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Having the right travel gear can make all the difference when traveling with a baby and toddler. I have two girls who are 18 months and 3 years old. We have previously used the Zoe Twin + stroller for travel and I love it, however it can be difficult to maneuver even the lightest side by side in crowded areas.

With a trip to Louisiana for Mardi Gras planned, I wanted to find a solid option that would be comfortable for either of my girls to ride in but easier to push through a crowd or small restaurant. I also wanted a single stroller that would easily double as my everyday stroller. With my oldest starting pre-school soon, I was ready to invest in an easy-to-use daily single stroller. For that reason, I decided not to opt for a different variation on a double stroller.

one girl standing next to toddler in Inglesina Electa Stroller

When the opportunity to review the Inglesina Electa came up, I jumped on it. The Inglesina Electa is extremely lightweight at only 19 lbs and can be folded with a single hand, making it very easy to stow away.

In this Inglesina Electa review, I will discuss the features I really enjoyed about the stroller, the ease of use and comfort for parent and child, and the features that I felt were lacking or could be improved upon. This extensive stroller review should cover everything you need to know if considering purchasing the Inglesina Electa, whether it be as a travel stroller or your everyday stroller.

Toddler sitting in Inglesina Electa Stroller

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Inglesina Electa Stroller Features

The Inglesina Electa claims to be ideal for parents living in the city. It’s a premium full-sized stroller that’s lightweight and small enough to fit on escalators and in small cars.

Since it’s still a full-sized stroller, it should offer your baby or toddler everything they need for comfort.

Age and Weight Recommendations

You can begin using the Electa right from birth and up to 55 pounds, so parents will get a ton of use of it. An added feature we don’t often see is that it’s reversible as well!

While the Electa Stroller was built as a lightweight premium stroller for city parents, it has features that make it an ideal travel stroller.

Inglesina Electa Stroller fully reclined

Size and Weight

At only 19 lbs, parents can easily carry it on to buses, trains or up stairs. Its folded dimensions are 28.9” x 19.7” x 11.8”, which aren’t compact enough for bringing this stroller on to the airplane but it can easily be gate checked.  

Side view of Inglesina Electa Stroller

Special Features & Compatibility

You can open and close it with one hand, plus it has an adjustable handle making life easier on parents. Another added feature on this stroller is that it stands on its own. This is ideal for travel when you need to tuck it away in restaurants.

Inglesina Electa Stroller standing on its own

The canopy is large to protect your little one from the harsh sun rays, especially when you are out sightseeing all day.

As an infant travel stroller, it’s compatible with car seats from Nuna, Maxi-Cosi, Cybex  and Clek with an optional adapter. It also has an optional bassinet with includes a stand that is best used for newborns who need to lie flat. With the stand the bassinet is also approved for overnight sleep!

For parents who travel frequently, this stroller can double as their infant travel bassinet and travel stroller!

Most parents go through 4-5 strollers as their babies transition from newborns to toddlers, since each age requires different features. With the Electa, you could get away with just this one stroller for everyday at home and travel from birth to 55 lbs!

What We Loved Most About the Inglesina Electa (Pros)

I was able to test out the Inglesina Electa on a trip with my 18 month old and 3 year old.

My girls and I packed up the SUV and headed south to Louisiana for the city of Lafayette’s, famously family friendly, Mardi Gras celebration. On our road trip with a toddler we stopped along the way in Jackson, Mississippi’s capital city, and visited a few parks and the Mississippi Children’s Museum. 

Inglesina Electa Stroller used in a crowded place

It gave us the perfect opportunity to test all the features of the Inglesina Electa! Here’s what we loved most about this lightweight stroller.

Electa Stroller Size and Weight

Inglesina offers two stroller options, the Electa and the Quid. Both strollers are lightweight single strollers. The Electa weighs 19 lbs where the Inglesina Quid weighs in at only 13 lbs and folds compact enough for overhead bin storage. The Electa stroller easily folds without needing to remove accessories or wheels and is very lightweight while still offering the roominess and comfort of a full-size stroller for the kiddos.

While the Electa stroller fit into the trunk space of my SUV without difficulty, if you are traveling with several suitcases you may have a tougher time in a more compact vehicle.

Inglesina Electa Stroller with foot rest up

The folded dimensions of the Electra stroller measure 28.94” x 11.81”. When folded, the stroller is able to stand upright and the parent handle does not touch the ground, which is a huge plus especially out and about.

