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Best Places to Travel with Toddlers

Traveling with a baby is one thing, while traveling with toddlers is a whole other experience. Where flying with a baby might have you stressed about them crying the entire time, active toddlers doing somersaults in their seats is a whole new level of stress!

So what are the best places to travel with toddlers that won’t leave you feeling like you need a vacation?

You know how it’s going to go, after surviving flying with a toddler (it’s really not that bad), you’ll be busy entertaining them for the rest of the trip. Though it might be exhausting (I don’t say this to scare you, only to set your expectations), you can still have incredible vacations with toddlers by choosing the best places to visit with toddlers.

In our experience, some of the best toddler vacation destinations have been those where we made sure there was space and time to explore. Sure, our pace was slowed down significantly, but the bright side of that is we got to truly slow down and enjoy our time together.

There’s something really special about watching your toddler chase pigeons in Piazza Navona in Rome, play with lava rocks in the lava fields in Iceland, or eat all the mango sticky rice in Thailand (joking, because my fussy toddler wouldn’t try it!).

Island of Elba in Italy with toddler - best vacation destinations toddlers

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If you are looking for recommendations on where to travel toddlers, you’ve come to the right place. Here are is a list of best international places to travel with toddlers from parents who have been there and done that:

Best Places to Go with Toddlers in Asia

Hong Kong with a Toddler

Hong Kong with Toddler - best vacation spots with toddler

There are many factors which make Hong Kong one of the best vacation destinations with a toddler. With the iconic attractions such as Disneyland, Ocean Park, Ngong Ping 360 and a tram ride up to Victoria Peak there is so much to keep your little ones busy.

Getting around Hong Kong with a toddler is easy too; the most efficient way is to catch a train (these are clean and affordable), there is also a great bus system plus taxis and ubers that can take you all over the city. We’ve found both strollers and carriers useful when moving around the city – the trains do get very full at peak hour and the smaller the stroller the better (like one of these umbrella strollers for travel).

The Star Ferry is a must when visiting Hong Kong, it’s so cheap but takes you out across the bustling harbour which offers spectacular views during the daytime and front row seats to the laser show at night. Before departing make sure you visit the markets in Mong Kok and stroll through one of the many state of the art malls. We’ve always found Hong Kong to be safe, clean and rich in culture that will offer your family memories for years to come.

Read more about Hong Kong with a toddler here:

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Thailand with a Toddler

Family Friendly Beaches in Thailand - best places for toddler vacation

We hadn’t been back to Thailand in 10 years, so it was time to go back and take our kids. Having done beach vacations with a toddler previously, we knew we’d have to spend some time on the amazing islands in Thailand. We also wanted to give our children the opportunity to experience the culture, visit some temples and see the elephants (with no riding, of course).

We weren’t sure how visiting the Elephant Nature Park with a toddler would go and he was hesitant at first. We made sure to give him space and let him approach the elephants only if he was comfortable. He ended up loving it and our older daughter was in heaven.

Toddler at Elephant Nature Park Thailand - best international destinations with toddlers

Temple hopping with kids in Ayutthaya was fun, as we could put them in toddler carriers as needed and even used the carriers for riding bikes.

Of course, the best part was exploring the family friendly beaches in Thailand. Beach destinations make for some of the best vacation places with toddlers, especially on a beach with plenty of sand and calm water. Our kids could have collected shells and played in the water forever!

Our tips for Thailand with kids? Be wary of going to places where you’ll need to take malaria pills if you aren’t sure if your toddler will swallow them. We were shocked at how well our 3 year old did but our daughter struggled with it.

Make sure to plan some quiet time at the beaches, since Thailand can be very busy and overstimulating! And finally, the Thai people absolutely love kids! Enjoy every moment of people wanting to pay attention to your kids!

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Vietnam with a Toddler

Vietnam with toddler - best family vacation destinations for toddlers

We visited Vietnam for a month as part of our 10-month adventure traveling around South East Asia. Our little world traveler was just over 2 years old at the time. Busy Hanoi took a bit of getting used to but really started to grow on us after a while.

