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Best Baby and Toddler Airplane Activities

Flying with a baby and entertaining a toddler on a plane are two of the most common questions when it comes to traveling with a baby or toddler. It’s really no wonder since most parents dread the idea of being those people on the plane with the screaming baby or the toddler running up and down the aisles.

If you’ve come looking for suggestions on airplane activities for babies or how to keep a toddler busy on a plane, you’ve come to the right place.

This post is filled with the best baby travel toys and ways to keep a toddler entertained for a long flight. We cover air travel with a baby at each stage of development up to flying with a toddler and preschooler.

The best baby travel toys and toddler plane activities

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We also have plenty more tips for flying with a baby and surviving air travel with toddlers, since we know that flying with a baby or toddler can be stressful.

Tips for Flying with a Baby

Our Favorite Travel App

As the “Netflix of Children’s Books“, the Epic! reading app is the one travel app we can’t live without. Having a selection of 40,000 children’s books to travel with is a huge benefit for parents. We love using the Epic reading app with our kids both for the flights and for bedtimes at the hotel.

Your upcoming family trip is an ideal time to try the free Epic Basic account which offers a limited selection of children’s books.

Learn more about Epic! in our in-depth review of the Epic! Digital Library.

How to Entertain a Baby on a Plane

Best Baby Travel Toys (0 to 6 Months Old)

Traveling with an infant is a great time to travel since they spend most of the time eating and sleeping. Flying with an infant is likely to be one of the easiest flights you’ll take with your baby.

When you fly with a baby who is between 0 to 3 months old, you really don’t need to worry about bringing any travel toys or books for your baby. Chances are good air travel with your infant will be spent cycling between feeding and watching your baby sleep on the plane.

Flying with an infant

At 3 to 6 months old, flying with your baby may still mean a lot of sleeping (hopefully), but your baby may start taking more of an interest in a few travel toys as well. Your baby will likely be entertained enough by everything around her on the plane, but here are the best baby travel toys for this age:

Top Board Books for Entertaining Baby on Plane

Click here to see the top-rated Baby Board Books on Amazon

Teething Toy or Necklace to Keep Baby Busy on Plane

Colorful Texture Toys for Keeping Baby Entertained on Plane

Parent’s Tip: Your baby will likely sleep most of the flight. A good audio book is a perfect way to keep yourself entertained, while keeping both eyes on your baby.

Before you go, check out our best baby gear for travel as well as our best tips for getting your baby to sleep on vacation and dealing with baby jet lag.

Best Baby Travel Toys (6 to 12 Months Old)

We found when traveling with a baby in this age range, they were mostly interested in playing with the stuff on the plane.

In all likelihood, your baby will be similar and will be most interested in their surroundings on the plane, like the safety card, the seat buckle and the window shade. Throw in a plastic cup and spoon and you’ve just found the best activities for your 9 month old on the plane without having to pack them!

Other passengers can be pretty exciting too. Peeking through the seats is a great game (if you can find someone interested in engaging with your baby on the plane). Or take them for several “walks” down the aisle.

Air travel with a baby doesn’t have to be complicated.

Snacks are also a great way to entertain a baby on a plane and is also one of our best tips for traveling with a baby. We always bring airplane snacks that will take a long time to eat like Cheerios or Gerber Puffs. Spill-proof toddler snack containers are a life-saver when flying with a baby!

how to entertain baby on a plane

One of the best baby toys we had for airplane travel at this age was a Bright Starts Clack and Slide Activity Ball. This baby toy was great for holding our baby’s attention for a long time and it also made a great travel toy for road trips. Other similar options are this one and this one.

If you have the room, this is a great travel toy to keep your baby busy on the plane. Other good options are the Manhattan Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether or the Fat Brain Toys – Dimpl sensory toy (here’s another toy similar to the Dimpl).

Bring along a couple of fun travel themed board books or the Epic! Digital Library and you should be all set with your baby toys for the plane.

How to Entertain a Toddler on a Plane

It should come as no surprise that traveling with a toddler on a plane is completely different than traveling with a baby on a plane. The more mobile your little one gets, the more time you’ll spend entertaining your toddler on the plane.