If flying with a stroller to your destination, the stroller would also need to be gate-checked as it does not fold compact enough for over-head bin storage.  If looking for a stroller compact enough for overhead bin storage on the airplane, Inglesina’s Quid Stroller has a more compact fold at 22.8” x 18.3″ 6.8″.

The key differences are a compact travel stroller versus the Electa which is a premium, full-size stroller that’s still lightweight enough for travel.

Recline of Electa Stroller

The Electa stroller seat has a generous recline (around 155 degrees) which was ideal for my 18 month old. It’s important to note that it does not lie completely flat, which is why the company recommends using the bassinet add-on for newborns.

showing recline of Inglesina Electa Stroller

The seat is able to adjust into 3 different positions – upright, semi reclined, and laid back. The seat is very easy to move from forward facing to rear facing with a single grip and the recline is simple as well. Which is key when you are a solo mom traveling with two little ones! You need to be able to do things quickly and simply (and most often with one hand!).

handle to reverse seat on Inglesina Electa Stroller

The Zoe Twin+ stroller we typically travel with is more customizable in terms of recline but is a bit more cumbersome to adjust.

Canopy and Sun Protection

The sunshade on the Electa offers UPF 50 protection and is one of the more generous stroller sunshades in terms of coverage. The canopy has a zipper and extends nearly to the level of the seat. There is also a mesh flap that allows parent to check on baby or toddler without having to interrupt the push.

This is perfect for giving your baby full coverage on a sunny day out sightseeing!

Included Stroller Accessories

Included with the stroller is a rain cover and carrying case for the rain cover. The cover itself extends from the canopy all the way to the front wheels and offers full protection for the rider. While the canopy offers great coverage, I did have difficulty in keeping this secured at the top portion. My child was able to easily accidently knock it off.

Rain cover on Inglesina Electa Stroller

The under basket is very generous in size and can be accessed from both the front and back. We had no problem storing our No Reception Club Getaway Diaper Bag and all the girl’s Mardi Gras throws. We were also able to store the rain cover, spare jackets and rain jackets with plenty of space leftover. Even when fully loaded down, I did not notice any drag from the storage basket and it did not impede the ease of push for the stroller.

storage of Inglesina Electa Stroller

The Electa stroller includes a cupholder which attaches the back of the stroller above the rear wheel. Also included is a belly bar which easily attaches across the child seat and can swing from either direction.

Electa Wheels And Ease of Push

The majority of our trip was spent in Downtown Lafayette where streets and sidewalks are a mix of smooth pavement and bricked pathways. The stroller did great on any city street we encountered and provided a smooth ride for both my 18 month old and 3 year old.

Wheels on Inglesina Electa Stroller

Based on what we went over with this stroller, it could easily handle cobblestones streets without much issue, though we didn’t encounter any on our trip.

Inglesina Electa Stroller used over rough terrain

While in the heart of Cajun Country, we also ventured to Avery Island, home to Tabasco Hot Sauce Factory and the expansive Jungle Gardens. The stroller did surprisingly well on the rougher terrain as well, thanks to it’s front and back suspension on the wheels. Our other travel stroller cannot easily be pushed through loose gravel or softer ground, but I had no trouble at all with the Electa stroller, even with my 3-year-old riding in the stroller.

toddler pushing Inglesina Electa Stroller

Electa Stroller Flexibility and Seat Arrangements

As I mention this is a full-size stroller, designed for newborns up to 55 lbs. The stroller seat itself can be flipped so that baby is facing you, which is perfect for younger babies. It is recommended that the child be forward facing once they reach around 33 lbs.

Inglesina Electa Stroller with two children

I like that the seat is approved for such a wide age range without needing any extra accessories.

Although the company does offer a bassinet attachment and recommends it for newborns. This stroller is also car seat compatible with an optional car seat adapter.

Inglesina Electa Stroller with bassinet

Electa Bassinet

The Electa Bassinet + Stand is a huge benefit for this stroller. Though the optional bassinet comes with a high price tag of $349, the added benefit of having the bassinet that can easily transition from the stroller into the house is worth it for new parents.

Inglesina Electa Stroller - bassinet on stand

The Bassinet is approved for safe sleep and is very large, with internal dimensions of 31.1” x 14.57”.

