ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller Review: By a Real Mom Who Traveled with it

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In April/May of this year, my husband and I decided to take advantage of a work trip he had to London, UK and celebrate our ten-year wedding anniversary in Edinburgh, Scotland. We were both excited and nervous to be bringing our baby on an international trip for the first time. As we prepared for the trip, we searched for a compact and comfortable travel stroller. The ErgoBaby Metro+ Compact City Stroller ended up being the perfect travel stroller to use on planes. We also used the ErgoBaby Metro+ on trains, subways and long days of walking.

It served us so well when traveling with our four-month-old baby during our five days in Edinburgh, followed by six days in London with a baby. We even had a newly pregnant flight attendant on one of our flights with our baby inquire about it when she saw us close the stroller and fit the ErgoBaby Metro+ in the overhead compartment on the plane.

In this article, I’ll share what we loved most about the ErgoBaby Metro+ stroller for travel with a baby.

Travel with baby using ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller.

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ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller for travel folded.

ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller Specs

The ErgoBaby Metro+ stroller is the newer version of the ErgoBaby Metro. While is still has some of the same great features, it also has some new features that made it an ideal travel stroller. With the newly designed seat with extra padding, it will keep your baby comfortable. For travel with an infant, you can choose to use it with a car seat or without! The Metro+ stroller has near-flat recline plus a Newborn Nest feature.

Add to that an adjustable handlebar and plenty of redesigns, parents can get so much use out of this stroller from newborn through the toddler years (it’s even included in our best toddler travel strollers!).

Using ErgoBaby Metro+ airplane stroller.

Here’s some detail on the most important specifications and that make the ErgoBaby Metro+ perfect for travel:

The ErgoBaby Metro+ Compact City Stroller is designed for travel with newborns up to children four years of age or who weigh up to 50 lbs (22 kg).

The ErgoBaby Metro+ stroller weighs 16.9 lbs (7.8 kg).

ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller for travel.

When in use, the Metro+ is 34 inches long, 17 inches wide, 37 ½ inches tall with the handlebar at the lowest of three settings, and 41 inches tall with the handlebar at the highest setting. For reference, a standard kitchen countertop height is 36 inches.

The folded dimensions of the ErgoBaby Metro+ are 21.2 x 17.3 x 9.8 inches (compared to a standard carry-on suitcase of 22 x 14 x 9). The ErgoBaby Metro+ will fit in some overhead bins on the airplanes, though you should always check your airlines carry-on size restrictions.

ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller in overhead bin on airplane.

The Metro+ stroller has rubber tires rather than air-filled, with the two back tires measuring slightly larger (7 inches) than the front (5 inches). It also has a spring suspension to make the ride a little smoother.

If you are traveling with a car seat, the ErgoBaby Metro+ is car seat compatible. We did not utilize this feature, as we didn’t rent a car but instead used other means of transportation during our trip. The Metro+ canopy UPF+50 protection and it also has a full mesh recline panel in the back, with a cover, to help with ventilation and is ideal for traveling to warm destinations.

For a little splash of colour, the sunshade piece of the Metro+ stroller by ErgoBaby comes in multiple colour options, while the frame and main seat come only in black. Our particular stroller came with a weather shield, though at the time of this writing, only the ErgoBaby Metro+ Deluxe comes with any accessories.

Using ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller weather shield.

ErgoBaby Metro+ Compared to Other Travel Strollers

In general, price points for best travel strollers vary widely, as they do with most baby things! Compact travel strollers around the same price point as the Metro+ Compact City Stroller differ slightly in weight, size when folded, car seat compatibility, child age/weight requirements, and bonus features such as wheel suspension or accessories offered.

ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller folded next to diaper backpack bag.

The ErgoBaby Metro+ Compact City Stroller falls in the middle – it’s not the most lightweight but not the heaviest; it doesn’t have the fanciest features but fulfills most needs; it is not the very smallest when folded but still fits in most overhead bins on airplanes; and it’s in the middle of the group regarding cost. When you add the need for newborn to 4-month compatibility, however, it is one of few on the market that checks most if not all the boxes for travel comfort and convenience.

If you are looking for the most lightweight travel stroller that has recline and similar features to the ErgoBaby Metro+, then the Inglesina Quid stroller or the Zoe Traveler are both lighter at 13 lbs, however neither of those can be used from newborn on. You would need to use a car seat with them instead.

For compact size when folded, the Metro+ is the best compared to similar strollers. To get a more compact fold you would pay a lot more for a stroller like the BabyZen YOYO2 or get less features with the Cybex Libelle travel stroller.

Here’s comparison of the ErgoBaby Metro+ stroller compared to the most similar strollers in size and weight.

