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Best Baby Travel Toys

Whether you are looking for the best baby travel toys for the plane, car rides or the stroller, we have 30 baby travel toys guaranteed to keep your baby entertained! While this is a big list of the best toys for traveling with a baby, don’t think you need to pack an extra bag just for your baby toys, just a choose a few that will easily fit in your carry-on luggage or diaper bag.

When flying with a baby, you want to pack just a few toys to distract your baby and keep her occupied for short spurts of time. For road trips with a baby, you’ll have more space so you can pack a few more. Just make sure your baby toys for car travel are safe to let your baby have in the car seat without any choking hazards.

Baby chewing on block toy

Best Travel Toys for Babies

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The best toys for traveling with a baby and keeping your baby entertained on a flight are sensory toys and will quickly become part of your baby travel essentials. Your baby is discovering the world and will be interested in toys that make noise, feel different or that shake.

Your baby will also be interested in plastic cups, plastic bottles, the seat belt and everything around them (pack some wipes to get it clean first!). The best travel toys for infants are ones that your baby can easily grasp and suck or chew on.

Tips for flying with a baby

While we know that the plane ride can be the most stressful part of traveling with a baby, just remember that’s it’s a very small part of your trip. You’ve likely planned an amazing trip to one of the best places to travel with a baby, don’t let the flight stress you out.

Read our post on why we don’t recommend handing out goody bags, try to keep your focus on your baby rather than other passengers and don’t overpack!

With any luck you’ll get your baby to sleep on the flight and it will be over before you know it!

Don’t have time to read through this list of best toys for traveling with baby? See our Quick Picks – Amazon shopping list that has our top recommendations!

Best Baby Travel Toys

Best Baby Toys for Airplanes

Here are our favorite baby toys for bringing on an airplane. These travel toys for babies on planes will keep your baby occupied and don't have any sounds to annoy other passengers.

Just make sure to attach the toys, so you aren't always picking them up off the floor! Babies love to toss toys!

Baby Travel Toys for the Car

Looking for travel toys for babies in cars? Here are our favorite baby car travel toys for a long road trip with a baby:

Baby Travel Toys for the Stroller

A great travel toy for babies is one that your baby will like to play with no matter where you are. From baby toys for plane or car rids to in the stroller, most of these toys listed are versatile enough for every scenario.

Here we have a few of our favorite travel toys for babies in strollers:

We have even more baby travel toys listed in our convenient Baby Travel Toys shopping list on Amazon. There you’ll find everything from play mats for travel for tummy time while traveling and more! You know your baby best, so choose the best travel toys suited for your baby based on age and what will keep your baby occupied the longest!

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Best Baby Travel Toys for Planes, Cars and Strollers

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