We skipped quite a few places since we were traveling with our toddler. Hanoi to Sapa for instance is around 6 hours by bus and we thought that was a bit too much. Places we did visit were Hanoi, Halong Bay, Cat Ba Island, Nha Trang and Dalat.

Definite highlights and fond memories of our time in Vietnam were our Halong Bay cruise (would recommend you not to take the cheapest option like we did!), our lovely stay in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, the Easy Rider motorbike tour we did from Nha Trang to Dalat, the colourful temples in Dalat and the amazing Vietnamese street food.

Since our little boy was still small, we mostly stayed in hotel rooms with the three of us. If you’re comfortable riding a scooter, it’s a great way to discover more of the surrounding area. Don’t forget to bring a baby carrier for travel around Vietnam! We hardly used our stroller and the carrier also comes in very handy when riding a scooter.

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Best Toddler Vacation Destinations in Europe

We love visiting Europe with a toddler! See the many reasons below why travel to Europe with a toddler is so amazing…

Croatia with a Toddler

Plitvice Lakes National Park with Toddler - best vacation destinations for families with toddlers

Imagine, stunning beaches, cities with fun narrow alleyways to explore and national parks with some of the most incredible scenery. Croatia with a toddler is definitely one to put on your list as incredible vacation destinations with toddles. Contrary to popular belief, it’s easy to get around Croatia without a car by using buses and ferries (allowing you to leave car seats at home).

There’s so much to explore in the cities, like Dubrovnik where you can walk along the old city walls or do a tour of the Klis Fortress while in Split with kids (especially exciting for Game of Thrones fans!).

Then make your way to some of the spectacular islands like Hvar or Korcula. Hvar has a reputation of being a party town, but I wouldn’t discount going to Hvar with a toddler. There are some stunning beaches and even a beautiful promenade that’s stroller accessible and has a playground to stop at along the way.

Of course, we recommend visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park with a toddler. We were initially disappointed with the crowds on our first day, so planning a second day really helped. Getting there early was key and both our kids loved it. We recommend bringing a toddler carrier instead of stroller for Plitvice Lakes, but a toddler travel stroller would work fine for everywhere else.

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Looking for the best toddler carriers for travel? We’ve tried several different options and share which ones have worked for traveling with a toddler.

Disney Paris with a Toddler

Disney Paris with toddler - best vacation destinations toddlers

Disney Paris one of the best places to take toddlers, as it is a much smaller version of Disney World Orlando yet it retains the characters, the energy, and overall feel of Disney. Just an hour east of Paris by train, Disney Paris has an abundance of entertainment for toddlers and is an amazing place to visit when in France. 

Comprised of two theme parks, Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios, the theme park is much less crowded and is a smaller park overall which lends to a great experience with small kids.

Toddlers will love A Small World, a classic Disney attraction where you ride on a boat along world exhibits and singing characters. Alice’s Curious Labyrinth is a fun maze with colorful characters and amazing animatronics around every corner making toddlers giggle at the fun of it. The classic carousel, Le Carrousel de Lancelot is a perfect way to relax while deciding which ride to go on next.

Character dining is easy to come by, though reservations are recommended in advance, but usually only a few weeks, and sometimes just a few days. Though the food isn’t the best, meeting characters such as Pooh, Tigger and Mickey are highlights for the kiddos and so much better than waiting in line.

Be sure to take your child on Dumbo the Flying Elephant, when going in the off season, there is almost no line for this ride and you can ride it again and again, until your toddler spots another ride from way up high they would like to explore.

Even Disneyland Paris with a baby is a fun experience for families!

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Here’s everything you need to know about visiting Paris with a toddler!

Germany with a Toddler

Germany with toddlers - best places to travel with toddlers international

Germany has got to be one of the best family vacation destinations with toddlers in Europe. Not only are there many castles to explore and fairy-tale towns in Germany, but so many kid friendly parks too.

If you’re into the outdoors, Germany has some of the most kid friendly trails. We’ve hiked some kid friendly trails in the Rhineland-Palatinate forest, the Eifel National park, and along the forests in some of Germany’s fairy-tale castle towns.

