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Having the right baby travel gear makes a trip with a baby or toddler so much easier. For instance, a travel stroller is a good example of baby travel gear which can make a big difference in the quality of a family trip. While this is definitely not a one-fits-all situation, there are some baby and toddler travel products that are worth the expense. This Inglesina Quid stroller review will help you determine if this product is right for your family.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Travel Stroller

A travel stroller is a big purchase for any family, so the first thing you’ll want are honest opinions from a real-life parent who has traveled with the Inglesina Quid stroller. We are fortunate to have this Inglesina Quid review as it was written by fellow traveling parents, Le Tran and her husband. Le and her family went to Crete with their toddler and took along their Inglesina Quid Stroller. This Inglesina Quid stroller review is based on their real-life experiences.

Just as important as honest reviews, are knowing your own travel style. Do you tend to pack lightly or heavily for family trips? If you are a minimalist, you’ll want to look for baby travel essentials that are multi-use or that can be used right through to the toddler stages.

The Inglesina Quid Stroller is a perfect example of this. With a recommended age beginning as early as 3 months, and lasting until your little one reaches 50 lbs, parents will get a ton of use out of this lightweight travel stroller.

These days parents also have plenty of options for airplane travel strollers; strollers that are lightweight and fit in the overhead bin on an airplane. What’s so great about that? There’s no waiting for your stroller that you’ve gate checked!

Spoiler alert: The Inglesina Quid Stroller fits in the overhead bin on the airplane!

Without further adieu, here is the Inglesina Quid stroller review written by Le Tran:

 a Toddler playing with toy in an Inglesina Quid compact lightweight stroller.
My toddler plays with a toy while in the Quid stroller.

Why Choose the Inglesina Quid Stroller for Travel

When our little one was less than six months, it was easy to carry him on trips. We could carry him in a travel baby carrier, and he would sit still, enjoying the scenery around him. As he grew older, and became heavier, strapping him wasn’t working for us any longer.

Our toddler would want to walk, rest, walk, rest and fidget too much to be strapped to us. Being a family that likes to travel, we wanted an option that we could take with us on trips where he could rest and at the same time be portable.

a happy toddler sitting in Inglesina Quid travel stroller on a family vacation to Greece.

Our perfect toddler travel stroller needed to be a lightweight and compact solution for traveling with a mobile toddler.

The Inglesina Quid Stroller seemed to fit the bill, so we tested it out on our recent ten day trip to Crete with a toddler. Our trip included three stopovers, for which we rented a car and needed a stroller that could be opened and closed quickly and easily. To make the trip even more challenging, I was six months pregnant.

First Impressions of the Inglesina Quid Stroller

The first thing we noticed when unpacking the Quid stroller was how lightweight and compact the Inglesina stroller was in its carrying bag. The Inglesina Quid Stroller weighs 13 lbs but, I thought felt a lot lighter.

a mom pushes a lightweight stroller while on a family vacation with her toddler.

As parents traveling with a toddler, having a lightweight, easy-to-fold stroller is key. It took us a few practices tries to be fluid in the opening and closing of this Inglesina Quid travel stroller, which was well worth the time when it came to doing it one handed at the airport security line.

With practice, we became pros at quickly opening and closing our new Inglesina Quid baby stroller!

This compact lightweight stroller folds up to be 23” x 18.3” x 6.8”, which is small enough to be considered carry-on. The small, folded size of the Inglesina Quid stroller was incredibly useful when going through airports on short connections with a tired baby who just wants to rest.

Using the Inglesina Travel Stroller in the Airport

Having a light travel stroller was ideal for flying with a toddler. As an airport stroller, we were able to stroll about easily. The Quid is a lightweight stroller which rolled smoothly on the moving walkway, up and down and throughout the airport. It was maneuverable through tight spaces around seats and easy to board with when it is folded in the Inglesina stroller bag.

We had no issues flying with a stroller, especially this travel stroller that folds into a bag throughout the airport.

Inglesina Quid stroller that folds into a bag held by mother at airplane.
Inglesina in stroller bag at airport.

Since we were traveling during the pandemic, we also used the Inglesina rain cover as a shield since our toddler was too young to wear a face mask. The Inglesina rain cover was easy to fit and is worth having for rainy days. Being able to use it in the airport to help keep our little one safe was just another added bonus.

inglesina quid stroller using rain cover with toddler in stroller
Using the Inglesina stroller rain cover at the airport.

