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20 Essentials for Winter Travel with Babies or Toddlers

Don’t let the cold weather scare you, traveling with a baby in winter is still possible. If you are well prepared with toddler and baby gear for cold weather, you’ll be able to truly enjoy your winter vacation.

In this post we share how to pack for travel to cold weather with a baby or toddler. We’ve included all our must have baby winter items which you can use as your winter packing list for baby. Many of these essentials for winter travel with a baby or toddler are small enough to pack, while others would be better for road trips with a baby.

Baby Travel Gear Essentials - winter travel with baby

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Baby winter gear for traveling with baby in winter

Not only is this winter wear for babies perfect for traveling to Canada, like this trip to Ottawa in winter with a baby, it’s suitable for ANY baby travel destinations in winter.

While this post specifically covers traveling with a baby in winter, these tips for dressing your baby for cold weather aren’t just for traveling. You can make use of all of these tips for keeping babies warm in winter at home and on staycations.

Either way, this post will ensure you can still enjoy being outside while keeping your baby warm in winter.

baby winter travel essentials

We live in Canada and have been through some very cold winters with our babies. You can rest assured that we’ve tried many things to find what works best to keep our babies warm in the winter.

Wondering what to do in winter with a baby? See all the things to do with babies in winter.

Toddler and Baby Winter Travel Essentials

traveling with baby in winter
ice skating with baby in sled

You may have noticed that we consistently recommend dressing your baby in layers. Layers are the easiest way to dress your baby for the winter because you can adjust as necessary.

keeping baby warm in winter
This infographic created by Ella’s Wool gives all the steps for dressing your baby for winter.

Regardless of how you get your baby around (stroller, carrier or sled), check on your baby frequently and adjust the layers if your baby is too hot or too cold.

So now you know how to dress a baby in the winter, you can get outside and enjoy being in a winter wonderland! Better yet, you don’t have to worry about how to travel with a baby in the winter.

weather shield for stroller and baby winter stroller bag

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