Another thing you can always count on when visiting any city in Germany are the fun playgrounds. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a city that didn’t have one. You will even find playgrounds in the middle of the city, and in almost every rest stop in Germany, making it one of the best vacation destinations for toddlers.

One of the best parts about traveling to Germany with kids is the food. If you have a picky eater, Germany is the perfect place for them. You can’t go wrong with fried foods like schnitzel, which is the equivalent to chicken nuggets, spaetzle, bratwurst and of course Germany’s world famous breads! 

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Don’t miss Bavaria Germany with Toddlers too! A place you and your toddler won’t soon forget.

Italy with a Toddler

Rome Italy with Toddler - europe destinations with toddler

Italy could be rated as the best place to travel with toddlers! The people absolutely love kids and are so welcoming. There’s so much to see and getting around Italy by train is fairly easy and a nice option with kids (no car seats required!).

In our time in Italy with a toddler, we visited Rome, the Island of Elba, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Lucca and Florence. We loved that we were able to get around without needing to travel with car seats.

Visiting the cities, like Rome, with a toddler, we found that we were able to use public transportation from the airport and getting around, if it was too far to walk. We had no problems finding playgrounds in Rome, Cinque Terre and Florence!

Rome with toddler - best vacation destinations for families with toddlers

If you are looking for stunning scenery and time on a beach, Elba with a toddler is incredible. We also loved Cinque Terre with a toddler, since we were able to do plenty of hiking using our hiking backpack carrier.

One other thing we found in Italy was that it was so much easier to find places to rent bikes with baby seats. We were able to easily get bike rentals with child seats to ride on the Appian Way in Rome with a toddler, on a really fun bike ride in Cinque Terre, and again in while in Lucca with our kids. We even rented bikes to get around while on Elba.

Just thinking of all these amazing experiences in Italy makes me want to go back!

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Renting bikes in Italy with Toddler - top vacation destinations with toddlers

Iceland with a Toddler

Iceland with toddler - best destinations with a toddler

We think Iceland is best places to holiday with toddlers— just think of all that open space! As long as you pack appropriately and dress for the weather (think layers) it can be ideal for little children. Icelandic culture seems very child-friendly.

All restaurants we visited had high chairs (and high quality brands, like Stokke), and most public places have restrooms with comfortable changing tables. All of our accommodations (we used guesthouses, hotels, and vacation home rentals) were family friendly and offered pack n’ plays. One guesthouse even provided our child with a toddler-sized bathrobe and another had childrens’ toys in the common area.

Iceland can be sunny one moment then freezing and rainy the next but it’s hard not to stay outdoors because of the awesome landscapes. There’s awesome terrain for running around, wildlife (horses, sheep, cows, puffins, whales), glaciers, waterfalls, and geothermal pools.

We found that for a small fee we could use indoor pools (found all over the country) which was a nice way to spend some time inside when the weather was bad. Make sure you bring a carrier for visiting Iceland with a toddler so that you’re able to get you and your little one to places inaccessible by car!

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Ireland with a Toddler

Ireland with toddler - best place to travel with toddlers

Ireland is a land of charm and enchantment, where the past and present merge but rarely clash, and a wonderful vacation depends less on the weather and more on whether you are willing to take the road less traveled.

Filled with magical spaces to explore and wide-open areas to roam, Ireland has so many wonderful vacation places with toddlers.

As you travel through the impossibly green landscape you’ll encounter a castle around nearly every turn. Crumbled ruins to poke around, restored fortresses to investigate, and majestically refurbished palaces to stay in.

The magic of Ireland is heightened by enchanting fairy trails which have begun appearing across the country. Equally charming to the young and the young-at-heart, the trails can be found in lush estate gardens, ancient historic sites, and even deep in some forests.

You’ll find plenty of open space alive with history and legend to fuel the imagination nearly everywhere you visit in Ireland. The hard part isn’t deciding to visit the Emerald Isle, it’s choosing what you will do.

