12 Best Stroller Sun Shades for Travel in 2024

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I know what a challenge it can be trying to keep the sun off a baby in the stroller, especially when my baby was too young for sunscreen. Additionally, it can be especially difficult to get baby to nap on-the-go when the world around them is so exciting. I have faced these two challenges on several occasions while traveling with a baby (or toddler). Unfortunately, the built-in stroller sun shades aren’t always adequate enough or they don’t make it dark enough for my baby.

The FDA and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend keeping babies under 6 months old out of direct sunlight and not using sunscreen (see article here). Some travel strollers just don’t have an adequate canopy for full coverage.

As for the sleeping challenge, I have a ton of experience traveling with a baby or toddler and I know how difficult it can be to get a baby to sleep in the stroller. Naps are still important for getting baby to sleep on vacation (since an overtired baby will struggle to sleep at night!) but who wants to sit around the hotel room during every nap?

I was so excited when I found the solution to these two challenges and that’s using one of these best stroller sun shades for travel. The best sunshade will provide safety, privacy, and comfort for your baby and it’s the most convenient form of sun protection. Not only will a good stroller cover provide sun protection, but it should be 100% breathable and block light, helping with those naps on the go!

CoziGo Stroller Cover
CoziGo – one of my favorite stroller sun shades for travel

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Best Travel Stroller Sun Shades

While a stroller sunshade is one of the best stroller accessories for travel, you will also get a ton of use out of it at home. I love a baby travel product that isn’t just for travel! I especially like the ones with an additional blackout panel that prevents light and helps babies or toddlers sleep soundly regardless of where I’m traveling!

My list of best stroller sunshades for travel is filled with every high-quality, protective, easy-to-use option you could ask for.

Universal Stroller Sun Shades for Single Strollers

Here are the best stroller sun shades for single strollers. These have a universal fit so they should work on almost any stroller!

Double Stroller Sun Shade

If you are traveling with twins or young siblings you've probably packed your double travel stroller. Don't worry, because you can still get an excellent sun shade for double strollers!

Sun Shades for Car Seats and Travel Systems

While options above like the CoziGo work as a sun shade on strollers and car seats, if you are looking for a car seat sun cover, here are a couple more options specific to car seats and travel systems.

Just keep in mind that these are not intended for use in the car while driving. Most add-on products are not safety tested along with the car seats and are therefore not recommended for use in the car.

My Top Picks for the Best Stroller Sunshades for Travel:

I know you don’t always have time to read. So here are my top picks for the best sun shades for strollers:

Best Overall:

CoziGo stroller sunshade and bassinet cover – The CoziGo stroller sun shade blocks most of the light and is 100% breathable! The sides can open to let your baby see out. Plus it has a universal fit and can be used on the airplane as a bassinet cover!

Best Alternative to the CoziGo:

SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe Stroller Sun Cover – The SnoozeShade also blocks the harmful sun rays and most of the light. It is also made of breathable fabric. The front panel is the one that opens and closes, which some babies may prefer! It doesn’t have the same multi-use options as the CoziGo though.

Best for Double Strollers:

SnoozeShade’s Deluxe Double Stroller Sun Shade – This stroller cover is one of the best universal double stroller sunshades with breathable sunshade fabric that allows appropriate air circulation, preventing heat buildup on the inside while providing up to 97.5% UV protection with UPF40+ rating.

Buy direct from SnoozeShade with code BABYCANTRAVEL10 for a discount.

What is a Stroller Sun Shade

The best sun shades for strollers are basically just a stroller shade extender. A sunshade for strollers will shield babies from the harsh sun by covering either a portion of the stroller or the entire stroller with a UV-blocking fabric.

Not all strollers, and especially not the most compact travel strollers, come with a canopy that can fully protect your baby from the sun, especially if the sun isn’t directly overhead.

That’s where the best stroller shade extender can make a big difference. In addition, the closed style stroller covers transform your stroller into a dark environment that can help your baby nap on-the-go.

CoziGo Stroller Sunshade
CoziGo in action on a large jogging stroller.

Most of the stroller shade extender options provide more than 95% UV protection without hampering your little one’s view of the outside world. This ensures that your baby’s sensitive skin and eyes are kept out of the sun when they’re in their travel stroller, which means more comfort for babies and less worrying for parents. 

I think the right stroller sunshade can be the best stroller accessory for travel!

Why You Should Use a Sun Shade for Travel Strollers

Wondering if you really need a stroller cover for travel?

Depending the stroller you travel with, it might not provide full sun protection. This can be a challenge if your stroller canopy doesn’t cut it by keeping your babies sensitive skin fully blocked from the sun or keeping the sun out of your baby’s eyes when your baby is trying to sleep.

Stroller covers are ideal for travel because they can provide all-day sun protection for your baby.

This is a much easier solution that slathering sunscreen over your baby or toddler throughout the day and trying to keep those sun hats on!

CoziGo Stroller Cover for Travel
CoziGo has a universal fit and will work with most strollers.

Aside from providing sun protection, well-ventilated stroller sunshades also give babies a dark spot to snooze when on the move. Similar to travel blackout blinds, the fabric keeps the bulk of the light out and lowers visual disturbances, allowing your baby to sleep soundly no matter where they are.

