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20 Best Stroller Accessories for Travel

This article about Stroller Essentials for Travel was written by baby travel expert Celine Brewer and may contain affiliate links.

Having traveled quite a bit with a baby in a stroller, I can tell you from experience that the best travel strollers tend to be smaller and lighter than your day-to-day stroller for at-home use. While the smaller size and weight are great for travel, it sometimes means that your travel stroller may be missing some of your favorite (but big and heavy) stroller accessories from your regular stroller. If there is a stroller accessory you simply can’t do without, I’ve got you covered with my list of the best stroller accessories for travel.

I’m not suggesting you get every one of these baby stroller accessories for travel – in fact, I encourage you to buy as little as possible. Simply evaluate your needs and the travel stroller accessories which work best for your lifestyle and family trip. It might be a universal rain cover that you need most or for some destinations a mosquito net will be must.

In my list of the best travel stroller accessories, you’ll find a list of the best attachments for strollers and when or why you might want them. It’s my hope that by choosing the right products for your trip, it will make your travels with baby easier and more convenient.

a woman pushes a baby stroller in the park with a few accessories clipped to her stroller.

Best Stroller Accessories for Travel

Double Stroller Accessories

Finding the right stroller accessory for double strollers can be a little more challenging, depending on the type and size of your double travel stroller.

If you need accessories for your double stroller, check out these: a rain cover, mosquito net, double sun shade, gate check bag and stroller organizer for a double stroller.

Winter Stroller Accessories

As a Canadian mom, I'm very qualified to talk about winter stroller accessories. If you are traveling to a colder destination, these are the stroller accessories for winter that I recommend.

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The Best Travel Stroller Accessories

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