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Malta with a Toddler

Malta with Toddler - best toddler vacation destinations

Malta is one of those perfect vacation destinations for toddlers. Everyone loves kids there. There is plenty to do for parents and toddlers. It’s easy to tire out little ones with lots of swimming in the summer.

When it’s not quite beach weather there are lots of playgrounds, that are some of the nicest ones we’ve seen having traveled to 38 countries, right on the sea wall. Your toddler gets to run around and you get to sit and enjoy the gorgeous sea view while eating some gelato.

Getting around the islands is really easy with great bus and ferry service. Cities like Valletta and Mdina, Sliema are very walkable and stroller friendly. And the food is great for even picky eaters. Who doesn’t like fresh made pasta?!

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Spain with a Toddler

Spain with toddler - best international places to travel with toddlers

Spain is a beautiful country with stunning architecture and exquisite cuisine. Even better, the people of Spain are family-focused and welcome children travelers with open arms. Not only are kids allowed in most restaurants but it’s not frowned upon to be out exploring with your little one and grabbing a late night bite. The food options are affordable, especially tapas that are usually offered in a laid back atmosphere.

In Spain, you can expect a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild winters making it a great destination to visit year-round. And did we mention the tradition of siesta? Built-in nap time that allows for later evening activities makes for a full day of exploring!

With beautiful beaches, towering mountains, lively city centers, and a vibrant culture, Spain should be on your list of places to vacation with toddlers.

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San Sebastian, Spain with a Toddler

San Sebastian Spain with Toddler - best vacation destinations with toddlers

If you’re anything like me, you love traveling with your child but also occasionally yearn for the pre-baby days when travel was a little more relaxing.  Nowhere can you enjoy some of the pre-child travel feeling than in San Sebastian, Spain.

Also known as Donostia in Basque, San Sebastian has our family’s favorite beach anywhere in the world: La Concha.  Located directly in the city, La Concha is in a protected bay with small lapping waves and huge sand flats when the tide is out. The atmosphere at La Concha is convivial and boisterous, with people walking the shoreline, playing beach sports and having animated conversations.  

Parents can relax as they watch their little ones splash around in tidepools and make friends with other children doing the same. After a full day at the beach and a nice long siesta, a dinner of pintxos (Basque tapas) in the old town provides families a relaxed way to enjoy the city’s famed gastronomical offerings.  

San Sebastian’s old town is car-free and the pintxo bars spill out into the streets, meaning families can grab their favorite small plates and eat outside. In the pedestrian-only streets, little ones eat and play while parents enjoy some stress-free dining with delicious food and great people watching.

Families who need more than beach time and good food will also be happy to find museums, parks, and a nice aquarium to round out their experience here. San Sebastian with kids, and even a toddler, can be that relaxing holiday you are yearning for! It might just be one of the best holiday places for toddlers.

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Best Place to Travel with Toddlers in the Middle East

Dubai with a Toddler

Dubai with toddler - best vacation destinations for toddlers

A city with a strong focus on family entertainment, it’s really a case of what will you need to miss out rather than what should you do on a family trip to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

You could easily have a mini vacation just in one of the city’s many opulent beach resorts, but there’s plenty to enjoy around the city too. From towering heights such as the World’s tallest building, The Burj Khalifa, through to the theme parks. Dubai Parks and Resorts which includes Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park are toddler favourites.

Get your Dubai attraction tickets here

Visiting in the cooler winter months November through to April there are plenty of seasonal outdoor activities to enjoy in Dubai with a toddler. Beyond just the beach (of which there are many, from rustic to fully developed beachfront promenades) we love Dubai Garden Glow and Dinosaur Park, illuminated evening magic.

Our tots have also really enjoyed Dubai Miracle Garden, the world’s largest flower garden with many magical pathways to explore – and a full-sized floral A380!

The winter is also ideal for outdoor strolling. The dancing fountain show at Dubai Mall is always a highlight, and there’s plenty of fun with playparks and splash parks along the way at The Walk, JBR. Fairly new beach front developments including the Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk and The Pointe on the Palm are proving to be popular, as well as Le Mer Beach.

