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14 Best Toddler Snack Cups for Travel

Snacking is a big part of the day for our toddlers, especially when traveling. In fact, toddler snack cups for travel are one of our top toddler travel essentials and we never traveled without it. Our toddler always carried his snack around wherever we went on our travels.

It can be tough to eat regularly on the road, and snacks for toddlers are often a lifesaver. They serve as a convenient way to keep our little one’s hunger pangs at bay, stave off a hangry tantrum or two, and keep him occupied for a while when on-the-go.

Having something like cheerios stowed away in an easy-to-access travel snack cup can ease the discomfort of being in an unfamiliar place, like when flying with your toddler in an airplane or even hiking with a toddler

But, how do you pick a snack cup that doesn’t spill? Nobody wants to be crawling on the floor picking up after your toddler spilled their entire snack. Not on an airplane or anywhere else!

Keep reading to see what makes a good toddler snack cup for travel as well as a list of our favorite travel snack containers for toddlers below. 

toddlers on bench holding snack cups for toddlers
Our toddlers eating their snack out of regular containers in Norway.

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14 Best Toddler Snack Containers for Travel

Look for the best toddler snack container for travel? These toddler food containers will help to prevent spills but also give your toddler the independence of holding his own snack. A spill-proof snack cup is a must for toddlers to make sure your toddler actually eats the snack instead of it all ending up on the floor.

toddlers holding snack containers for toddlers
Our toddlers eating a snack out of snack bags (very convenient for travel).

We’ve included all the best snack containers for toddlers, plus what makes them our favorite snack cups! From snack catcher double packs to easy to clean, here are the best toddler snack cups for travel:

toddler holding one of the best toddler snack cups
Our toddler hiking with his travel snack cup.

What Makes a Great Toddler Snack Cup for Travel

Toddler snack cups are as varied as can be. Between choosing from various sizes, shapes, materials, and more, picking out a snack container can look different for every parent depending on their circumstances and preferences. Read on to learn more about what features to look for when choosing a snack cup for your toddler so you can select the one that suits you best.

Spill-proof Snack Cups for Travel

There’s no denying it – kids are messy. Even more so when strapped into their car seats during a road trip with a toddler! And when you’re on the go, there’s little time to clean up. That’s why buying your little ones snack cups that prevent and minimize spills just makes sense.

Spill-proof snack cups are designed with features like special lids, seals, and flaps that help kids pull out their snacks without making a mess, making them great for use during travel.

toddler on airplane with toddler snack container
Our toddler snacking on the airplane.

Easy to Hold and Easy to Clean

Pick a container that is easy and simple to use; small enough for little hands to hold and accessible enough for them to get their snacks out on their own. In addition, the snack cup you choose should be easy to clean as well, so look for one that is dishwasher safe and built with minimal curves, joints, nooks, and crannies. This is where grime usually tends to accumulate.

toddler walking with spill proof snack cup
Our toddler with his snack cup. Again.

Easy to Carry

One of the most important features to look for when searching for the best toddler snack cup for travel is portability. This means making sure that your snack cup actually fits in your diaper bag easily, so don’t forget to check the cup’s description and dimensions carefully if you’re buying yours online. 

While it’s true that most containers will fit inside a standard-sized diaper bag without a problem, it’s ideal if they take up the least amount of space possible. Small, portable snack cups for toddlers that collapse, fold up, or nest inside each other to fit inside your diaper bag or toss at the bottom of your toddler travel stroller are the best because they don’t take up extra space you might need for other toddler travel essentials

mother holding toddlers hand while toddler is holding one of the best toddler snack cups
Our toddler carrying his snack cup in Oslo, Norway.


Durability should be the top priority when buying anything that a child will spend a lot of time holding and using. After all, you don’t want to your new snack cup to end up covered in dings and dents the second it gets home! To avoid this, pick one that is made of sturdy materials, capable of withstanding drops, throws, and bangs.

If your first thought is to reach for cups made of durable materials like hard-plastic and stainless steel, remember that these types of cups are likely to not endure long-term wear and tear as well as some others. When it comes to choosing long-lasting items for little ones, high-quality silicone is oftentimes the better (and safer) option. 

Favorite Toddler Snacks for Travel

Our top 5 favorite toddler travel snacks are:



Gold Fish Crackers



See the entire list of toddler travel snacks here.

toddler carrying container with cucumber (toddler travel snacks)

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Best Toddler Snacks Cups for Travel

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