ErgoBaby StrollerWeight (lbs)Folded DimentionsRecommended AgeCar Seat CompatibleMissing FeaturesTravel BagPrice (USD)
Metro+16.921.2 x 17.3 x 9.8 inNewborn to 50 lbsYesCup holder & belly barOptional$299
Zoe Traveler 1322 x 19 x 103 months to 45 lbsNoAdjustable handlebar & weather shieldOptional$249
BabyJogger City Tour 214.323 x 19.4 x 76 months to 45 lbsYesAdjustable handlebar, cup holder, weather shieldIncluded$249
Inglesina Quid1322.8 x 18.3 x 6.8 in3 months to 50 lbsYesAdjustable handlebar, cup holder, weather shieldOptional$299
Metro+ Deluxe18.121.2 x 17.3 x 9.8 inNewborn to 50 lbsYesN/AOptional$399
ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller compacts to small size.

ErgoBaby Metro+ vs ErgoBaby Metro+ Deluxe

By comparison, the newer, upgraded version, the Ergobaby Metro+ Deluxe Stroller (read our full review), has similar specs to the Metro+ Compact City Stroller. The exceptions to this are:

The ErgoBaby Metro+ Deluxe is slightly heavier at 18.1 lbs (8.3 kgs).

The Metro+ Deluxe also boasts more plush padding and upgraded materials, leather details, an expandable storage basket, and includes a cupholder, support bar, and a weather shield as accessories.

side by side view of stroller storage area.

The sunshade comes in one of two neutral colours, the frame is dark grey, and the seat is light grey.

The ErgoBaby Metro+ Deluxe is about thirty percent more that the original ErgoBaby Metro+.

ErgoBaby Metro Strollers side-by-side with canopies extended.

ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller – PROS

During our trip, we came to love many things about the Compact City Stroller. Here are the things we loved most about the ErgoBaby Metro+:


When folded, the stroller fit very well where we needed it to. We were able to fit the ErgoBaby Metro+ in overhead bins on airplanes, on luggage storage in trains, tucked off to the side in a small coffee shop or restaurant, etc. It very much lived up to its name!

ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller used on train and storing on overhead rack.

Newborn Nest

We really liked the newborn nest feature of the Metro+ which made it an ideal travel stroller for a newborn. The Metro+ reclines to an almost flat 175 degrees, has hidden flaps that attach to the side walls plus has an adjustable leg rest creating a Newborn Nest without any additional attachments.

ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller Newborn Nest - perfect for travel with infant.

Since we were traveling with a four-month-old, we used it in that setting for the majority of the trip. He seemed to be comfortable in it, as he napped in it consistently (to our relief)! When he was awake, we would bring the back slightly up so that he could see the sights, which he also seemed to enjoy. For the most part, he didn’t fuss much in it, so it provided a nice option for getting him around various places.

Overall, it felt like we had a travel bassinet and a travel seat all in one, and as an added bonus, we could switch between the two settings without having to take him out to readjust or change it.

In the rare time our little one was not thrilled to be in the stroller, the flat surface of the newborn nest setting allowed us to push duffels and backpacks and carry our little one in our arms instead. You’ve got to get creative sometimes, right?

Sunshade Coverage

We appreciated how low the sunshade extends down, especially when using the newborn nest setting. It came down all the way to our baby’s legs when on its lowest setting, which created a pretty dark environment for sleeping and also allowed for excellent sun protection regardless of time of day or direction you’re facing.

The sunshade extends more than our regular top brand stroller at home, and I often miss it when not using the travel stroller!

ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller canopy is large and extended over newborn nest.

Adjustable Handlebar

An adjustable handlebar is hard to find on a travel stroller. My husband and I appreciated the three options for handlebar heights since he stands 6’ 2” and I’m 5’ 6”.

While perhaps not a priority for all parents, the ability to adjust it back and forth made it comfortable to use for long periods of time, and easy to switch who pushed the stroller. With this feature, it’s an ideal travel stroller for tall parents (or those who have very different heights).

Man walking on cobblestone street with ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller for travel.


The distribution of weight and different sized wheels of the Metro+ stroller made it easy to pop up onto curbs of sidewalks with a light push on the handlebar, even when the storage compartment was full.

Especially when walking around historic parts of the cities we visited, it was nice not to have to press down hard or use my foot on the stroller where there was not a ramp when crossing the street. This made it so easy to use this travel stroller everywhere we went.

ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller for travel being used on cobblestone.

Weather Shield Coverage

We were very grateful for how big the weather shield for the Metro+ was during our trip! It covers nearly the entire stroller (including the front of the storage compartment below), has ventilation on the sides, and is easy to put on in the event of a quick rain shower.

As we were visiting the UK near the end of April/early May, we had both rain and cooler winds to contend with, and the weather shield gave us much peace of mind that our little guy was dry and warm wherever we went.

ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller weather shield covers entire stroller.