And for a touch of Old Dubai, stroll the streets of the Al Fahidi Neighborhood before heading onto Al Seef, where old Dubai meets new. Finish your journey at the Dubai Frame for more dancing fountains and a birds eye view of the city.

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Best Vacation Destinations with a Toddler in the USA

Utah with a Toddler

A road trip through Utah with a toddler makes for an amazing family vacation. With Utah’s Mighty 5 National Parks, there is so much to see and do in Utah with a toddler.

Double Arches in Arches NP with a toddler

Arches National Park has plenty of places to stop along the scenic drive. With several easy hikes in Arches National Park, you’ll have no trouble getting your toddler moving. Sand Dunes Arch is especially fun for giving toddlers some time to play in the sand.

Canyonlands National Park has the toddler friendly hike to the Mesa Arch. The view through the arch is spectacular, but keep a close eye on toddlers! There’s a very steep drop off, so while the hike is easy enough for toddlers to do you’ll want to keep your toddler well away from the arch.

Mesa Arch is easy hike in Canyonlands NP

Bryce Canyon National Park has many scenic view points and the Rim Trail is stroller friendly.

In Capitol Reef National Park, trails like the Capitol Gorge Trail and the Grand Wash Trail will keep toddlers busy for hours playing in the sand and rocks.

Finally, Zion National Park with toddlers is a fun place for a few days. Zion has not only toddler friendly hiking trails but some are paved making them stroller friendly as well. The Pa’rus Trail, Grotto Trail and Riverside Walk Trail are easy hikes in Zion National Park.

Atlanta, Georgia with Toddler

Atlanta with Toddler - best places for toddlers

Atlanta is such a toddler friendly city! We enjoy exploring with the Babe whenever we’re in town. There’s so much to do with kids of all ages!

One of our favorite places to visit in Atlanta is the Georgia Aquarium. It’s the second largest aquarium in the world and has over 100,000 species of marine life. It’s also the only aquarium outside of Asia to house whale sharks!

The admission is a bit pricey, but kids under 3 are free! We recommend purchasing your tickets online. In addition to a small discount, an online purchase ensures you’ll get in to the aquarium when you visit. The aquarium does timed entries, and during peak season, you may be turned away if you don’t pre-purchase your tickets!

Right across the street from the aquarium is Centennial Olympic Park. It’s got a nice covered playground, and lots of green space where you can enjoy a picnic lunch. The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is catty corner to the park, and a fun place to spend some time.

We also love the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The grounds are beautiful, and the Children’s Garden is a fun and engaging space for toddlers and older kiddos too!

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Sanibel Island with a Toddler

Sundial Beach - Sanibel with a toddler

Sanibel Island, Florida very family friendly destination and a great place to travel with a toddler! You’ll find families with kids of all ages there and you are bound to spark up conversations with fellow travelers, learning what the highlights of their trip was.

There are bike paths all over the island, so with a bike and bike trail you can get around easily. A rental car isn’t necessary to have on the island but definitely allows you to explore a bit more.

Find yourself a top Sanibel Island family resort, like the Sundial Resort, where you can spend countless hours in the pool and have easy beach access. Other fun activities on Sanibel Island with a toddler include collecting seashells on the beach, Ding Darling National Park, and Captiva Island.

Palm Springs with a Toddler

Palm Springs is an excellent family getaway and especially if you are coming from a cold winter destination! The amount of pool time alone, will make a fun trip for anyone visiting Palm Springs with toddlers.

It’s not just about the pool though, there are plenty of things to do in Palm Springs and the surrounding area with toddlers. You can even take a road trip to Joshua National Park and find fun stops along the way.

If you haven’t been to Palm Springs with a toddler before, now might be the perfect time to plan a trip!

Key West, Florida with a Toddler

Key West with Toddler - best places to holiday with toddlers

Key West is often thought of as an escape for couples to get tropical views and tropical drinks, but it’s also very family friendly. Whether it’s playing in the sand at one of the beaches or jumping around on the playgrounds at the various parks you are sure to find fun things to do in Key West with kids.

