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I know from experience that it can be challenging to travel with two small children. Every parent wants to make their life a little easier while traveling, so why not take some time to determine if you want to invest in a double travel stroller. Whether you have twins or a baby and a toddler, a travel double stroller can be a life saver.

I’ve always found traveling with small children to be distracting enough, so a double travel stroller helps you keep your little ones contained. In my experience, this is especially valuable in the airport and while exploring new streets in your travel destination.

I’ve used my experience to create a list of some really great options for double travel strollers that will fit within all budgets and travel styles. Your double stroller for travel can be anything from an inexpensive double umbrella stroller to the most compact double stroller for travel. It’s whatever will work best for your family.

A Double Travel Stroller with a bright pink canopy.

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Best Travel Double Strollers

As you know, there are many options for double strollers, so for a double travel stroller I recommend that it meet some important criteria. The width should be similar to a regular stroller and fit through a standard doorway (around 30-31 inches). Ideally your double stroller for travel will be lightweight and weigh less than 30 pounds.

Your double stroller should also be useful for travel with an infant, whether that means a seat with a full recline or it’s compatible with infant car seats. For travel with newborn twins, your double travel stroller should be able to accommodate two infant car seats.  

Finally, it should be feasible to travel through the airport with your double stroller, without being too onerous to get through security or to gate check it. Make sure to check your airline for any size restrictions on gate checking a stroller.

6A. Mountain Buggy Duet V3 Buggy

if you are looking for the ultimate double stroller and have the budget, this would be the best travel double stroller for road trips with a baby and at home. But, in all honesty, I can't recommend the Mountain Buggy Duet double stroller for airplane travel because it’s very heavy and has all terrain wheels that make it difficult to get a compact fold.

At just 25 inches wide, similar to a single stroller, it will fit through doorways. It has a full recline making it possible to use from birth. It can also be used with two infant car seats, using an adapter for car seats that aren’t the Mountain Buggy Protect Infant car seats. The maximum weight for each seat is 50 pounds.

If you’re looking for a double stroller for twins, this might be the best choice. It’s heavy and comes with a price tag to match, but it would be ideal for travel with twins especially if it’s local travel.

My Top Recommendations for the Best Double Travel Strollers

Best Double Travel Stroller for Twins

Joovy Kooper X2 Double Stroller – recommended for babies from 3 months to 50 pounds. If using two infant car seats is important, than consider the Graco Ready2Grow.

For two lie-flat bassinets, I’d recommend the Mountain Buggy Nano Duo with the cocoon accessory.

Best Double Stroller for Travel with a Toddler

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller – ideal for toddlers who like to walk on their own.

Best Budget Friendly Travel Double Stroller

Delta Children LX Side by Side Stroller – an affordable double stroller for travel.

Best Double Stroller for Air Travel

Zoe Twin+ – lightweight and compact, it has reclining seats that recline to 165 degrees.

Best Double Stroller for Theme Parks

Delta Children LX Side by Side Stroller or the Zoe Twin+ – both are lightweight and meet Disney stroller size requirements.

How to Find the Best Double Stroller for Travel

Based on my years of traveling with babies and toddlers, here are some things I recommend considering when looking for the best travel double stroller for your family:

1. Reclining seats

Look for a double stroller with seats that recline separately. I believe this is especially important when traveling with a baby and a toddler who might be on different nap schedules.

2. Well Rated with Safety Features

Look for a well-rated double travel stroller with plenty of good reviews from parents and that is made by a reputable company. Ensure it has all the safety features like locking wheels, won’t tip when it’s reclined and a 5 point harness.

3. Easy One-Hand Fold

There will be times when you are trying to hold your baby and fold up the stroller at the same time. In my experience, getting the best travel stroller with an easy one-hand fold will make your life so much easier.

4. Size and Compact Fold

When traveling, you are going to be exploring a lot of unfamiliar buildings. One risk traveling parents face is the size of a double stroller. To minimize this risk, look for a double travel stroller that is a similar width to a regular stroller. This should allow you to fit through a standard sized doorway.

You’ll still want a travel double stroller with a compact fold, especially if you are on a road trip with a baby or a road trip with a toddler. You don’t want your stroller taking up all your trunk space.

5. Comfort

When I travel with my little ones, we’re often on the go for hours at a time. It’s critical that your stroller is comfortable so your little ones will enjoy being in it and, with any luck, nap in it. If your kids don’t nap in the stroller, you may be forced to return to your hotel for nap time, eating into your valuable sightseeing time.

6. Canopy

A large extendable canopy is important to keep your babies out of the harsh sunlight. However, there are aftermarket products like the CoziGo stroller cover that can be added on if the canopies aren’t ideal. SnoozeShade makes a sunshade for double strollers (use code BABYCANTRAVEL10 for a discount).

