Why Traveling to Europe with a Baby or Toddler is so Amazing

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It’s no secret that we think traveling to Europe with a baby or toddler is a great idea. In fact our very first trip to Barcelona with our baby (when she was 3 months old) was so rewarding, it inspired us to start our Baby Can Travel blog.

Since our first trip to Europe with a baby, we have traveled around the world with our kids, but we keep coming back to Europe with our kids. Of all the days we have been on vacation with our kids, over 50% of them have been within Europe, with a whole bunch more planned for later this year.

Why? Because Europe is not only a world-class travel destination jam-packed with history and culture, but it is also easy, fun and rewarding to bring small kids there.

Even a European road trip with a baby or toddler can be an incredible vacation!

Why Europe with a baby or toddler is Amazing - Trevi Fountain, Rome

Here is only a small sampling of why we love traveling to Europe with our kids so much:

The European People are so Welcoming

When you travel to Europe with a toddler or baby, it’s the local people who make family trips to Europe so special. Europeans are so friendly and helpful, you will be blown away by their hospitality. Virtually every culture in Europe loves children and will make every effort to make you and your little kids feel welcome.

Here are just a few of the many examples of the hospitality we have encountered visiting Europe with a baby or toddler:

Paris with a Baby

To be honest, we were very nervous about visiting Paris with a baby. The French have a reputation for having very well behaved children, and we were insecure about the behavior of our 14 month old. I mean, she was a pretty good baby, but she wasn’t perfect. What if she cried at a restaurant or while admiring the Mona Lisa at the Louvre?

I’m happy to report that it was never once an issue. The Parisians proved they love babies as much as the rest of the Europe, and we felt very welcome everywhere we went. France is one of the best countries to travel with a baby.

Paris is one of our favorite baby friendly european cities
Making New Friends in Paris

London with a Baby

When we traveled to London with a baby, upon arrival at the Gatwick airport we took the Gatwick Express train and the Tube to Central London. Despite it being a bank holiday, the Gatwick Express was bursting with people commuting to work. When passengers saw we had a baby with us, they immediately offered up a seat for Celine and our baby daughter.

Then, when transferring to the Tube station, we encountered a long series of stairs. I was handling the luggage and Celine had the baby in the stroller and it was mere seconds before locals jumped in to give us a hand. Talk about a warm welcome to London!

Italy with a Toddler

The Italians are just crazy about kids! Our neighbor on Isla de Elba was a classic well-dressed Italian man. Every time he’d see our kids, he’d make an over-the-top theatrical speech to them in Italian, guaranteed to get a laugh out of them every time. He’d often have little gifts for them too, cutting a fresh rose from his garden for our daughter, etc. 

another great reason to travel to europe with toddlers -  Italians LOVE children!

Another favorite memory is when we were hiking with our toddler through lemon groves in Cinque Terre with toddlers. A local farmer came running after us and asked us to come back to his little plot of land. Once there, he cut a fresh lemon off the tree for each kid. They were so happy (and so were we when we made some delicious lemon pasta that night)!

you should consider visiting Italy when traveling to europe with toddler
 - Italians LOVE children!

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When traveling to Europe with a baby or toddler, there are countless little things that happen every day: people making silly faces to the kids on the subway, bus drivers refusing payment for a toddler, etc. Europeans are a pleasure to interact with every step of the way. Europe is definitely one of the best places to travel with toddlers!

when traveling to europe with a baby, you get experiences such as a playground in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower

Visiting Europe with a Toddler or Baby is so Easy

Europe is so Baby-Friendly

Our definition of a baby-friendly destination is not based upon whether a place has high chairs or change tables. You can easily pack one of these portable travel high chairs and a baby travel change mat.

We think a place is baby-friendly if the locals are welcoming towards babies and toddlers.

Family life is so important in Europe, that it’s no surprise that the welcoming behavior of the locals make Europe such a baby & toddler friendly destination.  

Easy Baby Travel Gear Rentals

Speaking of baby travel accessories, it’s true that traveling with a baby or toddler can be a bit complicated at times. Many of these issues can be solved by bringing or renting the proper travel gear. Thankfully, it’s easy to travel to Europe with a toddler or baby. For instance:

Don’t want to bring your stroller all the way across the pond? No worries! There are baby equipment rental companies in all the major European cities, many of whom will meet you at the airport or will drop off equipment at your hotel before you arrive. 

Not sure if your baby carrier or stroller is best for travel? Let us help you make the right decision!

you can rent a stroller when traveling to europe with a baby
Our rented stroller in Barcelona

You can Visit Europe with a Baby in a Travel Stroller

Getting around Europe with a travel stroller is much easier than I imagined. I figured there would be cobblestone everywhere and it’d be a nightmare to push one around, but this wasn’t the case.

Sure, there is the odd cobblestone street, but this is the exception, not the rule. Most streets in Europe have flat, paved sidewalks and locals are quick to step out of your way if there isn’t enough space. Another thoughtful touch is the stroller parking offered at several of the major tourist attractions in Europe.

travel to europe with toddlers is easy with nice touches like stroller parking

Baby-friendly Accommodations in Europe

There is an abundance of baby-friendly accommodations in Europe, including plenty of apartment style hotels. Having separate bedrooms is so important for young families when it comes to your baby sleeping well on vacation. Plus the separate bedrooms mean that parents don’t have to spend the evening whispering in the dark as you would have to in a regular hotel room.

If you plan on moving around a lot, bring a toddler travel bed so your toddler has a familiar sleep environment!

many baby friendly european cities have great places to stay for families

It’s Easy to Get Around European Cities with a Baby or Toddler

Due to their large size, we don’t like traveling with our car seats, and we are happy to report that you can leave your bulky car seats at home. European cities have excellent public transport or private transfer options to get from the airport to the city center. Once there, you typically can walk everywhere or at worst, take a short subway ride.

London is one of the best european cities to visit with a baby

We have enjoyed every single day of our trips to Europe with a baby and toddler. The high priority Europeans place on family life is evident everywhere you go. It not only rubs off on you, but it makes your trip to Europe with a baby or toddler so much easier and more fun.

Best Places to Travel in Europe with a Baby

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