The trolley tours will safely take you up and down the narrow streets of Old Key West giving the little feet a break and the adults a chance to see the history. The trolley tour stops include a great little gift shop where you can get some beach toys and of course Key Lime Pie.

Don’t forget about a quick stop at the Southernmost Point for pictures and then you can walk around the corner to one of the best beaches–along with bathrooms–called South Beach. With hotels, a restaurant, and a Starbucks, this beach is great for family time as you can play in the sand or rent a large umbrella if you need to escape from the sun.

From there it’s a little drive up to Higgs Beach which also has a great playground and is right next to the Key West Garden Club. There are so many native and tropical plants and a butterfly garden it keeps the little ones busy for a long time.

Finishing off the day at Mallory Square for the street performers and vendors will allow you to hopefully catch one of those postcard-worthy Key West sunsets as a family.

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Little Rock, Arkansas with a Toddler

Little Rock with Toddler - best travel destinations with toddlers

Little Rock, AR was made for family fun. First things first, Little Rock is the Capital city of Arkansas. Bring the kids over for a quick photo session or Capital tour! Or head downtown to experience the Historic Arkansas Museum.

Along the Arkansas River you will find Peapody Splash pad, Arkansas river trail and the Junction Bridge. Nearby on President Clinton Ave you’ll find the Museum of Discovery; an incredible interactive children’s museum and further down you will find the William J. Clinton Library and Museum. Did you know President Clinton is from Little Rock?

The kids will absolutely love eating dinner at All Aboard where a train will deliver dinner to the table. After dinner, head to The Purple Cow for some of their famous purple ice cream.

If the kids want to burn some energy, take them Allsop Park where there is a great playground and plenty of space to run. Another option is to head just outside of the city to experience Pinnacle Mountain State Park for some hiking and incredible views.

Before leaving Little Rock, everyone must eat at Roots. They have an outdoor playground and will bring toys to the table if you request it. Plus, all of their food is sourced locally. Across the street you’ll find a cute ice cream shop called Loblolly Creamery and down the street you’ll find the Bernice Garden Farmer’s Market. You definitely won’t be lacking for things to do in Little Rock with kids.

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New York with a Toddler

NYC with toddler - family vacation destinations with toddlers

While most people think of it as a grown-up’s city, New York with kids is very doable, even toddlers. It may be the city that never sleeps but you’ll find plenty to see and do in New York with toddlers.

We had been putting off visiting NYC but decided to bite the bullet and went when our son was just 2 years old. We had no idea if we were mad, but we found lots of things to do with him during our short time in the city.

While it was noisy, the bright lights of Times Square fascinated him. It’s very busy and not the most stroller-friendly but worth seeing. We enjoyed a walk around the World Trade Centre Memorial Park after a breakfast of pancakes, and even brought him to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. Our top tip for visiting the Empire State Building with a toddler is get there as soon as it opens. We had no queues and the two floors we visited weren’t packed.

Central Park, of course, is a must-visit. Our son enjoyed running on the grassy fields, watching the people rowing boats on the lake and watched in amazement as a horse and carriage went by. We didn’t get to the zoo but will be visiting on our next visit.

The highlight of our trip to New York with a toddler was our water ferry boat trip around Manhattan. It was a great way to visit the Statue of Liberty without getting on the island itself. It was a city that we thoroughly enjoyed with our young son, one we plan to return to in the future as soon as we can.

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San Francisco with a Toddler

San Francisco with toddler - places to vacation with toddlers

San Francisco is a great base for a fun family vacation with young children. The weather is never too hot or too cold, the cable cars are a blast and there is a good mix of food, museums and nature to keep everyone happy.

It’s not a big city – just 7×7 miles – so you can see a lot in a day. I like to start the day with Dolores Park, in the sunny Mission district. Grab a morning bun and a coffee from world-famous Tartine Bakery (or an ice cream from Bi-Rite Creamery, no judgement), sit back and let your toddler enjoy the playground while you people watch.

Next, choose one of San Francisco’s fun museums. I recommend the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. There are interactive exhibits about the history of San Francisco, an aquarium, a planetarium and a rainforest, all under one roof. All perfect for visiting San Francisco with kids!

