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When we decided to have a baby, we also decided that we would not stop doing the things we love. For us that includes traveling and hiking. We knew that traveling and hiking with a baby would be a little different, and that’s ok; we’ve quickly learned to embrace life and travel at a slower pace. (Literally- when you are carrying a 13 lb baby on your chest, you’re forced to slow down a bit!). So, our first time traveling with a baby was an Acadia National Park family vacation.

We chose to visit Acadia National Park with a baby because it is one of the smallest US national parks and because a number of small towns are connected to the park, which allowed us to relax after our family hikes each day.

While some people thought we were a little crazy to be camping with an infant, with a little preparation and a lot of baby camping gear, we were able to enjoy 5 nights of tent camping with a baby and 5 days of good food and hiking.

walking along a scenic lakeshore in Acadia National Park with a baby

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How to Get to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor

Since we live in the northeast, we piled into the car and drove to Acadia National Park. However, for those who are flying to Acadia National Park, Portland International is where you’d fly into. The drive from Portland, Maine to Bar Harbor is about 3 ½ hours. Mt. Desert Island has its own tiny airport with daily connections to Boston.

Don’t stress about flying with a baby, we have all the travel tips for flying with a baby!

A trip to Acadia National Park with kids is best done with a car – there are just so many great places to pull over and lots of other small towns to visit nearby. I would highly recommend renting a car for your Acadia National Park family vacation.

Best things to do in Acadia National Park - Jordan Pond

Getting Around Acadia National Park with a Baby or Toddler

Once you are settled in the town and traveling within Acadia National Park, there is a free Island Explorer Shuttle Bus, so you can set the car aside if you need a break from driving. Plus, Acadia National Park parking can be tough to find at popular spots during the high season, so the Island Explorer shuttle bus takes that stress away. All buses come equipped with bike racks, too.

While in Bar Harbor, parking requires payment. You can download ParkMobile or use your credit card.

Visit Acadia National Park with Stroller or Baby Carrier?

Hiking with baby in Acadia National Park near Sand Beach

We recommend a baby carrier for visiting Acadia National Park with toddlers or babies, this includes outings in town and most hikes in this area. We tried to use our stroller once and it was too hard to navigate the crowded sidewalks in town.

A rain cover for the carrier is a must in the summer, as wind and rain are common on the coast of Maine.

One exception where you could use a stroller in Acadia National Park would be on Acadia’s carriage roads, which are wide and can accommodate bicycles, horses, and pedestrians.

Carriage Roads in Acadia National Park

Strollers are permitted on the Island Explorer shuttle buses, but they need to be collapsed and out of the way of other passengers.

Looking for a lightweight travel stroller or the best baby carriers for travel? We have a full comparison of the best lightweight strollers for travel!

Where to Stay in Acadia National Park with a Baby or Toddler

There are many family-friendly hotels and B&Bs in Bar Harbor and VRBO has a strong presence here. However, when visiting US National Parks, we like to stay at NPS campgrounds.

You can make Acadia National Park camping reservations up to 6 months in advance. Keep in mind that every campground will be fully booked in the summer. As far as Acadia National Park campgrounds go, you can’t go wrong with Blackwoods campground.

We love the Blackwoods campground because:

  • It’s affordable, at $30-$60 a night for a site (tent or RV), you have a picnic table, fire ring, and access to clean restrooms with flushing toilets and running water.

  • It’s only a 15 minute drive to downtown Bar Harbor, so if you don’t want to cook every night while camping, or you have a need for good coffee, you can find a good restaurant in Bar Harbor.

  • You can sit by the ocean to watch the sunset near Otter Cover, or hike up Cadillac mountain from Blackwoods without getting in your car.

  • There are kids everywhere. I like to think of campsites as being back in America in the 1950s. Kids can ride their bikes down the dirt roads and walk around freely.
Camping in Acadia National Park with infant

Acadia National Park Tent Camping Tips for Blackwoods Campground

The National Park Service lets you pick your site, so look at the campground map online and choose one across from a bathroom and water spigot This helped us immensely throughout our stay.

There are no showers at the Blackwoods campsite, but there is a facility less than a mile down the road with showers, firewood, and ice for sale. You get 4 minutes of warm water for 8 quarters.

4 Fun Things to do in Acadia National Park with a Baby or Toddler

1. Sand Beach

There’s a reason this is called Sand Beach, because it’s the only place that the shoreline is not covered in rocks. Sand Beach is the perfect place for kids to play and run around, but if you’re from the mid-Atlantic states or the south, be prepared for a shock when you jump in the water. It’s often around 55 degrees and is not comfortable or safe for long periods of time, even in August.

