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24 Best 2 Year Old Travel Toys

Traveling with toddlers doesn’t need to be scary. I’m here to share my experience traveling with a toddler, which will help you to be more confident to do the same. If you slow down and take this time for what it is, time to take things slow and see things from your toddlers perspective, you’ll enjoy this stage of traveling like any other. What can be tricky is those travel days and you should be prepared to keep your toddler occupied with this list of the best 2 year old travel toys.

Two year olds have very short attention spans and are way more active and playful than babies. They love to move around and explore, and are more likely than not going to be very stubborn about doing so! Keeping these independence-craving little tots contained in one seat during a trip can prove to be quite the challenge for parents.

toddler in luggage size checker at airport
Traveling with a 2 year old.

Part of your trip planning now entails picking out and packing toys that will keep your toddler entertained. Our list of best travel toys for 2 year olds below will help you choose the right ones for both car and plane travel! 

Like I mentioned in our post on flying with a toddler, your time flying is going to now be spent cycling through all the toddler activities. But we also like finding fun, interactive 2 year old travel toys that will keep them occupied even for small portions of time (giving you a breather!).

2 year old travel toys we packed.
Here’s an example of what we packed for our 2 year olds travel toys.

However, the only way carrying a bunch of travel toys for 2 year olds makes sense is if they are compact, and easy to carry, take out and put away. You should be able to fit your toddlers travel toys in your backpack diaper bag or better yet in your toddlers travel backpack. Don’t pack everything from this list as just a few toys, some coloring and sticker options, plus some snacks is all your likely going to need. Pair that up with a few fun ipad apps, like those we mention in our favorite airplane activities for babies and toddlers, some shows and a pair of comfortable toddler headphones!

toddler on plane wearing headphones for toddler
2 year old wearing headphones on flight back from Thailand.

Now that you know what makes a travel toy good, it’s time to check out our own curated list of best travel toys for 2 year olds! These are assured to make flying with toddlers so much easier for traveling with parents, so you can go on and have the best vacations with your toddler in the best of places!  

using hiking backpack carrier for baby in Rome with a baby and toddler
Travel with toddlers in Rome.

2 Year Old Travel Toys – Table of Contents

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Best Travel Toys for Two Year Olds

It was only a matter of time before travel toys became one of our top travel essentials for toddlers when packing for a trip. Carrying some toys can definitely come to the rescue during a long flight or a car trip. They help toddlers be entertained and occupied for a little while, and we all know a little while can make a big difference during travel!

Here are all our recommendations for the best 2 year old travel toys:

inflatable bed for airplane
Toddler on Flyaway Designs airplane bed watching the ipad.

Books are a also great screen-free option for travel because of how engaging and enriching they are. They also help in maintaining a familiar bedtime routine which can help get toddlers to sleep on a plane. Investing in a good toddler airplane bed like the flyaway kids bed is another good idea for getting your kid comfortable on a plane. And with all that sleeping, you won’t have to pack too many different ways to keep your toddler occupied!

For a little inspiration, check out how one family travels with a 2 year old around the world!

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Best 2 Year Old Travel Toys

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