In the afternoon, give your legs a rest and take a cable car through San Francisco’s prettiest neighborhoods. End your tour at Ghiradelli Square for hot cocoa and enjoy the views of the wharf. If there is still time, head over to to Chrissy Field to play on the beach and get some family selfies with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

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Best Travel Destinations with Toddlers in Oceania

Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia

Australia with Toddler - best vacation places with toddlers

A place you can feel at home, is family orientated plus toddler-friendly? Noosa Beach, QLD, Australia. Enriched with a sense of wonder, known for its beautiful beaches and landscapes.

For years, this has been one of my top vacation destinations with toddlers. It’s the perfect spot for a family escape, with my partner, our toddler and baby, from the four walls we call our home. 

Depending on what area in particular you are wanting to head to, there is a long, stroller-friendly board walk extending along next to the beautiful blue hues of the ocean water surrounded by trees that offer shade over you on your walk. 

Noosa main beach is in a close walking distance to a street filled with places to eat out, shopping stores and toilet vicinities.

On the main beach, there is also the option to hire shade umbrellas, surfboards and more! 

So, along with Noosa’s gorgeous display of beaches, the area is family orientated making it one of the best places to go with toddlers.

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Camping with a toddler is an excellent way to spend even more time in nature and exploring at a toddlers pace! Get tips on camping with a baby or toddler here!

Sydney, Australia with a toddler

Australia with Toddler - best places to visit with toddlers

Sydney, the land of beaches, sunshine, and avocados. How could we not be in love with this majestic city that has views for days and heaven for toddlers. There are hundreds of beaches along the coast of Sydney.

All great beaches, but some are more toddler friendly than others. Look for beaches that have sea pools, where toddlers can play and avoid open waters and any dangerous currents. Our top 3 favorites were Bondi Beach (the north side), Shelly Beach, Manly, and Camp Cove. Always swim between the flags at the Australian beaches.

There are no shortages of other activities to do with your toddler too. From playgrounds to botanical gardens and zoos, they are fun for the kids and the entire family. Taronga Zoo is our favorite zoo in the world with the best view. It is easily accessible from most ferry terminals. And the playgrounds are everywhere and all undercover.

Ferries are the best mode of transportation in Sydney! Easy to get around while taking in amazing views and keeping the kids in awe. If you don’t have a car we recommend staying near a ferry terminal. It will be the best way to get around and easiest with toddler. If you have to drive, you’ll need to bring a car seat with you. Uber’s don’t have baby car seats yet and Australia has very strict laws when it comes to car seats. You can order a taxi with a baby car seat, but be warned, they can be very expensive.

Tip: There is a hole in the Ozone layer just above Australia which makes for a deceivingly hot sun. Lather up yourself and the kids – all day, everyday. Even a short walk can get you a long term burn.

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Other ideas for Vacation Places for Toddlers

All-Inclusive Resorts with a Toddler

best holiday destinations for families with toddlers

Are you craving a little more relaxation while still having a toddler friendly holiday? All-inclusive resorts are the way to go and are a perfect vacation destination with a toddler. An all-inclusive resort with a toddler or baby means not having to worry about food and having easy access to the pool will allow you more time to sit back and relax.

Going to a place like Mexico with a toddler still allows you to go on daily excursions if you are all up for it. There are plenty of places to visit with toddlers, like the Mayan Ruins of Coba, Chichen Itza or Tulum.

We have been to Mexico and stayed at an all-inclusive with a toddler when I was pregnant and it was about all I could manage. We made sure to find one of the best all-inclusive resorts for toddlers on the Mayan Riviera and spent our days wandering the wonderful pathways throughout the resort, when we weren’t sitting by the pool.

We returned to Mexico a couple of years later, and while we didn’t stay at an all-inclusive this time, it was one of the most toddler friendly vacations we’ve had. We spent so much time on the beach playing in the calm waters and even trying stand-up paddleboarding.

On days when we weren’t at our favorite Playa Del Carmen beaches for toddlers, we had an incredible time at the eco-parks and swimming in kid-friendly cenotes with our toddler and preschooler.

