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If you haven’t been to Mallorca yet, you might want to add it to your list of baby-friendly destinations. The Spanish Island of Mallorca is a great place for a vacation with a baby or a toddler, no matter if you plan on staying a few days or a few weeks.

Mallorca is one of the most popular vacation destinations for many Europeans, and was the perfect place for a 3-week-trip with my husband and our 10-month-old daughter during the fall.

baby in stroller near beach - Mallorca

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Getting to Mallorca with a Baby or Toddler

Mallorca is the biggest one of the Balearic Islands, which are part of Spain and are in the Mediterranean Sea. To get here, you’ll most likely have to fly, but luckily it is a short flight from most European cities.

We left from Frankfurt, Germany, to Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca’s capital, which is a 2-hour flight. And it was packed with families with young kids and babies, who all had the same idea as us: Spend a few weeks on one of Europe’s most beautiful islands with our little one.

father holding baby on beach in Mallorca

Getting from the Airport to our Hotel

We decided to rent a car for our time on Mallorca with our baby. Since we traveled a little bit post peak-season, car rental prices were very reasonable.

We did bring our own car seat, as we were allowed to check it for free and we could therefore save on the cost of renting one. Most car rental companies do however rent out car seats for babies and toddlers, so it’s worth it to check beforehand on availability and cost.

Best Places to Stay in Mallorca with a Baby or Toddler

When visiting Mallorca with a baby or toddler, you can’t really go wrong with picking a location to stay.

Mallorca has a beautiful coastline all around with endless beaches. We could not pick just one location and ended up booking accommodations in 3 different areas.

First we stayed on the East coast, in Cala Millor, then we went up North near Pollença, and we spent our last week in the Southwest, near Andratx.

airbnb - Mallorca with a baby

As a major vacation destination, Mallorca offers all kinds of accommodations. You can find lots of family-friendly resorts at reasonable prices around the island.

airbnb with pool - Mallorca

We decided to rent Airbnb’s as we enjoy having a separate living room to relax in while the baby is sleeping. And having an own kitchen to prepare baby food while traveling with our baby was a gamechanger.

baby eating - managing baby food while traveling

Getting Around the Island

Having a rental car when visiting Mallorca with a baby or toddler is a great idea. This allowed us to explore the entire island and drive from one side to the other within a few hours.

Mallorca with a baby

Mallorca Baby Travel Tips

Bring a Baby Carrier and a Stroller to Mallorca

Exploring Mallorca with a stroller is very doable, especially If you spend most time at a resort or in a beach town. We found that all beach towns we stayed at had great infrastructure, including sidewalks leading all the way to the beach, which made exploring and getting around with a stroller easy. We often just went out for long walks alongside the beach or walked to the nearest supermarket with our baby in the stroller.

visting Mallorca with a baby

Bonus: You can use the travel stroller to carry all of your beach essentials and groceries.

On the other hand, Mallorca has lots of interesting cities and towns you might want to visit. Here, it might be a good idea to bring a baby carrier due to cobblestone streets or stairs that you can find in many places.

cafes on streets in Mallorca

And if you plan on hiking with your baby, you’ll want to bring a carrier or a hiking carrier for your toddler or baby.  Mallorca has lots of great places to hike!

baby in stroller near beach - Mallorca

Where to get Baby Essentials in Mallorca

It was very easy to find everything we needed for our baby in the local supermarkets: from diapers and wipes to formula. Mallorca has a few different supermarket chains. And you can find baby essentials everywhere. This allowed us to keep our baby travel essentials to a minimum.

Sometimes it is worth it to shop around. We found that at the supermarket chain called Eroski, the selection of baby food items, including formula and snacks, was the biggest and had all that we needed.

Best Places to Visit in Mallorca with a Baby or Toddler


We came to Mallorca with our baby mainly to relax and spend time by the beach. And this island is more than perfect for a family beach vacation. Depending on your likes, you can go to either coast for a unique beach experience.

Beaches on the East coast

Along Mallorca’s East coast, you can find miles-long sandy beaches, that are great for families and usually offer sunbed and umbrella rentals. The East coast is also home to some of the most beautiful, more secluded beaches and coves.

On our explorations of the island we stumbled upon this little cove near Santanyí in the Southeast, which was almost completely private. Small and secluded beaches like these are perfect for families who enjoy a little more peace and quiet and prefer to stay away from the big and busy beaches.

travel with a baby to Mallorca

Beaches in the North

There are two big bays in the North, left and right of Alcúdia, which offer the longest, sandy stretches of beach on the island. This area is especially wonderful for families traveling to Mallorca with a toddler or baby, and there are lots of resorts which have their own beach access.

Beaches on the West coast

On Mallorca’s Southwest, you can also find lots of beautiful beaches. There are numerous sandy beaches around the capital Palma, and further West near Andratx. If you go a little North, you can find more secluded beaches along the coast.

sea view - Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca

One of the highlights of our vacation was our trip to the capital, Palma. It is a beautiful city with lots of interesting architecture to look at, an impressive cathedral, and marina.

Palma de Mallorca is great to explore with a baby or toddler. There are lots of little plazas throughout the city, where you can sit down in the shade for a little bit and the children have some space to roam around.

mother holding baby - Mallorca

The waterfront near the cathedral offers stunning views of the building and is a must-see on your trip. There’s even a nice playground to let toddlers burn off some energy.