They even act as mosquito nets, keeping creepy crawlies away from your little one as they nod off.

Safety Concerns When Using a Stroller Sun shade 

While using a universal stroller sun shade canopy is useful for protecting your child from the sun, there are a few things to keep in mind.

For starters, make sure that your stroller shade cover provides sufficient protection at all times of the day and blocks those harmful sun rays.

SnoozeShade Plus Review (with front panel open & in shade mode)
SnoozeShade has a front panel that can be opened or closed.

Check to see what kind of fabric is used to make the stroller sun shade cover along with its UPF rating and the amount of UV resistance it offers. While 97% blockage and UPF 50+ is ideal, a little less than this is acceptable as well. 

Aside from providing protection, your baby’s stroller cover should also be made from a breathable material to allow air to move freely within the stroller. It’s extremely dangerous to use a blanket to cover your stroller in the summer as it can get way too hot.

You want ample air flow through the stroller sunshade. Your infant should not feel stuffy or hot inside their stroller.

CoziGo Stroller Cover for Travel with Baby
Side panel open on CoziGo Stroller Sun Shade

Instead, the best stroller sun shade will make your baby feel comfortable and cool. Products that have been lab-tested and scientifically authorized are your best bet for ensuring your baby’s safety and comfort.

Finally, double-check the stroller sun shade specs sheet to guarantee a snug fit for your stroller, car seat, or bassinet. Many sun shades for strollers are universal and should fit any single stroller.

A flimsy sun cover can pose a choking hazard and potentially harm your child, so make sure the hooks or straps are securely attached to the stroller.

How to Choose the Best Stroller Sunshade

  1. Breathability

    This is the MOST IMPORTANT factor! Especially for the sun shades that fully close around the stroller. You want to make sure it’s been well tested and has 100% breathability.

    Putting a blanket over your stroller can create extreme and unsafe temperatures for your baby. A sun shade is only effective if it can offer your baby a cool, shady area with ample air circulation.

  2. Universal Fit

    Look for stroller sunshades that have a universal fit and will fit almost any stroller. It’s possible you’ll change strollers throughout the years and you want to make sure it will still work!

  3. Ease of Use

    Nobody wants to struggle with baby travel products while dealing with a baby or toddler. Look for a sun cover for strollers that are easy to install and take off. Also practice folding it back up!

    You also want to make sure you can easily pick your baby up without having to take the whole thing off! Ones with front panels that fully open like the SnoozeShade or CoziGo stroller covers are the most convenient.

  4. Sun Protection

    All the stroller sun shades on my list offer high levels of sun protection. You want your stroller shade extender to offer not only shade to your little one but sun protection as well.

  5. Blackout Potential

    Having your stroller sunshade work double duty as a shade cover and a blackout curtain is the best solution to getting your baby to nap on-the-go!

Tips for Using a Stroller Sun Shade the First Time

If you are using one of the best universal stroller sun shades like the CoziGo or the SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe, then your baby might feel a little scared when you fully close it for the first time.

Side View of SnoozeShade Plus - Review
SnoozeShade stroller sun shade in action!

Even your toddler, who might be used to getting to look out of the stroller might not enjoy being fully enclosed.

I recommend starting with small steps and to do this before your holiday. Here are my tips for using a stroller sun shade for the first time:

  1. With a baby, start with a walk with the stroller sun shade on but fully open. Next walk, have it mostly open but start to close the sides a bit. Increase this slowly the amount it’s closed gradually on your walks.

  2. Let your toddler explore it on the stroller before you put your toddler in.

  3. Talk to your toddler about the sunshade. Make it fun and make it a game. It can be a hide-and-seek game or your toddlers very own space capsule.

  4. Show your toddler how the panels, zippers, and hooks work. Don’t forget to show your toddler the peek-a-boo window where you can see your toddler.

  5. Slowly increase the level of closure each time you use it (for both babies and toddlers).

  6. If your baby or toddler falls asleep, close it most of the way but not all the way so they can see out if they wake up.

  7. Practice! If your baby or toddler isn’t having it today then try in a few more days.

 Stroller Sun Shade Extender FAQs

How do you shade a baby in the sun in a stroller?

The best baby stroller sun protection you can get is with an add-on sun shade made for strollers. A universal sun shade for strollers will install on almost any stroller, can offer protection against 97.5% of the harmful sun rays and even block light to create a dark sleeping environment for your baby.

How do you keep Sun out of baby’s eyes in stroller?

Not all stroller canopies do what we hope they will. The best way to keep the sun out of baby’s eyes in the stroller is by adding a stroller sunshade that can either be adjusted in different directions or even full closed. Just make sure it’s fully breathable so your baby has a ample air circulation and a safe place that isn’t too hot.

How do you add more shade to a stroller?

You can add more shade to a stroller by getting a stroller shade extender or by using a stroller sun shade that fully covers the front of the stroller. The best sun shades for strollers that can be fully closed should have a front panel that can be opened so you can lift your baby without having to fully remove it.

Our preference is for stroller sun shades that have a front mesh panel with a secondary panel that can be put into place to increase the sun protection and offer a dark sleeping environment for your baby or toddler.

The Best Stroller Sun Shades for Travel

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