There are lifeguards on duty here.

Travel Tip: The only way to access Sand Beach is via stairs, so I would use a carrier for baby and leave the stroller. (Unless you are planning to stay for a while and want your little one to nap in the stroller; then it’s worth lugging it down the steps.)

The CoziGo stroller cover is the best way to get your baby or toddler to nap in the stroller! It blocks 97% of light and is 100% breathable!

Sand Beach in Acadia National Park

2. Echo Lake Beach

Echo Lake beach is a bit of a drive from Bar Harbor, but the water is warmer and children will be able to stay in a bit longer. It also features a roped off swim area with a lifeguard.

There are bathrooms and changing areas for the little ones.

Be prepared for a fun day on the beach with these toddler beach essentials, a baby beach tent and our full list of baby beach essentials.

3. Jordan Pond House

Jordan Pond Acadia National Park restaurant

The Jordan Pond House falls into many categories.

  • It’s the only restaurant in Acadia National Park; their popovers are famous and they have been using the same recipe since 1890. The restaurant takes reservations and also takes walk-ups.

  • There’s a gift shop with a great selection of t-shirts and other items.

  • It has clean bathrooms and has the greatest number of parking spots in Acadia National Park.

  • Many Acadia National Park hiking trails connect to this spot, so it is the perfect homebase for at least half a day’s visit.
lunch at Jordan Pond House in Acadia National Park, Maine

4. Agamont Park, Bar Harbor

Agamont Park has an amazing view of Frenchman’s Bay and is in the heart of Bar Harbor. If you want to have a cheap meal with a view, then pack a picnic and stop by here. Or, go to a nearby pizza or sandwich shop and pick up lunch/dinner and eat outside.

Travel Tip: The only public bathrooms in town are right next to the park and there are a few parking lots nearby.

Hiking in Acadia National Park

The great outdoors is why everyone goes to Acadia, so this next section outlines some of the best hikes in Acadia for families.

4 Easy Acadia National Park Hiking Trails

The following Acadia National Park hikes are EASY and can be completed by nearly anyone. For all walks listed below, you must have an Acadia National Park pass. You can access all of these from Park Loop Road.

We purchased a “Hiking Acadia National Park” guide book to help find easy hikes within the national park.

1. Ocean Path

As the name suggests, this easy hiking trail meanders alongside the ocean. It’s a flat and narrow gravel path that sticks to the roadside for most of the distance. The Ocean Path connects Sand Beach to other points of interest, including Thunder Hole.

There are a lot of great places to pop off the Ocean Path trail, sit on the rocks and watch the waves come in. Some people will bring a book and stay there all day.

Park at Sand Beach or any other small lots on Park Loop Road (there are about 5 between Sand Beach and Otter Point).

Travel Tip: only Sand Beach and Thunder Hole have bathrooms.

Hiking with baby in carrier in on the easy Ocean Path trail in Acadia National Park

2. Thunder Hole

This is a fun, touristy stop that is best seen at high tide. The waves coming roaring in and make a thunder clapping noise. Water-loving adventurers can walk down by the inlet and get soaked. Thunder Hole is not a place for kids or toddlers to run around or have freedom because they could easily slip and fall.

There are stairs down to the water’s edge, so use a baby or toddler carrier here.

3. Cadillac Mountain

Drive up to top of Cadillac Mountain and explore the small hiking trails that circle the area.  Many of these easy trails are even paved. You can look down and see the town of Bar Harbor.

If you are ambitious, Cadillac Mountain is the perfect place to watch the sunrise, but the sun gets up early here in the summer!

Sunrise view from Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, Maine
watching the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain while visiting Acadia National Park with a baby

4. Jordan Pond Loop

This is a lengthy walk, but it’s also easy to turn around if your little ones get tired. And bonus, if you hike early in the morning, you can end at the Jordan Pond House and have lunch as a reward.

When facing the mountains, on the left side of the lake, there is over a mile of boardwalk. This area is protected, so children cannot get down and play by the water. The Jordan Pond Loop is not great for all walkers, especially if it has rained recently and the wooden boardwalk will be slippery. However, it’s flat and fairly family friendly.

On the right side is a path that weaves through the woods and around the lake. If you are visiting Acadia National Park with toddlers, this path is a little easier to walk through and you can always stop and take breaks on the rocks by the water. (No swimming allowed, though!)