See other amazing stroller accessories for travel!

7. Easily Accessible Storage

You’ll still be carrying around all the diapers, snacks and other baby travel essentials, so choose a travel double stroller with enough storage. You can also add on a universal stroller organizer to add more storage!

8. Price

Double strollers for travel can get pricey! Make sure you know your budget for a travel stroller before you start researching.

9. Extended Life

Not all travel strollers have a high max weight capacity. If you are traveling with a baby and a toddler, you’ll want a high max weight capacity for the seats so your toddler doesn’t outgrow it. Similar with travel with twins, you want your stroller to last throughout the toddler years.

10. Food Tray and Cup Holder

These aren’t deal breakers, but nice-to-haves. I’ve found that having the ability to give your toddler a snack while walking is a huge convenience.

Other Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Stroller for Travel

  • How much will you use your double travel stroller? This will help determine how much you should spend on a double stroller, if you should buy one at all. If you plan on traveling lots with your kids, it makes more sense to invest in a good quality one which will hold up to the rigors of family travel.

  • Where will you travel with your double stroller? Does the double travel stroller meet Disney stroller size requirements? Do the wheels need to be sturdy enough to withstand cobblestone streets while touring Europe with a baby?

  • Are you flying with a double stroller? If you will be flying with a stroller frequently, you’ll want a lightweight and compact double stroller.

Flying with a Double Travel Stroller

I have flown with many strollers over the years. Here are my best tips for flying with a double travel stroller:

1. Know your Airlines Restrictions

Check your airline to see if there are any restrictions on gate checking a double travel stroller. Some airlines restrict the weight to 20 pounds for gate checking.

2. Research your Destination Airport

Find out if your stroller will be returned at the gate at the end of your flight. This isn’t always the case and having to deal with your carry-on, car seats, a baby and a toddler all the way to baggage claim will be a nightmare.

3. Bring a Baby Carrier

Bring a baby carrier (or two) so you have a hands free way of carrying your baby when you fold up your stroller. For twins, use a twin carrier.

4. Protect your Travel Double Stroller

As you’ve seen, a double stroller for travel can be expensive, so if you plan to check yours with your luggage, make sure to protect your investment by transporting it in a stroller travel bag.

5. Travel with a Lightweight Double Stroller

Choose a double travel stroller that is compact and lightweight. You’ll need it to fit through a standard doorway.

6. Choose an Easy-Fold Travel Double Stroller

Your double stroller for travel should also have an easy one-hand fold. You’ll be managing two children plus your carry-on, so make your life easier with a stroller that folds easily. This is especially important when flying with a baby and your hands might be full!

Alternatives to Purchasing a Double Travel Stroller

Do you need a double stroller for travel?

The answer to this is different for every family. Anyone with twins will get way more use out of a double travel stroller. If your baby and toddler are close in age, you’ll also find a double stroller useful.

This will also depend on your type of travel and how much your toddler(s) likes to be on the move.

Toddlers love to be on the move, but those little legs also get tired quickly. They want to walk for a bit, then ride for snack time or when they get tired. When traveling with a baby and toddler, it’s no different.

Alternatives to Traveling with a Double Stroller:

1. Use a Lightweight Travel Stroller and a Baby Carrier

One combination my family used often was to bring one travel stroller and one baby carrier. This strategy allowed us to switch off our children as needed. With a good baby carrier for travel, you can even carry your toddler. For more comfort for your toddler, pack a toddler carrier and a baby carrier. You can always stash them in the bottom of your stroller.

Dan Brewer, of, carries a baby, while his toddler sits in a stroller during a family walk along the Mission Beach Boardwalk.
My husband carrying our baby and pushing our toddler in a stroller.

2. Use Two Compact Travel Strollers

Assuming there are two adults traveling together, each parent can push one stroller, as detailed in my favorite baby and toddler travel hacks. Using a gb Pockit stroller is a good option here, since it can be carried in a backpack when not in use.

If this strategy interests you, check out my list of the best travel strollers for infants and the best toddlers travel strollers that are compact and will work best for each age.

3. Use Two Hiking Backpack Carriers

My family used this effective strategy during our family trips to Italy and Japan. This alternative requires each parent to use a hiking backpack carrier. This obviously puts a lot of extra weight on the parents, but toddlers are usually happier in a backpack carrier as they are sitting higher up and can see the world around them. It’s also easy to fly with a hiking backpack carrier.

Dan Brewer and Celine Brewer, of Baby Can Travel, use toddler backpack carriers for family hiking in Kyoto Japan.
My kids loved their backpack carriers in Japan.

4. Use a Single Stroller with a Ride on Board

Some strollers come with add-on options for toddlers, like the Mountain Buggy Freerider Stroller Board or the BABYZEN YOYO+ board.

The Best Double Travel Strollers

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