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Best Toddler Headphones for Airplanes (2023)

A window seat and headphones for toddler air travel can really help parents get through that flight. So while flying with toddlers may include some tears, the best toddler headphones for airplanes will be a good addition to your toddler airplane activities to help make that process a little less challenging.

Flying with toddlers is probably going to be different for every flight, but us parents will keep trying new things to make airplane travel as smooth as possible. While it’s important not to stress about a bad flight, it’s worth it to be prepared for the next one!

Keeping your toddler busy and entertained is key!

The loud sounds of the airplane can make it difficult for toddlers to hear without a high volume on the headphones. That plus the constant movement of people around can be very distracting for toddlers.

toddler on airplane coloring while wearing toddler headphones for airplane

We recommend investing in a pair of high quality toddler headphones! Here are the things you need to know before buying the best toddler headphones on the market.

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Don’t have time to read? Here’s our top choices for Toddler Airplane Headphones

How to Choose the Best Headphones for Toddlers

Your top priorities when picking the best headphone for a toddler should be safety and comfort. 

This means that it must be soft, padded and easily fit over your toddler’s ears. Looking for designs devoid of sharp parts or hinges that can snag onto clothes and hair is also a must. 

Most importantly, toddler headphones should never cause any damage to hearing.

Noise induced-hearing loss defined by Johns Hopkins occurs when children’s ears are damaged by prolonged exposure to loud sounds. These can come from devices like iPads and tablets, learning devices like laptops, or loud music and TV shows.

Ensuring your toddler headphones have a volume-limit control is a safe way to avoid this.

Be sure to always keep a close eye out for the signs of hearing loss in children which might manifest in symptoms listed here.

toddler on airplane wearing toddler headphones for plane

Once you’ve addressed any safety concerns, find toddler safe headphones that are fun, colorful and vibrant! Vivid shades appeal to kids of all ages and are definitely a way for them to show off their own personal style.

Each child is special, and they each deserve the most unique and best headphones for airplanes available.

8 Most Important Features for Toddler Headphones for Airplanes

So what features should you look for to find the best toddler headphone for air travel?

1. Noise Cancelling

Noise cancelling and noise limiting features ensures that your child isn’t listening to their devices on the maximum volume to avoid external noises.

2. Compact & Foldable

Compact, foldable headphones that simply slip into any bag are the best for traveling with other essentials. 

3. Share Ports

For families with more than one child, share ports without a splitter are a great way to prevent fights between siblings.

4. Fit of Headphones for Toddlers

Always choose headphones that are more likely to gently surround your toddler’s ears rather than the unwieldy earbuds which are likely to cause internal damage.

5. Adjustable Sizes

Adjustable sizes so that your growing toddler can wear them for a longer time is a wise investment choice.

6. Wireless

While wired headphones need not be charged and offer sharing options (shareports or splitters), rambunctious tykes might yank, chew or even wrap the cords around themselves. 

7. Age of Toddler

The age and temperament of your toddler might help you select the best kind for them. The priority should always be comfort, with style choices and colors coming next, to keep those headphones over their ears.

8. Cost of Toddler Headphones

Cost is another factor to consider so do look out for offers like double packs of headphones if you have more than one kid.

Best Toddler Headphones for Airplanes

Tips for Using Toddler Headphones

There’s nothing worse than buying new toddler essentials that you think are going to make a big difference only to find out your toddler has no interest! Don’t leave it until your trip to find that out…

Here are our best tips for getting the most use out of headphones for toddlers.

Disclaimer: every child is different and what works for one toddler may not work for the next. We offer these tips based on what we have done in hopes that it will help you!

toddler watching ipad while wearing toddler airplane headphones

Try Toddler Headphones at Home

The first thing to do when your toddler friendly headphones arrive is to try them at home. The best toddler headphones must be comfortable enough for your toddler to wear for small chunks of time.

Make sure you use them on multiple occasions before your flight so your toddler is accustomed to wearing them.

Let Your Toddler Choose the Headphones

Let your toddler pick their own headphones. Once you’ve narrowed down the choices to your favorite toddler safe headphones, let your toddler make the final decision. Toddler headphones offer many selections on color and style.

Chances are your toddler will be more interested in the headphones if it’s your toddlers favorite color or animal.

Use Your Headphones

If you have a set of adult headphones you use for travel, where them around the house. Let your toddler see you using them. Toddlers love to imitate adults!

Type of Toddler Headphones

Toddler headphones can be wired or wireless. You also have the option of toddler over ear headphones or a headband style. If the cord is an issue (and you can’t get your toddler to stop playing with it), get a wireless pair of toddler headphones.

Choose a style of headphones that will work best for your family.

toddler on airplane wearing toddler safe headphones

Plan Ahead for Toddler Sleep

If you are planning on getting your toddler to sleep on the airplane, go for the headband type of toddler headphones.

This style of headphones for toddlers a lot more comfortable and can be even worn to reduce noise during nap times. Who doesn’t want to do what they can to get toddlers sleeping on flights!

Not to mention, getting some sleep at the right times can help to avoid jet lag in toddlers. If you don’t love the cord on the headband headphones, replace corded ones with toddler Bluetooth headphones.

Don’t Stress About the Headphones

After all that research and practice, if your toddler refuses to wear the best toddler headphones you could find, don’t stress! Simply let your children enjoy their devices on extra low volumes.

It’s highly unlikely they’ll disturb anybody. Let your toddler relax on one of these toddler airplane travel beds while watching a show. 

A toddler sleeps on an airplane using a Fly Tot inflatable airplane cushion

Choose the Best Toddler Headphones for Travel

Not all family vacations will involve getting on an airplane with your toddler. Your toddler friendly headphones should work for road trips with toddlers too.

Wireless headphones that use Bluetooth are a great option to avoid your toddler having that cord to play with while in a toddler travel car seat.

Tips to Protect your Toddler’s Ears While Using Headphones

flying with toddler wearing best headphones for a toddler

Noise Limiting Features 

Choose headphones for a toddler that remove ambient noise without the need to keep raising the device volume. This lets kids use them while traveling or playing without any fear of hearing loss. 

Test Headphones Yourself

Remember that for little ones, loud is always too loud, and that damage from headphones can be permanent if one isn’t too careful. So try the headphones on for yourself to see how loud they actually get. Also check to see if there are any sharp edges that may hurt your toddler.

This will give you a rough idea on suitability.

No Access to Volume Levels

Built-in volume limits will stop button-loving little ones from accidentally hurting their eardrums. The recommended level of safe listening for toddlers is 75dB, so the best toddler headphones for travel is one that is volume-limiting. 

Have Your Toddler Take Breaks 

Encourage taking breaks from the headphones with a range of toddler airplane activities like books, coloring and stickers.

Keep your toddler distracted with screen-free toddler travel toys when it’s time to give their eyes and ears a break. Find even more toddler travel toys in our 1 year old travel toys and 2 year old travel toys.

toddler travel toys for airplane

Toddler Over Ear Headphones over Earbuds  

Headphones are more suitable than earbuds for airplane travel or road trips. Earbuds aren’t a good option for toddlers since they don’t fit well and can cause internal damage.

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