Inside of Inglesina Electa Bassinet

The bassinet comes with a separate stand which allows you to use the bassinet without stroller, either in the house, by your bed or as an infant travel bassinet. I think the ability to travel with the bassinet as your primary sleeping space for baby is great. Once you add the canopy and outer shell of the bassinet it does take up a fair amount of trunk space, so you need to make sure you have room to pack it!

Inglesina Electa Bassinet and stand

My children are actually too old for the bassinet (it’s recommended up to 6 months old) however even my 3 year old could lay down in the bassinet it is so large. I wish I had this cozy safe sleep area for my children as newborns and will certainly use this for our next.

To ensure my testing was complete, I did borrow a friends newborn to see how the bassinet worked on a stroll. The baby was able to lie flat and sleep soundly even when in motion. The wheels on the stroller provide a smooth ride, even with the heavier bassinet attachment.

The apron can be zipped on for cooler day as well, making sure mom’s can get out even if the temperatures aren’t favorable.

The stroller seat itself must be removed in order to attach either car seat or bassinet so it would be cumbersome to travel with both. The bassinet is larger and heavier than the stroller seat, so it also adds weight to the stroller overall.

It’s worth noting that the stroller will not fold with bassinet attached and you will need a travel bag if planning to take these on an airplane.

What Could Be Improved (Cons)

Features Missing on the Inglesina Electa Stroller

While the stroller did travel well, I feel there are some key features missing, especially when it comes to parent comfort. The stroller does not include a parent console, nor is there a back pocket on the child’s seat back. Because of this I did not have anywhere to readily place car keys, cell phone, snacks etc. You’d need to buy a universal stroller organizer for this one.

Additionally, the cup holder is not very functional. While it could store a standard water bottle, I would not trust other types of cups to not spill. It is also not reachable without stopping the stroll to bend and retrieve.

Inglesina Electa Stroller with water bottle holder

In terms of child comfort, the seat itself is very roomy, but again, lacks storage. There is no child cup holder or snack holder and no side compartments for snacks or toys. This was a challenge for us because my youngest is not great at holding on to sippy cups so they were frequently flying out of the stroller. It can accommodate a universal snack tray, but Inglesina does not make a custom one.

Toddler in Inglesina Electa Stroller at restaurant


The Inglesina Electa is priced in line with many premium single strollers, as it’s marketed as a lightweight premium stroller. It’s important for parents to think about the features they are looking for. If in the market for a secondary travel stroller then there are more affordable options like the Inglesina at $299.

At the price of this stroller, especially if adding on the bassinet plus stand, its’ best suited to parents who will use this stroller both at home and while traveling.

I’d also like to see more accessories included at this price point, especially cupholders and a parent console.

Ease of Use

While you can’t deny how easy it is to fold and unfold this stroller, even one-handed, I did find the child strap system a little challenging. Having to connect the side and shoulder straps through each other before securing to the center piece can be an issue when trying to buckle in a disagreeable toddler. This might become easier as you become more familiar with the stroller.

front view of Inglesina Electa Stroller


While this is a full-size stroller, I found that despite the upper weight limit being 55 lbs, that my tall 3 year old wasn’t comfortable laying down even with the footrest extended. While she’s closing in to 4 years old, naps aren’t as much of an issue, but it’s worth noting that tall children may be less comfortable.

Toddler in Inglesina Electa Stroller

On the flip side, the adjustable handle is ideal for tall parents!

Comparing Inglesina Electa to Other Infant Travel Strollers

As a travel stroller, the Electa would work best as an infant travel stroller. Parents would get a lot of use of this stroller with newborns and babies, especially with the seat that flips around. It will continue to work as a your baby transitions into a toddler.

As your toddler continues to get more independent and want to walk more, a stroller that has an ultra compact fold and can fit in a backpack can be very convenient.

Inglesina Electa Stroller vs BabyZen YOYO2

The BABYZEN YOYO2 Complete 0+ stroller is our number one recommendation for the best infant travel strollers. It has a 0+ Newborn Pack that is fully collapsible and give a flat surface for newborns. The folded dimensions  of the BabyZen YoYo2 are 20.5” x 17.3” x 7.1” and should meet carry-on size.

