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10 Best Stroller Travel Bags

After spending countless hours looking for the best travel stroller, we’re pretty sure the last thing you would want is for it to get damaged while in transit. Even items like strollers and travel car seats that are labeled “fragile” and “handle with care” sometimes find themselves being carelessly thrown around by airport baggage handlers.

And while you can’t control what happens to your stroller once it’s out of your hands, having it packed in a stroller bag that you trust to keep it safe can definitely help reduce the stress of traveling with a stroller.   

Stroller travel bags are useful for a variety of situations like during car trips, train trips, and especially for when you are flying with a baby. Apart from minimizing damage, stroller bags also make getting your luggage and stroller around during your travels so much easier.

Plus, the best kinds will keep your stroller free from dust, germs, and dirt, and even protect it from getting wet. All of this comes in especially useful when carrying additional things like diapers, clothes, and any other baby travel accessories along with your stroller.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best stroller bags available in the market, how to determine if they are right for your travel stroller, as well as what features to look for in a stroller bag. Knowing how to spot a good stroller bag will help in making an informed decision when picking out your own, so let’s go!

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Types of Stroller Bags for Travel

Before buying a stroller bag for travel, it’s important to know the difference between them.

Padded Stroller Travel Bag

Padded stroller travel bags are best used when you are checking your stroller with your luggage. They’ll offer your stroller the best protection when flying with a stroller. They also take up more space when folded and will be bulky to carry around when you are using your stroller when getting to and from the airport or in your hotel room.

Gate Check Stroller Bag

Gate check stroller bags are typically smaller and lighter. They can be easily packed up and carried in your carry-on for use right before gate checking your stroller. They won’t offer much protection with no padding, but your stroller is at less risk of being damaged when you gate check it.

Branded Stroller Bag

Within these two options above, you’ll also find branded stroller travel bags. Branded stroller travel bags are those specific to a stroller brand like these:

Universal Stroller Bag

Universal stroller bags for travel are exactly that, they should be universal in size meaning they will fit a large range of strollers. They will be specific to types of strollers: Single, Compact Strollers, Umbrella, Double strollers

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Best Stroller Travel Bags

What Features to Look for in Stroller Travel Bags

Since a stroller is where your baby spends most of their time outdoors on a trip, keeping it safe and clean is of utmost importance. A stroller travel bag is a must-have stroller accessory for travel, especially when flying with a stroller.

Unfortunately, you can’t just choose a stroller travel bag at random! That’s why learning about these factors will help you make your selection and decide on the stroller bag that’s perfect for you and your travel stroller.


What happens to the stroller bag when it’s not in use? Well, if you pick the right one, it’ll fold into a compact size that is easy to carry around with you everywhere you go. Some stroller bags for air travel come with a zippered pouch that is discretely attached to the bag to make it small enough to easily slip into your diaper bag, while others fold securely to make a pouch for themselves. So, keep an eye out for a stroller gate check bag that is easy and convenient to store after use. 

Stroller Compatibility 

The first thing to confirm when buying stroller carry bags is whether the space inside the bag is large enough to accommodate the stroller you’re going to be carrying in it. In fact, it is even considered wiser to carry a stroller airplane bag with a little extra room than one that fits just right. This extra space will be useful for carrying other baby stuff like diapers, toys, and wipes when you are on the go. 

Ease of Carrying 

The type of straps and handles on the stroller bag you choose matter because they determine how easy or difficult it will be to lug your stroller around. Many agree that stroller bags with backpack-style straps are the best because they allow parents to keep their hands free for carrying their little one or other pieces of luggage.

But really, it’s all about picking a style that feels right for you and your carrying needs. Some bags have side handles which allow you to carry them around like handbags, while others have single straps that allow you to only carry them on one shoulder. These styles might work better if you are already carrying a travel diaper bag backpack on your back. 

Apart from carrying positions, you also want to look for stroller bags that feature handles and straps with extra padding. You will find that these are way more comfortable than non-padded ones because they reduce pressure while carrying them.


Opt for stroller bags that are made of sturdy, tear-resistant fabric. Remember that bags made of high-grade polyester are stiffer and last longer than nylon bags. Nylon bags are more prone to punctures due to being thin and are often considered not sturdy enough to hold heavy strollers. 

Another thing you want to keep in mind when it comes to durability is the quality of the stitching around straps and handles. There’s nothing worse than your brand new bag ripping and falling as soon as you load your stroller in it. Make sure the stitching is intact and strong enough for the bag to hold even when it is tossed around in the cargo of the plane.

Lastly, look for a stroller bag for airplane travel that is water-resistant or waterproof so that your stroller stays protected from rainfall, snowfall, and other types of liquids. 

Ease of Use 

Ensure that the closure mechanism of your stroller cover for travel is convenient to use for loading and unloading your stroller quickly. And since it is likely you will be packing and unpacking your stroller often, make sure the zipper of the bag is strong, easy to maneuver, and highly durable as well. 

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FAQs on Stroller Travel Bags

Are gate checked bags necessary for stroller?

While gate check bags aren’t necessary and you’ll see plenty of parents gate checking their stroller without one, a good gate check stroller bag will over your stroller some added protection. Just keep in mind, you’ll need to have time to collapse your stroller and put it in the stroller travel bag before boarding the plane. Plan to board early if this is your plan.

How do I protect my stroller at the gate check?

The best way to protect your stroller at the gate check before boarding a plane is to use a stroller gate check bag. A stroller gate check bag will help protect your stroller from getting dirty or damaged.

Do I need a bag to gate check my stroller?

You do not need a gate check bag for your stroller, however a stroller gate check bag can help to protect your stroller from damage as it’s loaded on to the airplane.

Do you need a bag for stroller on plane?

With strollers that collapse small enough to fit in the overhead compartment on the airplane, it’s best to pack your stroller in a travel bag. This helps to keep it protected and makes it easier to carry on the plane.

How do you pack a stroller for check in?

If you plan to check your stroller with your luggage, then we recommend a padded stroller travel bag to offer your stroller the best possible protection against damage. If you aren’t using a stroller travel bag, make sure your stroller is fully collapsed with any straps tucked in and there’s no risk of losing any loose parts (i.e. canopies or trays that may be removable).

Do airlines provide bags for strollers?

Airlines do not provide bags for strollers. If you want your stroller protected, whether you are gate checking your stroller or checking it with your luggage, then a stroller travel bag is your best option.

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The Best Stroller Travel Bags

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