Toddler Friendly cenote near Playa del Carmen Mexico

Here are all the resources you need to plan your family trip to the Mayan Riviera.

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Golf Resorts with Toddlers

best resorts with toddlers

Golf resorts can be one of the best places to go with toddlers and young children. For those of you who don’t know me, it’s no secret that I love golf. From a very young age I’ve always enjoyed playing it, watching it, and talking about it. It’s a special game; one that can be played by anyone at any point during their life, and one that can be played with almost anybody.

That includes family. As I watch my children grow, I get more and more excited to introduce them to golf. They’re not quite there yet, but my wife and I have broke them in a little bit with various trips to golf resorts. You might be surprised to find out that a golf resort can be one of the best family vacation destinations with toddlers.

The best part about it? You won’t even have to leave the resort! Once you park the car and get all your belongings into the room, that’s it! The rest of your time can be spent walking the scenic paths, eating at one of the many fine (and kid-friendly) restaurants, swimming in the pools and kicking back in the hot tub, or finding a fun family activity for everyone to enjoy. And these activities, we’ve come to find out, are endless!

Enjoy practicing you and your children’s stroke on the putting green. Find a playground and spend some time pushing your kids on the swings. Let your kids pick out a small souvenir at the resort’s golf shop. Find out what the resort has to offer and schedule an outing with your family. We’ve ice skated, taken carriage rides, played FRISBEE golf, and even got to take a golf cart for a spin! (The kids loved that!)

No matter what you find yourself doing and whether you like golf or not, you’ll always find something for you and your children to do at a golf resort. It’s the ideal destination for any young family!

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Resources and Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

traveling with toddler

Now that your toddler is on the move, not only will you need to adjust your expectations and slow down your pace of travel, but you’ll also need some new travel gear!

Now that your toddler is on the move, not only will you need to adjust your expectations and slow down your pace of travel, but you’ll also need some new travel gear! Click to Tweet

We’ve put together a list of our favourite toddler travel essentials, airplane activities for toddlers and screen free travel toys for toddlers. Plus find even more toddler travel toys in our 1 Year Old Travel Toys and 2 Year Old Travel Toys lists!

For flying with toddlers, start with our tips for getting toddlers to sleep on airplanes. One thing that we don’t fly without when traveling with a toddler is our inflatable airplane cushion for toddlers. Not all airlines allow them but we’ve been successful in using it on most of our flights, so don’t miss the tips on that.

We also have a list of budget inflatable airplane cushions or read our full Fly Tot Review and Flyaway Kids Bed Review.

If dealing with toddler jet lag has you worried, you can read all about our experience plus our top 10 tips for dealing with jet lag in babies and toddlers.

Fly Tot inflatable airplane cushion for travel with toddler

Once your toddler moves to a toddler bed at home, it’s more difficult to convince them to sleep in a travel crib or pack n’ play, so we’ve found some of the best travel beds for toddlers. We also travel with one of these travel high chairs to make meal times more enjoyable.

Getting around will definitely be slower when traveling with a toddler, but our post on Uber with a baby or toddler will still be helpful. We also cover toddler travel and getting around in our post on travel with a baby carrier or stroller. One thing that will be key is keeping your hands-free to keep your toddler close – we recommend one of these backpack diaper bags for travel.

You may still get your toddler to sleep in your travel stroller. Our toddler was always more interested in walking, so we use toddler carrier for travel and sometimes, we travel with a backpack carrier like the Deuter Kid Comfort 3 (depending on if we plan to do a lot of hiking with toddlers).

Italy with toddler - best vacation destinations for toddlers

And what do you do when your toddler decides it’s time to start potty training right before a trip. We share all our tips for traveling with a potty training toddler here. Trust me when I say that it won’t be so bad, with a little preparation, a portable travel potty and using pull-ups when needed!

If you plan to spend a lot of time outside, don’t forget a toddler sun hat and toddler sunglasses.

Finally, for a little inspiration, read how one couple travels with their 2 year old all around the world!

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