Jordan Pond Loop - best things to do in Acadia national park with a baby

Tip for Hiking in Acadia National Park: Once you are in the park, on Park Loop Road, it is hard to maintain cell service, so we always travel with a an Acadia National Park trail map and a book with trail descriptions.

Given that we were hiking with a baby, it was important to read reviews about the length of time needed to complete hikes and mileage. We knew that we only had windows of 90 minutes to 2 hours (when she would take her morning nap) to complete these kid-friendly hikes in Acadia National Park.

Easy Hikes in Bar Harbor

For these easy walks around Bar Harbor, you do not need a park pass. Just put some money on the meter and go exploring.

Shore Path, Bar Harbor

There’s no park pass required for this short hike. Start near Agamont Park where there is a paved trail along the waterfront. It passes hotels and other small parks on the right, and Frenchman’s Bay is on your left for the entire walk.

When the tide is low, you can jump down and check out some tidal pools or play by the water in some areas. Don’t expect sand on the Shore Path as there is not a lot of sand in this area.

Bar Island

At low tide, you can walk across a sand bar towards Bar Island. This “path” is usually covered by Frenchman’s Bay. Just be careful not to take too long because you can get stuck on the other side when the tide comes back in! Bar Island is a fun place for a toddler to explore in the sand.

Looking for more family hikes? Don’t miss our list of the best baby and toddler hikes in the USA or the best baby toddler and baby-friendly hikes around the world.

Other Activities in Acadia National Park with Kids

View from Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park with a Baby

We did check in with Scenic Flights of Acadia, and they had no minimum age for babies. So, if we had had better weather (we had clouds and rain for 2 days straight), then we would have tried it out. Children under 2 sit on your lap and fly for free!

You can see more in this short video: Air tours of Mount Desert Island

Usually while in Acadia National Park, we would go kayaking. But, with a baby that is not an option. (Especially because the water is so cold here, it’s not safe for adults to spend a lot of time fully submerged in the water in a bathing suit, so a baby is not touching the ocean or bays). On previous visits we have used Coastal Kayaking Tours.

For more help planning your Acadia National Park family vacation, here is a 3 day itinerary for Acadia NP.

Places with Public Bathrooms and Changing Tables in Acadia National Park

  • Sand Beach – also includes dressing rooms and a foot wash faucet

  • Agamont Park – parking lot and changing tables

  • Jordan Pond House – parking lot and changing tables both in and outside of the restaurant

  • Thunder Hole – parking lot with two toilets, but no changing tables

Feeding a Baby or Toddler in Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

Grocery Stores

  • Hannaford’s (86 Cottage St, Bar Harbor, ME)

    This is a traditional chain store that has everything you could need to feed your baby or toddler. It also has a large and free parking lot.

    It’s often busy, so be prepared to be overwhelmed. But, this was the perfect place to stop and grab dinner for the night and jugs of water for the campsite.

  • A&G Naturals Market (101 Cottage St, Bar Harbor, ME)

    This is a small, organic grocery store right down the street from Hannaford’s (on Cottage) and has 3 parking spots out front. It is also near metered parking.

    This store is pricier, but if organic food is a must, then this is the place for you. There is a good selection of meat, cheese, and snacks. They also carry baby and toddler food (brands of baby products they carry are Happy Baby, Peter Rabbit Organics, Earths Best, Baby’s Only, Seventh Generation, Eco by Naty, among others).

    It also has a small coffee shop inside.

  • Farmer’s Market

    From May to October the Eden Farmers Market is held on Sundays from 9am-12pm in the parking lot of the YMCA on Park Street.

Playgrounds in Bar Harbor

  • Also on Park Street is a playground with swings, a slide and see saw. There is also a baseball field, and soccer field.

Best Places to Eat in Bar Harbor with Kids

Atlantic Brewing Company (Midtown location)

52 Cottage St Bar Harbor, ME (207) 288-2326

When we were at the Atlantic Brewing Company we saw at least 5 children. Everyone had their babies in carriers and the booths are perfectly cozy for nursing moms to have a little privacy or for toddlers to sit.

Baby in arms at Atlantic Brewery Bar Harbor, Maine

Choco Latte

240 Main St, Bar Harbor, ME 04609

This is on the edge of town, so it’s easier to park near here and bring baby in the car seat while you eat a bagel or breakfast sandwich and enjoy a cup of coffee. There is indoor and outdoor seating and they have fancy lattes with every kind of milk you can imagine and cold brews.