Hoping your toddler will sleep on the flight? Check out these inflatable airplane travel beds for toddlers or read our full Fly Tot Review and Flyaway Kids Bed Review.

inflatable bed for airplane

You can buy the Flyaway Kids Bed directly from their website. If you find it to be out of stock, we recommend signing up on their website to be notified when it’s back in stock so you don’t miss out.

The key to success is to have enough airplane activities for your toddler to cycle through. This doesn’t mean you need to fill your bags with toys, but just make sure you are able to have the activities for your toddler on the plane easily accessible.

The majority of these suggestions are also great road trip activities for toddlers.

Best Travel Toys for Toddlers (12 to 18 Months Old)

A long flight with a toddler who is between 12 to 18 months old can be the most intimidating age to fly with a toddler. At this age, their attention span is still pretty short and they are very active.

Our Flying with a Toddler post, mentioned above, has all our tips for flying with a toddler, including getting your toddler to sleep on the plane.

There’s a great illustration from the book Happiest Toddler on the Block that shows a 7 minute time span of an 18 month old in a nursery moving from station to station This helps to explain why the 1 year old toddler travel toys you packed for your 18 month old will only entertain your toddler for such a short time!

Baby-Can-Travel---Inflight-Entertainment-for-Babies,-Toddlers-and-Preschoolers - Happiest Toddler on the Block

So how do you keep an 18 month old entertained on a plane? The plane and all the people on it are still going to be quite a novelty and will definitely entertain your toddler on the airplane. Taking trips up and down the aisle and playing with everything around are great travel activities for toddlers.

For this age, some of the best travel toys for toddlers on airplanes are simple toys that are going to be easy to put away and take back out because you’ll be doing a lot of that.

Plenty of toddler airplane snacks that will provide some distraction are always a winner when flying with small children. The best snacks for toddlers on the plane are ones that take longer to eat, like Cheerios served in a spill-proof snack container.

Reading to our children has always been a big part of our family time and we like to make sure it continues when we travel. Books with plenty of pictures that you can talk about are an excellent way to entertain a toddler on a long flight. We especially like the board books in the First 100 Box Set for this.

how to keep toddler busy on plane

The Epic! Digital Library is an excellent app for kids this age. It has a huge selection of simple books for toddlers, most of which can be downloaded onto your device for the flight.

Travel Apps for Kids - Epic Digital Library - Toddler Books

Your upcoming trip is a great time to try their free 30 day trial. If you don’t like it, simply cancel when you get home from your trip.

If you don’t have the time or energy (we get it – parenting is exhausting!), the KeepEmQuiet travel packs are a great way to get everything you need to entertain you toddlers for your flight!

There’s an option to select the age and size of travel pack plus whether it’s for a girl or boy.

Toddler Travel Toys by KeepEmQuiet

We also like to include very simple apps in our arsenal of toddler airplane activities. We introduced our toddler to a few apps between 14 and 18 months of age. Like all travel toys for toddlers, they don’t hold attention for long but it’s nice to have “easy to pack” distractions to rotate through.

best apps for babies

best apps for babies

Many of the toddler plane activities from the 18 to 24 month range (below) will work here as well, like coloring books, stickersfinger puppetsgel clings and this cute buckle toy.

Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow! Activity Books are great travel toys for a 1 year old. Not only do they work with water (i.e. very little mess) but they are reusable.

best travel activities for toddlers

Best Travel Toys for Toddlers (18 to 24 Months Old)

When traveling with toddlers between 18 and 24 months, you’ll find their attention span for watching short shows will start to appear. This is good news for flying with a toddler as you can get a break every now and then! Don’t forget to pack your best toddler headphones for flying!

To keep your toddler entertained on the flight these are the best toys for toddlers on planes, which are also great road trip activities for toddlers:  favorite books, snacks, a buckle toyfinger puppetscoloring books and, reusable stickers.

travel toys for toddlers on airplanes

As your little one starts to enjoy coloring, a great coloring book is the My First Big Book of Coloring. With 200 pages it may be a bit big to take on a short trip, so two great smaller alternatives are the Toddler Coloring Book and My Plane Trip.

