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I live in Canada, so I know first-hand how to keep a baby warm in winter. I can tell you from experience, getting outside with a baby in winter is not only possible, but can be very enjoyable. If you are well prepared with the right toddler and baby cold weather gear, you’ll be able to truly enjoy winter with your little one, knowing they are comfortable and warm.

Since I live in the Canadian Rockies and have been through some very cold winters with my babies. You can rest assured that I’ve tried many things to find what works best to keep my babies warm in the winter.

As the American Academy of Pediatrics tells us, littles ones are more at risk to get cold because their small bodies lose heat more quickly. Especially if they’re having fun, they may be less likely to come inside when they’re getting too cold.

In this post I share how to pack a winter vacation with a baby or toddler. I’ve included all of my must have baby winter gear which you can use as your winter packing list for baby. Many of these winter essentials for babies are small enough to pack, while some of the larger items are more suitable for road trips with a baby.

a mom carrying an infant inside her winter jacket goes snowshoeing in winter in Canada with her toddler.
Can you see I’m wearing my baby boy inside my winter jacket extender while snowshoeing with my toddler?

What You’ll Find in This Article on the Best Baby and Toddler Winter Gear:

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My Favorite Toddler and Baby Winter Gear

Not only is this winter wear for babies perfect for traveling to Canada, like this trip to Ottawa in winter with a baby, it’s suitable for ANY winter vacation with baby. As a baby travel website, this post does talk about packing for a family winter vacation, but these tips for dressing your baby for cold weather aren’t just for traveling. You can make use of all of these tips for keeping babies warm in winter at home and on staycations.

baby winter travel essentials
My son loved his super warm stroller bunting bag.

Either way, this post about my personal favorite winter gear for babies will ensure you can enjoy being outside while keeping your baby warm in winter.

Wondering what to do in winter with a baby? See all the things to do with babies in winter.

traveling with baby in winter
I just loved my daughter’s Stonz winter boots – they were incredibly warm!
a mother is ice skating with her warmly dressed baby in sled on a cold winter day in Canada.
Brrr! It gets cold in Canada!! But see the smile on his face? He’s warm!

How To Keep Baby Warm in Winter

You may have noticed that I consistently recommend dressing your baby in layers. Layers are the easiest way to dress your baby for the winter because you can adjust as necessary. The rule of thumb is to dress your baby in one layer more than you will be wearing.

You also want to make sure that if you are carrying your baby, you aren’t sweating too much and getting your baby wet and cold.

a baby is dressed warmly for winter in a cute pink bunny toque and a fleece bunting suit.
I loved my daughter’s bunny toque!
keeping baby warm in winter
This infographic created by Ella’s Wool gives all the steps for dressing your baby for winter.

It’s important to keep the cold wind off your baby and protect any exposed skin. You can easily do this by using a jacket extender to wear your baby in your coat or use a weather shield on a stroller. Sometimes when the weather is awful, you just might need to delay your activity for another day.

Regardless of how you get your baby around (stroller, carrier or sled), check on your baby frequently and adjust the layers if your baby is too hot or too cold. Always keep in mind that for many of these outdoor winter activities, your baby will not be moving and won’t be generating any body heat.

So now you know how all the winter gear for babies that a Canadian mom uses to keep her little ones warm in the cold. I hope you can use this baby winter gear to get outside and enjoy being in a winter wonderland!

weather shield for stroller and baby winter stroller bag
My little ones toasty warm inside their bunting bags and stroller cover.

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baby winter travel checklist

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