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Transportation from the Barcelona Airport to your Hotel

Wondering how to get from the Barcelona airport to your hotel? Whether you are traveling with a baby or not, here are the best ways to get from the Barcelona airport to your hotel.

If you are traveling to Barcelona with a baby or toddler, getting from the Barcelona airport to your hotel is a little more complicated. It’s no longer just about cost and convenience, now you need to think about Barcelona car seat laws as well.

A lineup of Barcelona taxis in front of the Barcelona Aerobus - two popular ways to get from the Barcelona airport to your hotel

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Unless you plan on renting a car in Barcelona, we recommend not traveling with your infant car seat. There is a wide choice of baby-friendly transportation from the Barcelona airport to your hotel. Once at the hotel, you’ll find Barcelona is a very walkable, baby-friendly city with good public transportation. Your car seat will collect dust in the hotel room.

So how do you get from the Barcelona El-Prat airport to your hotel? We have listed your Barcelona airport transportation options in order of convenience:


Private transfers are so convenient, we believe they are the best way to get from the Barcelona airport your hotel. Instead of getting into a taxi line, your personal driver will greet you at the arrival gate with your family name on a sign. Who doesn’t love that?

Private transfers from the Barcelona Airport to the city need to be booked in advance and will generally cost you a flat fee. The convenience and personal service of a private transfer isn’t as expensive as you’d think. In fact, most are comparable to the cost of a taxi.

Families needing to travel from the Barcelona airport to their hotel with a baby will appreciate the ability to pre-book an infant car seat. This is the safest way for your baby to travel and it respects Barcelona car seat laws.

We have booked private transfers several times after trans-Atlantic flights with our kids. After such a long travel day with kids, we simply love the affordable luxury and convenience of this service.

Welcome Pickups is a Barcelona airport transfer service which provides private transportation from the Barcelona airport to your hotel starting at €35 per trip. Welcome Pickups is baby-friendly and offers complimentary infant car seats if requested at time of your reservation.

In addition to your Barcelona airport transfer, Welcome Pickups simplifies your trip planning by offering essential products (such as local SIM-cards or mobile hot spots) and experiences (such as tours, day trips, restaurant suggestions, etc.).

Click here for more information on Welcome Pickups Barcelona Airport private transfers .

Welcome Pickups private transport from the Barcelona Airport to your hotel. The driver meets you at the gate. Baby car seats are complimentary

Barcelona Airport Taxi

If you aren’t traveling with a baby or toddler, then taking a Barcelona airport taxi to city centre is simple and fast, though it will likely be your highest cost option. The cost of a taxi from Barcelona airport to your hotel could be as high as €30-60 when you include surcharges for airport pickup and for each piece of luggage.

For new parents traveling from the Barcelona airport to their hotel with a baby, a Barcelona airport taxi is not a good option. Licensed Barcelona taxis cannot be pre-booked and the odds of randomly getting a Barcelona taxi with a baby seat is virtually nil.

If the convenience of a taxi appeals to you, but you don’t want to bring your car seat, we recommend a private Barcelona airport transfer to your hotel.

Uber does not currently operate in Barcelona.

Monumental Area of Park Guell in Barcelona with baby


Taking the Aerobus from the Barcelona airport is a convenient and affordable alternative to travel to Plaça de Catalunya in the city center in just 35 minutes. This specially designed airport bus has a section for your luggage and offers free Wi-Fi onboard. 

If you are traveling to Barcelona on a budget, the Aerobus is one of the cheapest Barcelona airport transfer options. A one-way ticket on the Barcelona Aerobus costs €5.90 per person, while a return ticket costs €10.20. Children under 4 are free on the Barcelona airport Aerobus.

Parents traveling to Barcelona with a baby or toddler will appreciate not needing to bring a car seat on the Aerobus.

We used the Aerobus for our trip to Barcelona with our baby as our hotel was only a few blocks away from Plaça de Catalunya.

Click here for more information on the Barcelona airport Aerobus.

We took the Barcelona Aerobus to get our baby to our Barcelona hotel without a car seat


Booking a Barcelona airport shuttle to your hotel is a good option for visitors without children. Aside from private transfers and taxis, airport shuttles are the only transportation from the Barcelona Airport directly to your hotel. The cost of this option typically falls between a dedicated bus route and public transportation.

The trade-off is that it takes longer. An airport shuttle van waits until it has collected enough passengers to fill the seats. The driver will then drop everyone at their Barcelona hotels in the most efficient way possible.

Parents traveling to Barcelona with a baby will need to bring their own car seat to comply with Barcelona car seat laws.

Shuttle Direct offers Barcelona Airport shuttle services from the El Prat Airport. Prices start at approximately €13 per person, including babies. With two adults and one baby, you are better off booking a private transfer with Welcome Pickups.

exterior of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona


The RENFE airport train from the Barcelona airport to the Barcelona city center is a good option if you don’t have much luggage. 

Trains depart the Barcelona El-Prat airport Terminal 2 every 30 minutes from 06:00 to 23:30. The journey takes approximately 25 minutes with stops at Sants StationPasseig de Gràcia and El Clot. Passeig de Gràcia will be the most central stop to the city center. 

The RENFE Airport Train is the cheapest Barcelona airport transfer at only €2.15 per person one way, with children under 4 for free.

Parents traveling to Barcelona with a baby won’t need a car seat on the RENFE airport train. There are lots of stairs at the station, so you may need to carry your stroller.

Also, as with everything you do at the airport, keep an eye on your belongings as pickpockets may be around. You may be interested in our tips to avoid being pickpocketed.

fountain in monumental area in Barcelona


Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), Barcelona’s public transportation service, offers a Metro from Barcelona airport to the city. The journey on the L9 Sud line costs €5.15 for a single ride and will take roughly 30 minutes.

Taking the Barcelona airport metro is best for travelers without children and hand luggage. The L9 Sud metro line takes you to the Zona Universitària station, which is near Barcelona city center. From here you’ll need to transfer to another line to get to the city center metro stations (Plaça de Catalunya, Plaça Españya or Estació Sants).

TMB also operates a public transportation bus from the Barcelona airport to Plaça Espanya. The No. 46 bus runs from 05:00 to 00:15.

rooftop La Pedrera Barcelona

Get Free Public Transportation with the Barcelona City PASS

If you plan on seeing many of Barcelona’s top attractions, consider purchasing a Barcelona City Pass. This popular discount card includes free admission to over 30 top Barcelona attractions as well as unlimited access to the public transportation system around Barcelona, including the airport.


If you choose one of the Barcelona airport transportation options above, staying at a Barcelona hotel near your transportation hub will reduce your need to walk with luggage or take a taxi. We use as we like their lists of family-friendly hotels. See the top family-friendly Barcelona hotels near the transportation hubs on

Are you looking for a baby-friendly Barcelona hotel? Make an excellent choice with one of our 6 baby-friendly Barcelona hotels.

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