11 Best Cheap Travel Strollers (under $100)

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There are many reasons to invest in a cheap travel stroller. For example, I have traveled with strollers on many occasions, and I can tell you that I don’t like to risk damaging my day-to-day stroller on the flight. Likewise, if you are only going to use it occasionally, you may not want to shell out for a high-end travel stroller.

That’s why I put together this list of the best cheap travel strollers. I’m sure you’ll be surprised at how many great travel strollers under $100 there are that will fit within any budget. Many of these inexpensive travel strollers have good features such as near flat recline, or one that accommodates infant car seats.

At this price point, you are not likely that you’ll find one with all the bells and whistles. But, if there is a feature that is especially important to you, scroll to the bottom for my tips on how to make your cheap travel stroller the best it can be!

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Best Travel Strollers Under $100

In my list of best budget travel strollers you’ll find a mix of umbrella strollers for travel and strollers with a more traditional fold. Keep in mind that while there are some excellent budget travel strollers, at this price point you can’t expect all the features found in high-end travel strollers.

There will be some trade-offs, which is why I recommend knowing which features are most important to you. I discuss this in more detail below. If there is one stroller feature which is especially important to you, I also provide some suggestions for stroller accessories you can purchase.

Celine Brewer, of BabyCanTravel.com, parks her travel stroller at the Tower of London while visiting with her baby.
My stroller parked at the Tower of London.

With so many travel strollers to choose from, how do I choose what’s in my list? In my list of travel strollers under $100 you’ll find highly rated strollers that are lightweight for travel. All my recommendation are under 20 pounds, though I recommend looking for a travel stroller closer to 15 pounds unless there’s a specific feature the cheap travel stroller has.

You may notice that I’ve included a couple of strollers over $100, but only because they are ultracompact and offer something the other strollers don’t in how compact they fold. They still fall at or under $150.

My Top Picks for the Best Affordable Travel Strollers:

I know you don’t always have time to read, so here are my top picks for the best inexpensive travel strollers:

Best Overall Cheap Travel Stroller:

Summer 3DLite Convenience – With extra storage and convenience features, the Summer 3Dlite stroller is my pick for the best value affordable travel stroller.

Inexpensive Travel Stroller with the Most Features:

Kolcraft Cloud Plus – I love how this affordable compact travel stroller under $100 has many useful features, including ample storage, a good canopy, and parent and child trays with cup holders.

Most Ultra-Compact Budget Stroller:

gb Pockit Air All-Terrain – The most compact stroller on my list, the gb Pockit Air All Terrain weighs only 10 lbs and will fold small enough to fit in an overhead bin on the plane.

The best budget travel strollers

What to Look for in a Budget Travel Stroller

Getting the best affordable travel stroller requires a little research, but a cheap stroller for travel doesn’t mean picking up a $25 umbrella stroller from Walmart.

A baby from the BabyCanTravel.com family, eats a snack from her stroller tray while out sightseeing on a family vacation to Europe.
My daughter examines her snack on her stroller tray.

I have traveled quite extensively with a stroller, and have learned a lot along the way. When looking for the best travel stroller under $100, here are some of my best tips to make sure you come home with a stroller that you are happy with.

1. Know Your Budget

Sure this list has plenty of strollers under $100 for travel, but even $100 may not be within your budget. Travel can be expensive, so know what you can afford before you start looking.

2. Know What Features are Important to You

Everyone has different needs and wants when it comes to finding the best travel stroller.

Do you need one that will roll over cobblestone streets while visiting Europe with a toddler? Are you visiting Disney with a baby and need a Disney-approved stroller? Does your baby or toddler nap on-the-go?

3. Do You Even Need a Travel Stroller?

If you explore the other content on my baby travel blog, you’ll discover that I often traveled without a stroller for my baby. Learn more about the pros and cons of traveling with a stroller in my post about traveling with a stroller vs. a carrier. You may discover, like me, that you prefer to travel with one of the best baby carriers for travel instead.

4. How Long Will It Last

If you are buying a cheap travel stroller for a baby, make sure that it will be durable and large enough to last through the toddler stage.

5. Are You Flying with Your Travel Stroller

If you are flying with a baby, and especially if you fly with a stroller frequently, consider getting a stroller that has a very compact fold that isn’t too complicated. For slightly more money, you can get one of the best travel strollers for airplane travel that fits in the overhead bin on airplanes.

6. How Old is Your Baby or Toddler

While some strollers are ideal travel strollers for infants, other make more sense for toddlers. There are some in this list that are compatible with infant car seats, if you plan to travel with a car seat.

If you are buying a travel stroller for a toddler, going with a budget option is a great idea. Look for one with a high max weight and also ensure it’s lightweight. Toddlers will start spending more and more time walking and you’ll end up pushing an empty stroller.

7. Safety Features

All travel strollers should have basic safety features like a 5-point harness and locking wheels.

Optional Travel Stroller Accessories

As I previously mentioned, it’s not likely that a stroller at this price point is going to have all the features you want. However, there are plenty of great add on accessories for travel strollers which will effectively fill any need you may have. If you wish to purchase one of these inexpensive travel strollers, but still want a specific feature such as a sunshade, rain cover, cup holder, etc., then check out my post on the best accessories for travel strollers.

three travel strollers sit empty while the parents visit an attraction which doesn't allow strollers.
The best travel strollers under $100

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