Once we were ready to board, it’s a snap to fold up the stroller and put it back in the stroller travel bag. One of the biggest benefits is that when the Inglesina Quid compact stroller is folded, it is small enough to be considered carry-on. We really appreciated that we could use it immediately when landing, which is invaluable for those long-distance connections.

Inglesina Quid is a lightweight easy to fold stroller fits in airplane overhead bin
Inglesina in stroller bag in overhead bin on airplane.

Once on the jetway, we were able to quickly unfold it and be on our way. We didn’t have to wait for the stroller to be brought up to the gate, taking up time. This is super important for tight connections too.

We loved that we didn’t need to risk damage to our travel stroller by checking it with our luggage or gate checking it. On this recent trip with our toddler, we had two transfers with less than two hours. We were able to move through the airport quickly with the Quid stroller and even spend time at the lounge before boarding the next flight.

Had we not brought a travel stroller, or even if we had to wait for our stroller at the gate, we wouldn’t have been able to move about so quickly through international security and customs with such ease.

For those families who travel frequently, a fold up stroller for travel that fits in the overhead bin on the airplane is truly a must!

Taking a Toddler to Crete with the Inglesina Quid

Above, I talked about how the Quid is a great airport stroller. Next up in my Inglesina Quid review, I’ll discuss how it performed on our family trip to Crete, Greece.

While we are used to cars with large trunks in the United States, cars in Europe are typically small hatchbacks with limited trunk space. Even so, the Inglesina Quid fit perfectly in the small car we had and still had space for a large suitcase and day packs.

The flatness with which the Quid folds up really helps free up space as it allows for other luggage to be placed side by side.

The ease of removing the stroller from the bag and unfolding with a one-handed open was welcome especially on the hot summer days of Crete. The last thing you want to do is stand in the scorching sun with a crying baby trying to unfold a stroller.

a mother pushing lightweight compact stroller in Crete.
Enjoying a family walk with our travel stroller in Matala, Greece.

With the adjustable leg rest, we were able to have it lowered so our little one could dangle his legs rather than have them raised. This was more comfortable for our toddler, but we like the feature of having it lifted when using the Quid stroller with a baby.

In small towns in Europe, the sidewalks are usually very uneven, twisting and narrow, in addition to the cobblestone paths. The Quid travel stroller rolled comfortably for the most part when strolling about town. Sometimes my husband had to push the stroller over the most uneven sections, but for the most part I was able to push the stroller along just fine.

At 6 months pregnant, I was able to push the Quid stroller up the hills easily due to its light weight. There were occasions where we had to use the stairs and again, we appreciated it being only 13 lbs. It was easy to carry the lightweight travel stroller, even with our toddler inside.

toddler in Crete sitting in light travel stroller.
The Inglesina Quid worked well on the uneven sidewalks in Crete.

Throughout our time in Crete, our toddler was comfortable and even napped during these bumpy rides.

The extendable shade on the Quid was perfect for keeping him shaded under the scorching Mediterranean sun. We were able to easily extend or retract it on the move, as needed. We also liked the peek-a-boo flap that allowed us check in on our little traveler while the sunshade was extended.

When eating at restaurants, this easy to fold stroller allowed us to stow it away rather than leaving a stroller outside and possibly losing it.

mother tending to toddler in a foldable compact stroller at sunset by the beach.
Enjoying the sunset as a family.

Managing baby food while traveling can get messy. The seat was easy to clean with a wet wipe and since it was so lightweight, we can shake crumbs out easily. Inevitably, there are spills, some stickier than others. We had spills inside the bottom basket as well as on the stroller itself. On both occasions, the wet wipes we used for the little one were enough to wipe up the mess with no stains.

Another toddler travel product by Inglesina is the fast table chair. Read our full review of the Inglesina Fast Table Chair.

There is a small area on top of the Quid stroller where we could also store small items like phones and keys. We’re not sure if this was an intentional design but we used it anyways and just made it easier to walk about cluttered free. As seen, we hung our day backpack on the back of the stroller and even with the heavy backpack, the stroller was still balanced, with and without baby.

toddler in inglesina stroller in Crete overlooking ocean.

We used the Inglesina Quid travel stroller every day on our trip and our son loved being in it as well. It has definitely become one of our toddler travel essentials.