BabyZen YOYO2 0+ Newborn Pack

Unfortunately, this won’t double as a bassinet for safe overnight sleeping. There is a bassinet that can be used with the BabyZen YOYO2 frame, but it has not been tested for overnight sleeping.

The BabyZen YOYO2 is lightweight and compact, but it has a low maximum weight capacity compared to the Inglesina Electa stroller.

Inglesina Electa Stroller

  • Recline – 3 position recline up to 155 deg. Lie Flat with optional Bassinet + Stand.
  • Storage – Large storage basket accessed from front and back
  • Sun Protection – Extendable canopy with significant coverage
  • Weight – 19.18 lbs
  • Max Weight Capacity – 55 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions – 28.9” x 19.7” x 11.8”
  • Compatible with Infant Car Seat – Yes, with adapter can be used with Nuna, Maxi-Cosi, Cybex  and Clek car seats.

BabyZen YOYO2

  • Recline – Multi position to 145 degrees. Lie flat with 0+ Newborn pack.
  • Storage – Large under seat basket
  • Sun Protection – Extendable canopy with pop out sun visor
  • Weight – 13.6 lbs
  • Max Weight Capacity – 40 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions – 20.5” x 17.3” x 7.1”
  • Compatible with Infant Car Seat – Yes, it’s compatible with Cybex Aton Q, Cybex Aton 2, Nuna Pipa Lite, Nuna Pipa, Clek Liing, Maxi Cosi Mico Max Plus in North America with the car seat adapters.

Inglesina Electa vs Quid

Since the Inglesina Quid is on our list of best airplane travel strollers, it’s a really good one to compare to the Inglesina Electa to demonstrate the difference between a travel stroller and this premium full-size stroller.

toddler sitting in Inglesina Quid travel stroller

The Quid has a small compact fold that should fit in most overhead bins plus it only weighs 13 lbs.

Inglesina Electa Stroller

  • Recline – 3 position recline up to 155 deg. Lie Flat with optional Bassinet + Stand.
  • Storage – Large storage basket accessed from front and back
  • Sun Protection – Extendable canopy with significant coverage
  • Weight – 19.18 lbs
  • Max Weight Capacity – 55 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions – 28.9” x 19.7” x 11.8”
  • Compatible with Infant Car Seat – Yes, with adapter can be used with Nuna, Maxi-Cosi, Cybex  and Clek car seats.

Inglesina Quid Stroller

  • Recline – multi-position to 155 deg
  • Storage – Large storage basket
  • Sun Protection – large extandable canopy
  • Weight – 13 lbs
  • Max Weight Capacity – 50 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions – 22.8″ x 18.3″ x 6.8″
  • Compatible with Infant Car Seat – No

For more details, we have a full Inglesina Quid stroller review.


Another of our recommended travel strollers for newborns is the ELITTLE EMU. It can be used from newborn up until 48.5lbs, thanks to it’s generous 4 position recline up to 175 deg. It also has a one-hand fold down to a compact size of 24.8” x 17” x 11”, which unfortunately won’t meet most carry-on sizes for the overhead compartment on airplanes.

Inglesina Electa Stroller

  • Recline – 3 position recline up to 155 deg. Lie Flat with optional Bassinet + Stand.
  • Storage – Large storage basket accessed from front and back
  • Sun Protection – Extendable canopy with significant coverage
  • Weight – 19.18 lbs
  • Max Weight Capacity – 55 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions – 28.9” x 19.7” x 11.8”
  • Compatible with Infant Car Seat – Yes, with adapter can be used with Nuna, Maxi-Cosi, Cybex  and Clek car seats.

ELITTLE EMU Travel Stroller

  • Recline – 4 position recline up to 175 deg
  • Storage – Large storage basket
  • Sun Protection – Extendable canopy with pop out sun visor
  • Weight – 21 lbs
  • Max Weight Capacity – 48.5 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions – 24.8″ x 17″ x 11″
  • Compatible with Infant Car Seat – Yes, with the EMU adapter it can be used with Maxi-Cosi car seat.

Final Thoughts on Inglesina Electa Stroller

Overall I feel the stroller and bassinet combo is a strong option for city based parents who can also use it as a travel stroller. For the price of the stroller, parents will really want to get the most value out of it by using it for everyday and for travel.

If you are looking for just a travel stroller, then a more affordable option like the Inglesina Quid is worth considering.

Inglesina Electa Stroller Review

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