find toddler safe headphones that are fun, colorful and vibrant! Vivid shades appeal to kids of all ages and are definitely a way for them to show off their own personal style.

Each child is special, and they each deserve the most unique and best headphones for airplanes available.

8 Most Important Features for Toddler Headphones for Airplanes

So what features should you look for to find the best toddler headphones for air travel?

1. Noise Cancelling

Toddlers are always tempted to crank the volume on their devices to block out external noises, which are common during flights. Noise cancelling and noise limiting features ensures that your child isn’t listening to their devices on the maximum volume to avoid external noises.

2. Compact & Foldable

Compact, foldable headphones that simply slip into any carry-on bag are the best for traveling with other essentials. 

3. Share Ports

For families with more than one child, share ports that don’t require a splitter are a great way to prevent fights between siblings.

4. Fit of Headphones for Toddlers

Always choose headphones that are more likely to gently surround your toddler’s ears rather than the unwieldy earbuds which are likely to cause internal damage.

5. Adjustable Sizes

Adjustable sizes so that your growing toddler can wear them for a longer time is a wise investment choice.

6. Wireless

While wired headphones don’t need to be charged and offer sharing options (shareports or splitters), rambunctious tykes might yank, chew or even wrap the cords around themselves. 

7. Age of Toddler

The age and temperament of your toddler might help you select the best kind of headphones for them. The priority should always be comfort, with style choices and colors coming next, to keep those headphones over their ears.

8. Cost of Toddler Headphones

Cost is another factor to consider, so look out for offers like double packs of headphones if you have more than one kid.

Tips for Using Toddler Headphones

There’s nothing worse than buying new toddler essentials that you think are going to make a big difference only to find out your toddler has no interest! Don’t wait until your trip to find that out…

Here are my best tips for getting the most use out of headphones for toddlers.

Disclaimer: every child is different and what works for one toddler may not work for the next. I offer these tips based on what I have done with my kids in hopes that it will help you!

a toddler watching ipad while wearing toddler airplane headphones.
My very busy son sits quietly watching a show with his headphones on a plane.

1. Try Toddler Headphones at Home

The first thing to do when your toddler friendly headphones arrive is to try them at home. The best toddler headphones must be comfortable enough for your toddler to wear for small chunks of time.

Make sure you use them on multiple occasions before your flight so your toddler is accustomed to wearing them.

2. Let Your Toddler Choose the Headphones

Let your toddler pick their own headphones. Once you’ve narrowed down the choices to your favorite toddler safe headphones, let your toddler make the final decision. Toddler headphones offer many selections on color and style.

If you are wondering how to get your toddler to wear headphones, chances are your toddler will be more interested in the headphones if it’s your toddlers favorite color or animal.

3. Use Your Headphones

If you have a set of adult headphones you use for travel, wear them around the house. Let your toddler see you using them. Toddlers love to imitate adults!

4. Type of Toddler Headphones

Toddler headphones can be wired or wireless. You also have the option of toddler over-ear headphones or a headband style. If the cord is an issue (and you can’t get your toddler to stop playing with it), get a wireless pair of toddler headphones.

Choose a style of headphones that will work best for your family.

a toddler from the, watches an inflight movie using toddler safe headphones.
My daughter watching an in-flight movie using her toddler travel headphones.

5. Plan Ahead for Toddler Sleep

If you are planning on getting your toddler to sleep on the airplane, go for the headband type of toddler headphones.

This style of headphones for toddlers a lot more comfortable and can be even worn to reduce noise during nap times. Who doesn’t want to do what they can to get toddlers sleeping on flights!

Not to mention, getting some sleep at the right times can help to avoid jet lag in toddlers. If you don’t love the cord on the headband headphones, replace corded ones with toddler Bluetooth headphones.

6. Don’t Stress About the Headphones

After all that research and practice, if your toddler refuses to wear the best toddler headphones you could find, don’t stress! Simply let your children enjoy their devices on extra low volumes.

It’s highly unlikely they’ll disturb anybody, as almost every passenger will have their own headphones on. Let your toddler relax on one of these toddler airplane travel beds while watching a show. 

A toddler from the family sleeps on an airplane using a Fly Tot inflatable airplane cushion.
My son sleeping on his airplane travel bed.

7. Choose the Best Toddler Headphones for Travel

Not all family vacations will involve getting on an airplane with your toddler. Your toddler friendly headphones should work for road trips with toddlers too.

Wireless headphones that use Bluetooth are a great option to avoid your toddler having that cord to play with while in a toddler travel car seat.

Tips to Protect your Toddler’s Ears While Using Headphones

flying with toddler wearing best headphones for a toddler.
My son keeps busy on a flight while listening to his favorite music.

1. Noise Limiting Features 

Choose headphones for a toddler that remove ambient noise without the need to keep raising the device volume. This lets kids use them while traveling or playing without any fear of hearing loss. 

2. Test Headphones Yourself

Remember that for little ones, loud is always too loud, and that damage from headphones can be permanent if one isn’t too careful. So try the headphones on for yourself to see how loud they actually get. Also check to see if there are any sharp edges that may hurt your toddler.

3. No Access to Volume Levels

Built-in volume limits will stop button-loving little ones from accidentally hurting their eardrums. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association recommends 75dB as the safe listening volume for toddlers.

4. Have Your Toddler Take Breaks 

Encourage taking breaks from the headphones with a range of toddler airplane activities like books, coloring and stickers.

Keep your toddler distracted with screen-free toddler travel toys when it’s time to give their eyes and ears a break. Find even more toddler travel toys in our 1 year old travel toys and 2 year old travel toys.

a toddler from the family plays with a Crayola Color Wonder book - one of our favorite travel toys for airplane.
My son loved his Crayola Color Wonder books as an airplane activity.

5. Toddler Over-Ear Headphones over Earbuds  

Headphones are more suitable than earbuds for airplane travel or road trips. Earbuds aren’t a good option for toddlers since they don’t fit well and can cause internal damage.

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