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11 Best Cheap Travel Strollers (Updated for 2023)

Not everyone is in the market for a high-end travel stroller, especially if you are unsure of how often you are going to use it. On the other hand, you might not be interested in traveling with your all-terrain stroller or your day-to-day stroller.

That’s why we put together this list of the best cheap travel strollers. There are still plenty of great travel strollers under $100 that will fit within any budget.

The best part is that you can even get a stroller with a near flat recline, one that accommodates infant car seats or many other great features. It’s just not likely that you’ll find one with all the bells and whistles at this price point.

Don’t let that discourage you! Scroll to the bottom for tips on how to make your cheap travel stroller the best it can be!

The best budget travel strollers

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What to Look for in a Budget Travel Stroller

Getting the best affordable travel stroller requires a little research, but a cheap stroller for travel doesn’t mean picking up a $25 umbrella stroller from Walmart.

stroller for feeding baby on the go
A tray is an easy way to feed toddlers!

When looking for the best travel stroller under $100, here are some tips to make sure you come home with a stroller that you are happy with.

1. Know Your Budget

Sure this list has plenty of strollers under $100 for travel, but even $100 may not be within your budget. Travel is expensive, so know what you can afford before you start looking.

2. Know What Features are Important to You

Everyone has different needs and wants when it comes to finding the best travel stroller.

Do you need one that will roll over cobblestone streets while visiting Europe with a toddler? Are you visiting Disney with a baby and need a Disney approved stroller? Does your baby or toddler nap on-the-go?

3. How Long Will It Last

If you are buying a cheap travel stroller for a baby, make sure that it will be durable and large enough to last through the toddler stage.

4. Are You Flying with Your Travel Stroller

If you are flying with a baby, and especially if you fly with a stroller frequently, consider getting a stroller that has a very compact fold that isn’t too complicated. For slightly more, you can get one of the best travel strollers for airplane travel that fits in the overhead bin on airplanes.

5. How Old is Your Baby or Toddler

While some strollers are ideal travel strollers for infants, other make more sense for toddlers. There are some in this list that are compatible with infant car seats, if you plan to travel with a car seat.

If you are buying a travel stroller for a toddler, going with a budget option is a great idea. Look for one with a high max weight and also ensure it’s lightweight. Toddlers will start spending more and more time walking and you’ll end up pushing an empty stroller.

6. Safety Features

All travel strollers should have basic safety features like a 5-point harness and locking wheels.

Best Travel Strollers Under $100

In this list of best budget travel strollers you’ll find a mix of umbrella strollers for travel and strollers with a more traditional fold. Keep in mind that while there are some excellent budget travel strollers, at this price point you can’t expect all the best stroller features.

There will be some trade-offs, which is why we recommend knowing which features are most important to you.

Stroller at Tower of London with a baby

With so many travel strollers to choose from, how do we choose what’s in this list? In this list of travel strollers under $100 you’ll find strollers that get a rating over 4 out of 5 stars, with many in the 4.6-4.7 range.

In addition to excellent ratings, we chose strollers that are lightweight for travel and under 20 pounds, though we recommend looking for a travel stroller closer to 15 pounds unless there’s a specific feature the cheap travel stroller has. We’ve included a couple of strollers over $100 but only because they are ultracompact and offer something the other strollers don’t in how compact they fold. They still fall at or under $150.

Here are some of our favorite picks:

Best Value/Top Pick: Summer 3DLite Convenience

Most Features: Kolcraft Cloud Plus

Best for Infant/Car Seat Compatible: Graco NimbleLite

Lowest Price: Pamo Babe Umbrella Stroller or Summer 3Dmini

Ultra Compact: gb Pockit Air All-Terrain (cost just over $100)

Optional Travel Stroller Accessories

As we mentioned previously, it’s not likely that a stroller at this price point is going to have all the features you want. However, there are plenty of great add on accessories for travel strollers that may fix some common issues:

finding the best travel stroller within a budget
  1. Sunshade for Travel Strollers
    Many of the affordable travel strollers above don’t have the greatest stroller sun shade, but that’s an easy fix with one of our two favorite stroller sunshades: the CoziGo Stroller Cover or the SnoozeShade Stroller Cover.

    To Purchase the CoziGo, click here. If you purchase the SnoozeShade direct, use code BABYCANTRAVEL10 for a discount.

    You can also buy the SnoozeShade on Amazon or this one is another good stroller sunshade option.

  2. Backpack Diaper Bag
    You won’t need to worry about how much storage your stroller has with this highly rated and popular backpack diaper bag. It’s one of the top ones we recommend in our best diaper bag backpacks for travel post.

  3. Cup Holders for Travel Strollers
    Universal cup holders are a great add-on for any travel stroller. For parents, get one with a phone pocket.

  4. Universal Organizers for Travel Strollers
    As traveling parents we always have plenty to carry so a universal stroller organizer is a great purchase! Keep all your stuff organized using a universal organizer like this one or this one.

  5. Stroller Hooks
    If a backpack diaper bag isn’t your style, stroller hooks will help attach your diaper bag to the stroller.

  6. Gate Check Bag
    Protect your stroller when you flying with a stroller gate check bag or this one for umbrella strollers.

  7. Universal Rain Cover
    One stroller accessory we ALWAYS recommend is a rain cover. It’s not only for rain but will help keep your little one warm in wind and cold weather.

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The best travel strollers under $100

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