Our kids LOVED Little Baby Bum at this age and we loved how long it would hold their attention. For offline viewing, we always download a few episodes on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video (depending on which country you are in) onto our iPads.

toddler activities for airplane

A reading app we love and use constantly for travel is the Epic! Digital Library. It has thousands of books for babies and toddlers, all on your phone or tablet which means we can read as much as we want to our kids but leave all the heavy books behind. Most Epic! stories are downloadable allowing you to read them on the plane.

The best Epic! feature for travel is their selection of Read to Me stories. The app reads the stories aloud to your child (using headphones of course), while highlighting the words, making it a great alternative to Netflix cartoons. Our kids would ‘read’ these Read to Me stories for hours on end if we’d let them. This feature frees you up to watch a movie or listen to an audio book.

Your upcoming trip is a perfect time to try their free 30 day trial. If you don’t like it, simply cancel when you get home from your trip.

We continued to add new apps to our list of airplane activities for our toddler for each flight. We would always do a test run with them at home prior to our flight to make sure our toddler was capable of playing them and enjoyed them.

Again, no single app held our toddler’s attention for very long, but having several apps allowed our toddler to flip between them. Some of our favorite apps for toddlers at this age were:

best apps for toddlers
best apps for toddlers
best toddler apps
best toddler apps to keep toddler entertained on airplane

Our son especially loved these apps:

entertaining a toddler on a plane
activities for toddlers on planes

Even if you bring the traditional coloring book and crayons, don’t forget the Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow! Activity Books. They are one of the best travel activities for toddlers since they are easy to pack, use water for very little mess and are a great alternative when your toddler needs a new activity that isn’t more screen time.

Another great alternative to keep older toddlers entertained on the airplane are the Crayola Color Wonder mess-free books.

Airplane Activities for 2 Year old+

As your little toddler begins to transition into a preschooler, they will get much easier to entertain on the plane. Flying with a 3 year old is easier than flying with a 2 year old, as their attention span allows them to watch a movie (or chunks of it at a time). 

They can also spend more time focused on a task like coloring or playing with stickers, which makes them excellent 2 year old travel toys.

The Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow! Activity Books are still a great mess-free & screen-free airplane activity to bring along. Of course, snacks are always a good way to keep a toddler busy on the plane.

We recently discovered a new travel toy that our kids love and is excellent for traveling. Boogie Boards are small, lightweight writing tablets for kids which allows them to draw as many pictures as they want without ever running out of paper.

Baby Can Travel - Toys for Preschoolers on Flights - Boogie Board

If your child loves books, bring along some favorites to (re)read. Aside from using the Epic! Digital Library for reading, we have transitioned to bringing along magazines like National Geographic Little Kids or High Five instead of books. 

They provide stories and activities that can help entertain your preschooler for the duration of your trip, plus they take up very little room.

Toddler Flight Vacation Entertainment
entertain kids on airplane - High Five Magazine

If you are traveling with two or more children, the older siblings can be left with an iPad while you deal with your baby. If you’d like your toddler to actually learn something, instead of watching mindless movies, ABCmouse has eight educational apps (for iOS and Android) which can be used offline, making them perfect for flights.

Your trip is a perfect time to try their risk-free 30 day free trial! If your kids don’t love it, simply cancel it when you get back from your trip.

Click here for more information on the free 30 day trial.

Baby-Can-Travel---Inflight-Entertainment-for-Babies,-Toddlers-and-Preschoolers - ABCmouse

If you’d prefer your child to read books vs. watching a movie or playing games, an excellent travel app is the Epic! Digital Library. which has over 35,000 kids books available. Epic! will even read many of the titles to your child, highlighting the words on the page as they are read.

Epic! Digital Library - Any Device - 300x250

Epic! offers a free 30 day trial, so it’s another risk-free entertainment option for your trip. If you don’t love it, simply cancel it when you get home from your trip. Our kids love this app – they have collectively read over 500 books to date and counting.

Our kids loved getting the iPad at this age. They don’t get it a lot at home so it becomes our best airplane activity for our toddler and preschooler. We love these apps for flying with children between the ages of 2 and 4 years old are:

best apps for toddlers and preschoolers
best apps for toddlers and preschoolers
best apps for toddlers and preschoolers
best apps for preschoolers

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