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Navigating the world of baby gear can be overwhelming especially for us new parents. Among all of the choices, one item stands out to me as an absolute necessity: a good stroller. And if you plan on continuing to travel with your baby, like we did, then a travel stroller is also a must!

A good travel stroller is more than just convenient, it’s an indispensable baby travel gear item for every parent on the go. You have likely heard of the Ergo Metro+ stroller when browsing the best travel strollers, but now Ergo has come out with the Metro+ Deluxe stroller. Here you will find my full review of this popular stroller and how the ErgoBaby Metro+ Deluxe compares to the original ErgoBaby Metro+ stroller.

Baby in Ergo Metro + Deluxe stroller for travel.

Let’s face it, parenthood can also be physically demanding. A high-quality stroller offers a multitude of benefits, starting with its ability to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the little one. From leisurely strolls through the park to tackling crowded streets, a good stroller ensures that your child enjoys a smooth and enjoyable ride.

The average family goes through 2 to 3 strollers, if not more. Talk to your mom friends and you’ll probably get a list of the strollers and travel strollers they went through before finding the best one. I hope that this review saves you the time and money, because this ErgoBaby Metro+ Deluxe stroller might just be the best travel stroller for you! 

Reading reviews from people is crucial when shopping for strollers so you know what to expect. Strollers can be a huge investment and there are no trial runs. I like to say buying a stroller is like buying a car. Once you drive it off the lot, it depreciates right away.

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What You Will Love About The Ergo Metro+ Deluxe Stroller

Also, as a new parent, it is hard to know what different features will be important to you. As I was curating a list of what I knew I wanted in a stroller, I began to realize I had a long wish list of things I wanted in my stroller. I’m happy to say ErgoBaby Metro+ Deluxe has them all! 

Metro Plus stroller in a box.

Ergo Metro+ Deluxe Stroller Top Features

Leatherette Handlebars

The Metro+ Deluxe has a parent leatherette handlebar. This is a beautiful addition to the stroller and makes it look a little posher. It also comes with a leatherette support bar for the child.

There is a support bar option for the original ErgoBaby Metro+ stroller, but comes at an extra cost of $30 USD. For me when I owned the Metro+ I sprung for the added support bar.

It was important to me because my three-year-old needs some independence, but also needs rest time. He does not like to be ‘buckled in’ while riding in the stroller. The support bar helped him stay a little contained in the stroller but also gave him some freedom. It’s easy to open and close to help support your toddler in getting into the stroller. My son also likes to wiggle his way in.

Just be sure you lift the support bar before collapsing as you can not close it while the bar is down.

Foldable Lip On The Storage Basket

The storage basket is made with a little extending flap. This makes a massive difference in the safety of the things you keep under your stroller. With the Metro+ we have lost a few items including a water bottle, snack cups, and more because there was not any structured wall which allowed things to slide out easily.

With the wall on the under storage, it helps keep them under the stroller safely. I will say this makes a considerable difference in collapsing your stroller. It creates another step when folding your stroller. You must first push in the extender before beginning to collapse your stroller.

Integrated Drink Holder

The Metro+ Deluxe also comes with a cup holder. My family and I do not leave the house without our water bottles so having a cup holder is very important to our family. I tried two different ‘universal’ cup holders with the Metro+ and they did not work with the stroller.

I am glad the Metro+ Deluxe comes with a cup holder. One added benefit is you can move it up and down the bar so it can be used by the parent or the child. The cup holder will work for the Metro+ but will cost an additional $30 as an add-on accessory

Extendable Handlebar

I am only 5’ 3” but my husband is 6’2”. He constantly complains while pushing strollers, especially travel strollers, because they’re so short or his feet are hitting the wheels. With the ErgoBaby Metro strollers the handlebar has three extendable heights.

The handlebar can range from 37.4 inches to 41.3 inches. It is very easy to adjust between the different sizes. The handlebar also comes across as one long bar.

I have pushed other strollers with the two separate handlebars and have found those much more difficult to push. They have more of an uneven push and do not allow the ability to push with one hand. This can be difficult if you are babywearing, trying to take a sip of water, or just brushing your hair off your face as you are bound to head toward the ditch.

Being able to push with one hand at a time even for a short distance is very helpful as a multi-tasking parent.

Baby sleeping in stroller.