Inglesina Quid Review – What We Loved

We’ve highlighted many of the great features of the Inglesina Quid Stroller above. These are the things we love most about this travel stroller:

1. Size

Having a compact travel stroller that fit in overhead bin on the airplane and takes up very little trunk space is a huge bonus for traveling parents. The Inglesina Quid is 18.3″ x 40.6″ x 30″ when open and 18.3″ x 22.8 x 6.8″ when closed.

Inglesina strollers easy to fold and compact to fit in a car trunk.
The Quid stroller fit nicely inside the compact truck of our car rental.

2. Weight

Again, at only 13 pounds we were able to easily push around this ultra-compact stroller. It also made managing stairs quite easy and it was light to carry in the Inglesina stroller bag when necessary too!

3. Easy to Fold

We took the time to practice the fold and unfold the Quid stroller, which was worth doing at home. We really appreciated this when it came time to board the airplane or for storing it at restaurants.

compact folding stroller Inglesina Quid fits in overhead bin on airplane.
The Quid was small enough to store another bag on top in the overhead compartment.

4. Maneuverability

As we mentioned, we were impressed with the ability of this stroller to maneuver given its light weight. We had no issues pushing this stroller around Crete with our 21-month-old in it.

mother pushing toddler in a Inglesina Quid lightweight foldable stroller.
The Quid worked well on the uneven sidewalks in Greece.

5. Accessories

Both the stroller travel bag and rain cover were well worth having. We like that Inglesina has a stroller bag, so we didn’t have to try to find one that may or may not fit. The Inglesina rain cover is perfect for rainy or windy days. We also liked it to give our toddler extra protection in the airport.

Find more stroller accessories for travel here!

6. Extendable canopy

A large extendable hood is a must-have, especially when traveling to a warm destination.

Mother pushing foldable compact stroller in Greece with the large sun shade pulled down.
The large sun shade worked really well.

7. Storage

We found the pocket at the bottom of the stroller was large enough for a purse and some water bottles. We hung our backpack on it, as needed.

8. Adjustable footrest

Our toddler preferred to have the footrest down so his legs could dangle. We like that this stroller has the option to adjust this.

Toddler sitting in Inglesina Quid - compact folding stroller.

9. Multi-position recline

I love how the seat back can be adjusted down in case the little one needs to nap. There is a button behind the seat that can lower and raise the seat with ease, without disturbing the little one. Should he fall asleep in the upright position, we can lower him down without even disturbing him.

Inglesina Quid Review – Things to Improve

While we have no complaints about this Inglesina travel stroller, if we could ask for anything here are some improvements we think could make this travel stroller even better:

  • While we recognize that sturdier wheels would add additional weight, it would make uneven surfaces like cobblestone even easier.

  • There are generic cup holders for strollers, but given the quality of the Inglesina made products, having one made specific for this stroller would be a nice to have.

  • Parents traveling with a baby or toddler always have plenty of stuff. If the bottom storage could be bigger, that could help hold more stuff. There seems to be more room at the bottom of the stroller such that the pocket could be extended without adding much weight or dimensions to the stroller.

  • We were happy with the sunshade, but like most strollers there were occasions when the sun was low that it didn’t cover him. Either having a larger sunshade or one of these add-on stroller sunshades (like the CoziGo stroller cover) would be helpful.

  • The wheel lock was convenient and easily pressed with one foot. However, there is no indication to show if it’s locked or not. It would be better for safety to have a red and green indicator to show when the brake is engaged so we don’t accidentally leave the stroller without the brakes on.

  • It’s rare to find a stroller with an adjustable handle – especially travel strollers. Given that my husband and I are different heights, an adjustable handle would be great.

Inglesina Quid Stroller Review – Final Thoughts

Overall, the Quid is a great travel stroller for air travel with toddlers, for flying with a baby, for traveling with a toddler and for sightseeing. Being able to carry the stroller on as carry-on was great for connections.

Mother pushing inglesina baby stroller on a family vacation to Europe.

We would highly recommend the Inglesina Quid Stroller for fellow parents who plans to travel with babies or toddlers. With a baby on the way, we plan to get plenty more use out of this travel stroller. Given the multi-recline positions, it will be our infant travel stroller when our daughter is 3 months old!

We’ve even started to use our Quid stroller more around town at home instead of our larger, bulkier stroller.

Inglesina Quid Stroller Review

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