The city also offers lots of opportunities for shopping. You can find all the big-name brand stores here, as well as luxury brands and department stores. And if you and your little ones are food lovers, you won’t be disappointed. The city has lots of great restaurants, cafes, and even fast-food options.

We highly recommend bringing a baby carrier. There were a few instances while we were walking through the city that we had to take some stairs and could not find a stroller accessible pathway nearby.

If you are visiting Palma de Mallorca with a toddler who enjoys walking alone, you might want to be cautious when exploring the inner city. There are a few shopping streets which were quite busy and very tight, where it might be difficult to keep an eye on your toddler.

But overall, it is a great city to visit when you’re in Mallorca with a baby or toddler and offers lots of fun things to do.

Soller and Port de Sóller

The city and port of Sóller are also a must-see when in Mallorca – and getting there can be a lot of fun for toddlers. There is one unique way to get to Sóller – taking the little red train from Palma.

orange trees in Mallorca

This is especially fun for toddlers (and less exciting for babies), as they will enjoy the train ride that goes right through plantations with citrus fruit trees.

You can also find the trees all throughout the charming town, next to beautiful buildings.

boats in Mallorca


Valldemossa is a beautiful village on the island that is fun for the whole family to explore. You can simply wander the streets and soak up the unique and charming architecture of the town, with your little ones in tow.

town view - Mallorca

There are lots of sights to visit in Valldemossa, like a monastery, gardens and museums. And the mountainous town offers some nice shopping and dining opportunities, which make it a great destination to explore for a couple of hours.

building in Mallorca

Eating out in Mallorca with a Baby or Toddler

A vacation wouldn’t really be a vacation for us without some good food and restaurant visits. Luckily, Mallorca is a very family-friendly place and makes eating out with a child easier than many other places.

During our stay, we went to multiple different restaurants. And bringing our baby along was never an issue.

eating at restaurant in Mallorca with a baby

Most restaurants have highchairs available for families to use. And many also have a children’s menu for toddlers to choose their own food from.

mother holding baby - visiting Mallorca with baby

Some restaurants even had play areas set up for your toddler to play in while waiting for the food to come. We thought this was a nice touch, even if our daughter was too young for that.

What to Pack for Mallorca with a Baby or Toddler

When planning a trip to Mallorca with a baby or toddler, you don’t need to worry too much about what to pack for your baby. Most baby essentials such as diapers and baby food are easily accessible.

We have a complete packing list for travel with a baby, but if you are looking to pack light, renting baby equipment while traveling is an excellent way to do that.

Look into renting baby gear in Mallorca.

We would recommend the following baby and toddler travel essentials:

Lightweight Travel Stroller

The travel stroller allowed us to take long walks along the beach and came in handy when exploring the cities on the island. We used the Babyzen YoYo for this trip.

Baby or Toddler Carrier

A baby carrier for travel is a good choice to bring along as well especially when you are visiting the cities, as there are not always stroller-friendly pathways easily accessible. If traveling with a toddler, a toddler carrier for travel works great when those little legs start to get tired!

baby in travel stroller

Sun Protection

Sun Hat and Sun Protection: Mallorca is a sunny island, so you’ll want to follow all these baby and toddler sun safety tips. A good sunscreen for your baby and a hat are a must to have in your baby beach essentials to keep your baby from getting burned. Also read these tips for taking a baby to the beach.

baby on beach - Mallorca

Beach Tent

Most of the larger beaches we went to offered sunbed and umbrella rentals. If you go to the beach daily, this can get quite pricey, and on smaller beaches, there might be no rentals at all, and no shade for your baby. That’s why we think it is a great idea to invest and bring a lightweight beach tent.

While we didn’t bring a baby beach tent, we saw quite a few families use them and will get one for our next beach vacation as well. This would even work if you want a safe place for your little one to take a nap while on the beach.

Bucket and Shovel

Just a few toys are great to keep toddlers occupied on the beach, and should definitely be part of your toddler beach essentials!

Final Travel Tips for Mallorca with a Baby or Toddler

IF you are looking for a toddler or baby-friendly beach destination, then look no further. Mallorca is a truly great place to visit as a family. It offers so much variety and things to do for the whole family that it is hard to not have a great time on the island. While we mostly relaxed on the beach and visited some of the island’s towns, there is a lot more to do, especially if your children are a little older and enjoy some activities.

If your family loves hiking, the Sierra de Tramuntana offers wonderful hiking and (mountain) biking opportunities.

visiting Mallorca with a baby

If you prefer the beach and water sports, you won’t be disappointed either with the endless miles of coastline the island has to offer.

My greatest recommendation is to travel during off-peak season (if you can). It is such a popular holiday destination especially among Europeans, that it can appear quite packed during the summer months when schools are on break.

Embark on a sun-soaked getaway to Mallorca with a baby and unlock the secrets to a hassle-free baby-friendly vacation. Discover the best ways to navigate the island with ease, from getting around Mallorca with a stroller to insider tips on baby travel in this stunning destination. Let this comprehensive guide be your go-to resource for a memorable and stress-free experience exploring Mallorca with a baby.

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