Near-flat Recline

This travel stroller is newborn-ready! With the stroller being able to recline it allows you the ability to lay your newborn down, making it an ideal infant travel stroller too. I will say a newborn looks VERY small in the stroller but the extendable footrest pushes up to create a little cocoon. This was crucial for me as I like to travel with a single stroller between my two children.

When my son was two and I had a newborn, it was easy to change out the two kids. I could use my travel baby carrier to babywear one and comfortably push the other in the stroller. I could take my two-year-old out to allow him time to walk and place my newborn in the stroller.

Now a year later my three-year-old (35 lbs 38in) and my one-year-old fit in it perfectly! I do wish they would create a ride-along attachment like some other travel strollers have. That would make it even easier to use while traveling when both children are tired simultaneously. 

Toddler sleeping in stroller.

Car Seat Compatible

The Metro+ Deluxe stroller is car seat compatible and can be used with infant car seat adapters for an added cost.

Baby lying down in a stroller.

Peek-A-Boo Window

I am still shocked that some strollers do not have a peek-a-boo window! I love seeing what my kids are up to, especially if they are having a snack or a drink. My kids are both very oral seeking and put things in their mouth they maybe should not so that makes it very important to have the canopy with a peek-a-boo window.

One of the best features of the peek-a-boo window is that it is held by a magnet versus some other strollers that are held down by Velcro. That Velcro can be loud and potentially wake up your baby when you’re trying to peek at them.

Shock Absorbent Tires

Something unique to the Metro+ strollers is they are made from a rubber material vs. a plastic material. This helps them bounce a little more while handling the bumps and curbs, and you do not hear that scratchy sound while walking around the city.

The front tires are 5 inches and the back tires are 7 inches. Compared to other strollers this is a bit larger than most. Since the back tires are a little bit bigger it helps the stroller with its balance and walking through different terrains. I can confidently say that the ErgoBaby stroller handles little bumps easily.

It can even handle crossing train tracks in Japan. I have noticed if I take the curb at an angle, it helps even more. If the curb is too big it is easy enough to pop the front tire up or down and transition the stroller. 

Toddler sleeping in a stroller.

Compact Fold

My number one must-have was to have a stroller that fit in small spaces. I’ve heard horror stories of families getting to their destinations with beat-up strollers. I wanted a stroller that would fit in the overhead bin of the airplane.

This Metro+ Deluxe stroller has a trifold, allowing it to fit in the overhead bin on the airplane and making the Metro+ Deluxe one of the best airplane travel strollers. You should always check your airlines carry-on size requirements first!

Stroller being stored in overhead bin on an airplane.

It is also small enough to fit through all train turnstiles in Japan. On average a turnstile at train stations has a width of about 21.6 inches and the ErgoBaby Metro+ Deluxe has a width of 17.3 inches making it flow seamlessly through the ticket gates. This is important because not all train stations have a handicap-accessible gate or easy access to an elevator. 

It is also easy to fold up and fit at your feet on a city bus.

Using Metro Deluxe stroller on a train in Japan.

Stroller Accessories

There are a few other available accessories that come at an additional cost depending on which model you have including sunshades, footmuffs, car seat adapters, bassinet add-ons, and carry-on bags. The new Metro+ Deluxe stroller comes with a weather shield, child support bar and cup holder.

Side view of stroller with car seat attachment.

Since the stroller is so compact and meant to fold it down so often it is easy to lose some of your possessions. With the new lip on the storage basket below it has helped keep my things from falling out but I still recommend keeping a little travel storage bag for your important things.

Large Canopy with UV 50 Protection

The actual canopy is a very large size and completely covers my child’s upper body, even when in a reclined position. Compared to other travel strollers this is a unique feature that is so helpful.

Stroller's peek-a-boo window, showing baby sleeping.

It is also UV 50 protecting material which helps me feel confident my children are protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

ErgoBaby Metro Strollers side-by-side with canopies extended.
ErgoBaby Metro+ stroller and Metro+ Deluxe stroller side-by-side


Since I was getting this stroller specifically as stroller to travel with, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it. It was important to me that it looked nice, was easy for my family, and could handle all the places I wanted to take it but was not looking of spending upwards of $500+.

