The 9 BEST Universal Stroller Organizers for Travel

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Choosing the best universal stroller organizer will be a lifesaver, especially when traveling. Lightweight travel strollers make excellent travel strollers because they are compact and easy to fold but they also tend to have less of the fancy features and add-ons. For us travel moms, we can add on a universal stroller organizer, one of the best travel stroller accessories, that will transform that travel stroller from good to great!

When I was shopping for strollers, I found that there were always a few features I wanted that were missing. Like many parents, our family had more than one stroller because it felt like there was never one stroller that met all our needs for everything we did. While I chose my strollers for the most important features, like durability and comfort, often other features were missing. Thankfully, some of those features can easily be added on with a stroller caddy!

In this post, I go over all the features that make a good stroller organizer for travel as well as the pros and cons of a few of the best stroller organizers on the market.

Best universal stroller organizers for travel

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Best Stroller Organizer Bags for Travel

 When looking for the best stroller organizer for your travel stroller, consider what you want the most. Is it a universal stroller organizer with dual cup holders for both parents? Maybe you want a place to store your phone and a few baby essentials?

Knowing what you want most in your stroller parent organizer will help you find the best one for your next trip!

My Top Pick for the Best Universal Stroller Organizer:

I know you don’t always have time to read, so here is my top pick for the best parent stroller caddy:

Best Overall:

Momcozy Universal Stroller Organizer – This is my recommended universal stroller organizer because it has everything you need! The Momcozy Universal Stroller Organizer has two insulated cup holders, plus plenty of pockets to hold phones and keys. It even has an adjustable shoulder strap making it easy to carry when you need to leave your stroller behind!

What to Look For in a Parent Tray for Stroller

1. Cup Holders

Be it to hold your baby’s sippy cup, your morning coffee, or a cool beverage to combat the sun, a cup holder can help make things easier when you’re on the move.

When inspecting a cup holder, be sure to start by checking its build quality. A good cup holder in a stroller organizer will have a rigid structure or frame that helps to keep the drink in place.

Next, make sure that the cup holder on your stroller organizer bag is insulated. This will both maintain the drink’s temperature and keep items in nearby compartments safe from temperature damage. 

2. Universal Fit

Have more than one stroller? Make sure you get an organizer that has a universal fit to avoid unnecessary purchases. Stroller organizers with universal fits can even be used on rented strollers, so you have everything you need at close reach.

With that being said, it is important to note that while most stroller organizers promise and advertise a universal fit, it is very rare for a stroller organizer to fit every kind of stroller. Some strollers may be too small and others may have handlebars that are placed too far apart.

The best universal stroller organizer bag is one that has a generous number of straps to help keep it in place without sagging or hanging.

3. Zip-Off Pouch

A zip-off pouch or a detachable compartment is one of the most convenient features that a stroller organizer can have. A removable pouch can double as a wallet or as a kit for your beauty essentials and other knick-knacks when you’re on the move.

Don’t want to carry it around anymore? Just zip it back into your stroller organizer bag and you’re good to go!

While it is a great thing to have when you want to avoid carrying a purse, you need to be careful about what you put inside it. It’s not a good idea to use it to carry valuables as a zip-off pouch is easy to misplace and can be stolen too.

4. Shoulder Straps

If your stroller organizer doesn’t fit within the folds of your folded stroller (like when flying with a stroller and you need to gate check it). You’ll have to carry your stroller organizer around in your hands, which can be a major inconvenience. To avoid this, some stroller organizers come with shoulder straps that you can attach to them and use to sling over your shoulders.

Make sure the straps and attachments are sturdy and durable. Steel loops and synthetic straps go a long way while plastic builds and fabric may not.

5. Number of pockets

Having more pockets means carrying more items, making your walks with the stroller more comfortable. It will also mean that you don’t have to worry about choosing between two things because of capacity, even if your stroller organizer is a slight bit bulkier and heavier as a result. So grab that extra snack bar or some extra diapers for longer strolls and have them stored separately and neatly organized.

6. Ease of Cleaning

Look for organizers that are made with stain-repellent materials, machine washable, or both, by reading the product descriptions before making your purchase. 

7. Assembly

While most stroller organizers come as a single unit with the caddy, straps, and pouches ready to go, some come disassembled with extenders and shoulder straps as separate parts. There’s no “right” or “wrong” with this one; just pick the type that suits your travel style best.

If you prefer having your stroller organizer attached to your stroller at all times, the single unit type will make the most sense, but if you have an older toddler that likes to walk around a bit, a stroller organizer that is easy to disassemble and put away along with your stroller might be best.

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