Metro+ Stroller – CONS

We appreciated so much about the Compact City Stroller, but there were a few things we wished were different while traveling:

Using ErgoBaby Metro+ travel stroller at airport.

Small Storage Basket

The storage compartment below was just large enough for a not overly stuffed diaper backpack and the folded weather shield. While we appreciated the compactness of this stroller for travel, we see that there were some sacrifices made on the storage space.

We tried to travel light, but if we bought food for a picnic or plane ride, wanted to store an extra blanket for cooler evening strolls, had extra things in the diaper bag, or needed a place to store raincoats on a rainy day, we had to carry the extra load by hand or in a backpack.

The minimal storage was not the end of the world, but when we were trekking through a city, museum, or airport, it would have been nice to throw those things in the stroller.

ErgoBaby Metro+ Travel Stroller.

Noisy Sunshade

When extending the sunshade down, it makes a fairly loud clicking noise at each notch, which was tricky when we were trying to make the environment darker or shade more optimal for an already asleep baby.

At the time, our little one was not one to fall asleep in the stroller with the shade down pre-emptively, so we just had to adjust it very slowly in order not to startle or wake him mid-nap.

Improved Suspension

While this is very specific to traveling in Europe with a baby, it was a bumpy ride on cobblestone streets! We would typically carry him or find a different route, but if we did need to traverse a bumpy path unexpectedly, we had to go pretty slow and almost lift the stroller a bit.

Visibility of Infant

Lastly, we were used to having him face us when we’d go for walks at home, so it was an adjustment to have him face away from us, especially being so young. While the meshed peek-a-boo window was helpful for us and our little one who learned to look up, we wished for an option to either have him face us or see him a bit better.

Woman pushing stroller - travel with ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller.

Placement of Brake

Particularly when using the newborn nest feature and having the seat fully reclined, which brings the back part of the stroller seat downward, I had to reach quite a bit with my foot to find the brake (placed in the back centre of the frame). While I got the feel for it eventually, I wondered if a brake pedal on the side near the rear wheel would be easier to see, engage, and release, particularly for those of us with relatively shorter legs.

ErgoBaby Metro+ Travel Tips

While we recognize that no travel stroller is going to be perfect, the ErgoBaby Metro+ Compact City Stroller was nearly there and served us very well!

As with most new baby travel gear, time and practice (and tutorial videos) helped us figure out a few tips and tricks for seamless use.

Tips for folding the Metro+ stroller:

Demonstrating one hand fold of ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller.
  • Remember to engage the brake especially if you want it to stand or lean on its own once folded.
  • You can close it while leaving 1 or 2 soft things in the storage basket, such as a blanket, a light coat, or the folded weather shield, but not much else (trust me, we tried!).
  • You have to press the handlebar button and move the switch quite firmly in order to loosen the mechanism that allows you to fold the frame.
  • I had to tell myself a made-up jingle to lift the handlebar “up and over the seat to close it nice and neat” because my instinct was the press it downward towards the wheels.
  • Once the stroller is 60-70% of the way folded, lifting the handle in the middle of the infant seat folds it to 90-95%, and then pushing it all together helps lock the latch around the frame. If you’re doing it while holding your child, you could use your free hand against the ground or one foot against your opposite leg for that final closure and locking.
Folding ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller.

Tips for easily opening the Metro+ stroller for use:

  • Again, you have to press the handlebar button and move the switch quite firmly in order to loosen the mechanism that allows you to fold the frame.
  • Don’t forget to unlatch the frame. It sounds obvious, but there were more times than I’d like to admit that I went to swing to open it and nothing happened.
  • A good big swing up and out will get the stroller all the way open. Once I got the hang of it, I felt pretty cool.
How to unfold ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller for travel.
Demonstrating one hand open of the ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller.

Where To Buy The Ergo Metro+ Stroller

Both the ErgoBaby Metro+ Deluxe stroller and the Metro+ can be purchased directly from ErgoBaby on their website. If you prefer, you can also buy the ErgoBaby Metro+ and the Metro+ Deluxe on Amazon.

ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller size collapsed fits in overhead bin.

Final Thoughts on the ErgoBaby Metro+ Compact City Stroller

Overall, the Ergobaby Compact City Stroller has a lot to offer traveling families. For our family, the most helpful features of this stroller compared with other similarly priced strollers on the market were the newborn to 4-month compatibility with the newborn nest option, the large extended sun canopy, and the adjustable handlebar for various adult heights.

Woman using ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller for travel at airport.

After the trip we got it for, we knew we would use it again, and we have! Because of the minimal suspension, we don’t use it as our everyday stroller, but it has come in handy not just for airplane travel but where a compact stroller is needed (like the trunk of the car for a road trip with a baby).

We are very grateful to have it as an option for our little guy as he gets bigger and as we embark on future adventures!

ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller collapsed next to suitcase.
ErgoBaby Metro+ Stroller Review

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