This stroller is perfect for you if you are looking for a mid-range price-point stroller. With the Metro+ coming in at $299 and the Metro+ Deluxe coming in at $399 I felt like this was a comfortable price point for the product I was getting. 

Back view of 2 strollers side by side.

What We Would Change About This Stroller (Cons)

Peek-a-Boo Window

One thing that would make the peek-a-boo window even better would be if there was a magnet to hold it open. I find the window flapping closed again instead of making it possible to keep it open. I have found using a little sun towel clip works well but I would love to see ErgoBaby create this easy fastener to keep it open.

I appreciate the window but if I had it my way, I would love for the stroller to be reversible so that I could face my kids. Especially when used with an infant.

Shoulder Strap

There is a little hand strap to hold the stroller when folded but I like the feature of the shoulder strap some other strollers have. I would love to see that feature added.


The stroller is also a little bit heavier than some of its competitors. The Metro+ and Metro+ Deluxe strollers only have a difference of a pound weighing in at 17.1 pounds and 18.1 pounds for the Deluxe. This is still a pretty big difference compared to other travel strollers such as the BABYZEN YOYO2 at 14 pounds.

However, the plush seat, canopy, and shock-absorbent tires make the extra weight worth it. Especially compared to the price of the BABYZEN YOYO2.

Parent Console

I also hope ErgoBaby comes out with a parent console that fits the stroller perfectly. I use this one that I bought on Amazon. What I like about it is the middle is closed using velcro and there is a long strap to help carry the bag separately if you need to take it off your stroller. However, the console doesn’t affect the fold and can be left on the stroller. 

Using a universal parent console on the ErgoBaby Metro Stroller.

Easier Fold

The opening and collapsing of the stroller seems like it could be easier, as I have seen videos of other strollers perfectly popping open. With the Metro+ and the Metro+ Deluxe, there is some finagling.

2 strollers folded up side by side.

The collapsing of the stroller when using the child bar and the extended stroller comes out to 6 steps.

  • Put up the child bar
  • Push in the storage basket
  • Push over the tab on the handlebar
  • Push in the handlebar and push down to collapse
  • Pull up the tab on the child’s seat
  • Connect the latch by the wheels.

I do like the latch by the wheels so that it keeps the stroller closed and allows it to sit upright. Finally, to open the stroller you must unlock the latch and ‘pop’ the stroller open. It can take a few tries and a bit of effort which can be difficult if you are babywearing. This is not a deterrent to me in the choice of purchasing or using my stroller but as a parent dealing with a baby and toddler, the easier the better!

How Does It Compare Metro+ vs. Metro+ Deluxe

The Metro+ stroller is very comparable to the new Metro+ Deluxe by ErgoBaby. The key differences between them are the upgraded materials on the Deluxe, a better expandable storage basket and included accessories. This is also reflected in the higher price of the Metro+ Deluxe compared to the Metro+ stroller.

2 strollers side by side.
Metro+ Deluxe is on the left and Metro+ on the right.

Otherwise, the dimensions are identical, they both recline to 175 degrees (allowing it to be newborn ready), have an extendable handle and can fold to the same compact size. In addition, they have the same tire sizes, same maximum child weight of 50 lbs and adjustable leg rest.

ErgoBaby StrollerWeight (lbs)Folded DimentionsRecommended AgeIncluded AccessoriesPrice
Metro+16.921.2 x 17.3 x 9.8 inNewborn to 50 lbsN/A$299
Metro+ Deluxe18.121.2 x 17.3 x 9.8 inNewborn to 50 lbsChild support bar, weather shield + cup holder$399
Front facing of 2 strollers side by side, folded up.

Where To Buy The Ergo Metro+ Deluxe Stroller

Both the ErgoBaby Metro+ Deluxe stroller and the Metro+ can be purchased directly from ErgoBaby on their website. If you prefer, you can also buy the ErgoBaby Metro+ and the Metro+ Deluxe on Amazon.

Side view of toddler sleeping in stroller.

Final Thoughts on ErgoBaby Metro+ Deluxe Stroller

I am happy to say ErgoBaby delivered with the Metro+ Deluxe stroller! I have recommended this stroller to so many of my friends, especially those that travel often and they have all agreed that this is a very helpful stroller to have in your rotation. The accessibility, comfort, and ease that this stroller shows are unbelievable. I am very happy with my stroller.

Collage showing different features of two side by side strollers.

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