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Best Travel Strollers for 2023

Making the right buying decision when looking at the best travel strollers can feel overwhelming. There are so many options for lightweight travel strollers and in all honesty, it’s hard to find one stroller that meets all your needs.

Talk to any parent and they’ll list off the different types of strollers they went through before finding what worked for them. For many, it works well to have a stroller at home with all the bells and whistles, all terrain wheels and everything else it comes with, then a second travel stroller.

This is especially true for parents who want an all-terrain or jogging stroller but don’t want to travel with a stroller that’s so bulky.

Best Travel Strollers for travel with a baby or toddler

We know that your time is valuable and you just want to know which is the best travel stroller within your budget. That’s why we’ve included in this list only travel strollers that any parent would be willing to travel with. They are the ones that stand up to the abuse, have the features parents are looking for in a compact travel stroller and will be worth the money.

Keep in mind that everyone has different needs when it comes to travel and the equipment they bring.

Find the best travel strollers for toddlers

We first recommend deciding on whether your travel stroller needs to meet your day to day needs as well, or if you are only looking for a lightweight stroller for travel.

The next step is making a list of what’s most important to you in a travel stroller.

Is it finding the best lightweight stroller or the best stroller for air travel?

Would you prefer a simple umbrella stroller for travel or one with all the features?

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Best Travel Strollers for 2023

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What to Look for in the Best Travel Stroller

the best umbrella travel strollers

It would be nice to buy only one stroller, but who are we kidding. Most parents go through several strollers, because no stroller meets all our needs especially for anyone looking at a jogging stroller or bike trailer.

1. Well Rated and Reviewed by Parents

Choose strollers that have been reviewed by other parents and have high ratings.

2. Recline Positions

A reclining stroller is crucial if you plan to have your baby or toddler nap on-the-go. Look for a fully reclining stroller if you plan to use your travel stroller with a newborn.

3. Compatible with Car Seats

Find a travel stroller that can be converted into a travel system if you plan to travel with a car seat.

4. Easy Fold

A stroller with an easy one-hand fold will make life much easier when you have to fold up the stroller and hold your baby or toddler at the same time.

5. Large Extendable Canopy

A large sunshade will protect your baby or toddler from the harsh sunlight. Your baby will be most comfortable in a stroller with good sun protection.

6. Compact and Lightweight

The size and weight of the stroller is probably one of the most important parts. You want a stroller that’s lightweight for the times you have to lift it up stairs or into a car. Folded size is also important, so your travel stroller isn’t taking up too much room.

7. Fits in Overhead Bin

If you would rather have your stroller with you at all times, rather than gate checking, choose a travel stroller with an ultra-compact fold that will fit in the overhead bin on airplanes.

8. Durability

You don’t want one that flimsy or that breaks after only a few uses. Find a travel stroller that will last throughout your travels.

9. Maneuverability

Not all strollers are created equal. Choose a lightweight stroller for travel that’s easy to get around with even with a heavy toddler in it.

10. Safety Features

Finally, your travel stroller should still have all the same features you’d look for in a regular stroller. Look for a travel stroller that is well built, has a 5-point harness and locking wheels.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Travel Stroller

1. How do you travel with a stroller?

Will you be flying frequently with your travel stroller? Are you looking for a compact stroller for travel that can fit in the overhead bin or will you gate check your stroller?

If a fold up travel stroller that will fit in the overhead bin of the airplane is important, just keep in mind that this might not the be case for all airlines. However, we do include whether the best travel strollers for flying will *typically* fit in the overhead bin.

If you travel more frequently by car, then getting the most lightweight travel stroller isn’t as necessary.  

2. Where will you travel with a stroller?

Visiting Westminster Abbey in London with a toddler in stroller

One of the main considerations for a baby or toddler travel stroller is whether it can withstand being used on cobblestone when traveling in Europe with a baby or toddler.

Most of these top travel strollers on our stroller comparison list should be able to hold up well on cobblestone.

Another consideration is where will you store your stroller. Many hotel rooms have very limited space, so your travel stroller should have a compact fold.

While vacation rental apartments are convenient, some don’t have an elevator, so you’ll be lugging your stroller up the stairs. A lightweight travel stroller will be key in both situations!

3. What age will your baby or toddler be when you travel?

Traveling with a newborn will mean needing a fully reclining travel stroller or one that can be converted to a travel system with an infant car seat. Not all travel strollers recline fully and would not be appropriate for travel with an infant.

bassinet style travel stroller for 3 month old

If you are looking for the best toddler travel stroller, then to get the most out of the money you’ll be spending, check the carrying capacity. You’ll want to ensure you won’t have to buy another travel stroller when traveling with toddlers or preschoolers.

4. What is your budget?

The affordability of the travel stroller is obviously important. The best lightweight stroller for travel can come with a hefty price tag, so make sure you’ll be using it enough to make it worthwhile spending the money on!

5. Other considerations when purchasing a lightweight stroller for travel.

Once you’ve determined how compact of a travel stroller you need and your budget, it’s time to start comparing the details to find the best travel stroller for your family.

Other things that won’t apply to everyone, but you might want to consider:

  • How tall are you or your partner? Will the light travel stroller you buy be comfortable for both of you to use?

  • How often will you travel with the stroller? If you plan to travel with your baby or toddler frequently AND often use a stroller instead of baby carrier when traveling, then a compact stroller for traveling will be worth the expense.

  • Do you want the best lightweight travel stroller or would you prefer an extra comfy travel stroller with all the bells and whistles?

  • Do you plan on carrying the stroller at times? Look for one that comes with a carrying case or a strap.

Tips for Flying with a Stroller

Similar to flying with car seats, you’ll need to decide how you will fly with a stroller.

Your options for flying with a stroller are:

  1. Checking it with your luggage. Don’t forget a good stroller travel bag.

  2. Using it to carry a car seat right to the gate and gate checking your travel stroller (and car seat if you don’t have a seat for your baby).

  3. Bringing your compact travel stroller right onto the airplane. This requires a light travel stroller with a compact fold. It’s also best to use a bag to disguise the fact that it’s a stroller.  

If you plan to take your stroller to the gate or onto the plane, your biggest challenge will be getting through security with a stroller. To put your stroller through the x-ray you’ll have to empty all the contents and take your baby or toddler out of the stroller. It’s best to be prepared for this in advance and hopefully the airline has a family line.

From there, you’ll take your stroller right to the gate and fold it up at the end of the jet bridge near the airplane. Make sure to remove all your travel stroller accessories from your stroller so you don’t lose them. You can use a gate check bag to protect it even further.

*Make sure to check with your airline policies for any size restrictions before flying with a stroller.

At the end of your flight, you typically receive your stroller at the gate again. Though this is not always the case and you may need to pick it up with the checked baggage.

If you checked the stroller with your luggage, you’ll pick it up at baggage claim.

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The Best Travel Strollers

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