There are also outlets and free WiFi, so you can charge up your devices and download a movie during your visit.

Side Street Cafe

49 Rodick St. Bar Harbor, ME 04609 (207) 801-2591

This place was incredibly loud at 6pm on a Wednesday night, but our little one can sleep through a lot. I imagine that lunch would be much quieter. And the food is pretty affordable.

We chose Side Street Cafe because of their reservation system. One click online and you can put yourself on the waitlist – this meant we were not standing outside for hours to get a table.

Mount Desert Ice Cream

There are ice cream and candy shops all over Bar Harbor, but these two locations offer very fresh and unique flavors.

What to Bring when Hiking and Camping with a Baby

Tent Camping in Acadia National Park with a Baby

Baby Hiking Gear

  • Baby Carrier with rain cover – this is essential for hiking on the narrow trails and rocky shores. Also, this is the best way to keep baby warm when it’s windy out by the water.

    Baby Can Travel recommends the LILLEBaby The Complete Airflow 360 baby carrier and LILLEBaby rain cover.

  • Moisture-wicking clothing – we purchased an infant outfit from Patagonia for hiking with an infant, but a wool base layer like this one from Ella’s Wool would be perfect (use code Bacantr2324 for a discount).

    You just don’t want to put baby in 100% cotton because it will be cold for your baby if you are sweating and it takes too long to dry. When they live in the carrier, there will be sweat!

  • Backpack / diaper bag – a backpack will be much easier to use while hiking in Acadia National Park with a baby and getting around town than a shoulder bag.
Hiking with Baby in Acadia National Park

Baby and Infant Camping Gear

  • Mattress pad for baby – It was important that while tent camping with a baby we had a mattress pad for our daughter so she had her own space in the tent, just like she would have her own space at home.

  • Baby camping chair or bouncy chair – You want to be able to have your little one sit or lay down without touching the ground at the campsite, so an infant or baby camping chair is a must.

    We used the Baby Bjorn Bouncy Seat for our infant camping chair. This travel baby bouncer seat comes at a high price point, but it is collapsible and folds flat, so it is easy to travel with.

    Our little one sat in it while we set up our campsite AND while we were out to lunch at the Jordan Pond House. We take this chair with us in the car every time we visit friends and family and it’s one of our baby camping essentials.

Don’t go camping in Acadia National Park without reading our camping gear for babies and 9 best tips for camping with a baby. Also, be sure to read our baby travel essentials for other suggestions on what to bring when traveling with a baby.

Acadia National Park with baby
  • Baby Delight Snuggle Nest – We recently switched to the Baby Delight Snuggle Nest, which is a portable infant sleeper bed, when traveling with our newborn – we use it when visiting friends and it worked well in the tent as an infant camping bed.

    We gave our baby girl her own mattress pad and then placed our baby camping bed on top of it. Our mattress pads were side by side, so she was only a few inches away from mom.

    This made it easy to check her body temperature to ensure we were keeping baby warm at night and grab her to nurse before she could cry and disturb any other campers. The Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Travel sleeping bag for infants would have worked well for us, since they have a small size for 0 – 6 months.

The Little Mo 20 Down Baby Sleeping Bag for camping is a great way to keep babies warm through the night. For babies from 6 to 24 months, the Morrison Outdoors sleeping bag for babies is good for a temperature range of 20 deg F to 60 deg F. Use BABYCANTRAVEL for 10% off.

camping in Acadia National Park with a baby

Check out our list for portable baby travel bed and toddler travel bed recommendations that will work for camping and traveling with a baby or toddler.

Final Travel Tips for Camping in Acadia National Park with a Baby

If you forgot an item of clothing or the weather takes a turn, Patagonia and North Face are both located on Cottage Street and they sell children’s clothing. There was a lot of outdoor gear for toddlers, but there was some infant clothing, too.

We also love Cadillac Mountain Sports for its great selection of adult clothing and gear. They have the best outdoor shoe collection.

Laundromat (6 Pleasant St, Bar Harbor, ME)

In case of a blow out or soaking wet clothing and gear, there is a medium-sized laundromat right off Main Street. We visited on a rainy day. It was crowded inside, so we would recommend starting a load and then grabbing breakfast nearby.

We hope you found some inspiration for your Acadia National Park family vacation. It’s so good for young families, it earned a spot on our list of the best baby-friendly vacations in the USA.

Image of Acadia NP with mom and baby with text overlay

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