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In this Zoe Twin+ stroller review, I’ll go through all the great features of the Zoe double stroller, how the Zoe Twin Luxe vs Classic compare and anything else you need to keep in mind when considering the Zoe Twin+ double stroller. I also include a ton of details in our Zoe double stroller review about our personal experience using and traveling with the Zoe double stroller.

If you are looking for a double stroller for travel, you’ll definitely want to give the Zoe Twin+ stroller a good look!

Zoe Twin Stroller on Beach with toddler peaking under canopy and baby in other seat
Zoe stroller used for our baby and toddler.

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Why Buy a Double Stroller for Travel?

When it comes to baby gear at home and on the go I tend to take a “less is more approach”. There are so many options for travel gear; some of which can make life easier for both parents and baby, and some of which can just weigh you down. 

I have a very flexible work schedule which allows me more time to travel than my husband, and as a result I frequently take trips with both our children on my own. This means that I am responsible for hauling all of the toddler travel gear we bring with us. I love to travel with our girls and experience the world through their eyes but solo traveling with toddlers means we pack as light as we can. 

It is my opinion that travel strollers are an area worth investing in when traveling with baby or toddler. While there are some inexpensive travel strollers, such as a simple umbrella stroller, you want something comfortable for both parents and children.

This is especially important if your travel plans may involve longer days or sightseeing excursions. Even the most energetic and well-traveled kiddos need a break here and there. 

baby and toddler in Zoe Double Stroller XL2

I chose a double stroller for travel with our two kids (ages 1 and 3), specifically the Zoe Twin+ double travel stroller. While the 1-year-old still enjoys being carried in a baby sling and the 3-year-old often chooses to walk. The benefits of having a seat available for both of them outweighs the burden of carrying the stroller for me. 

Another thing I enjoy about having a double stroller at the airport is that it offers plenty of room to store carry-on bags or diaper bags when trekking across the airport. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Double Stroller for Travel

Before we made our decision to buy a Zoe Twin+ double stroller for travel, here are the things that were important to us:

  1. Mode of transportation to our destination
  2. How we’d be getting around once we arrived
  3. The number of children who will be using the stroller and their size/ages
  4. Weight of the stroller and ease of use. 
toddler and baby in Zoe Twin Double Stroller
Traveling at the airport with Zoe Twin+ stroller.

Zoe Twin+ vs the Zoe Tandem+ Stroller

The Zoe Twin+ stroller was once known as the Zoe XL2 double stroller. The latest version of the Zoe XL2 stroller is now called the Zoe Twin+.

The Zoe Twin+ stroller is a side-by-side double stroller, which is different than the Zoe Tandem+ stroller. The Zoe Tandem+ stroller is an inline stroller where one seat is in front of the other. Tandem strollers are great in that they are the same width of a single stroller, but I find they are difficult to maneuver.

8 Key Features on the Zoe Twin+ Stroller

Now that we’ve gone through the difference between the various Zoe double strollers, let’s review the features of the Zoe Twin+ double stroller. This Zoe twin stroller has many great features which I feel make it an excellent double stroller for travel.

Zoe double stroller on wooden viewpoint with father holding baby and toddler standing in front of it overlooking water
Traveling with the Zoe Twin+ double stroller.

1. Versatile and Sturdy Design

The Zoe Twin+ double stroller is a side-by-side stroller make of lightweight aluminum. If you have a big family, this versatile twin stroller can expand to a triple or quad stroller with the Zoe add-on seats.

This double Zoe stroller has a weight limit is 45 lbs per seat.

2. Zoe Twin+ Size & Weight

This double stroller weighs only 19 lbs, making it one of the best lightweight double strollers. Despite being a side-by-side stroller, the Zoe double stroller is narrow enough to fit through standard doorways.

Zoe Twin+ Stroller Dimensions

The expanded dimensions of the Zoe Twin+ stroller are 33 x 29 x 40.25 inches (Length x Width x Height). Meanwhile, the Zoe double stroller folded dimensions are 29 x 9 x 28 inches (Length x Width x Height).

Toddler and baby sitting in Zoe Twin+ Stroller outside of house

Before buying, it’s always a good idea to double check that the folded dimensions of a double stroller will allow you to pack it in your car!

If you are lucky enough to be planning a trip to Disneyland with a baby, you’ll be excited to know that this Zoe twin stroller is Disney size approved!

3. Recline

Each seat of the Twin+ stroller reclines separately and has a 165 degree recline. This deep incline is close to being fully flat, so your baby would need decent neck control for this lightweight double stroller.

4. Easy Foldability

The Zoe Twin+ has an easy fold and unfold, making it ideal to travel with.

side view of Zoe Twin+ Double Stroller fully folded
Zoe Twin Stroller folded.

5. Ample Storage

You’ll find both a lower storage basket and a pocket on the rear of the shades.

Lower storage basket of the Zoe Twin + Stroller
Zoe Twin+ Stroller parked near a picnic table with family eating
Tons of storage pockets on the Zoe double stroller.

6. Canopy

This Zoe double stroller has a four panel expandable canopy with UPF 50+ lining. Both canopies can be expanded independently of the other. Each canopy has its own peek-a-boo window.

7. Included Zoe Double Stroller Accessories

The Zoe Twin+ stroller comes with a ton of useful accessories. You’ll get a double detachable belly bar, two child cup holders, a parent cup holder and one snack holder. If a snack tray is important to you, it is compatible with the Zoe snack tray.

You have the choice of a Twin+ Single snack tray for just one side or a full one piece Twin+ Double snack tray, which would provide a snack tray for each child.

8. Other Features of the Zoe Twin+ Stroller

  • Adjustable foot rest
  • Bigger wheels than previous versions and double wheels on the front for maneuverability.
  • Zoe Strollers has a 30-day trial period so you can test out Zoe products at home.
Double wheels on the Zoe Twin Stroller

Our Experience with the Zoe Twin+ Double Stroller for Travel

It’s great to have a quick summary of the features of any double travel stroller that you are considering buying. What can be equally important is to hear real-life experiences from other parents who own the stroller and have traveled with it.

The Zoe stroller is a side-by-side style double stroller but is able to fit through most standard doorways. Many people prefer the tandem style of double stroller, however I find that tandem strollers limit the actual recline you can get if you are trying to get both children to nap. That said, tandem strollers are a great option if one or both of your babies are still in infant car seats, since the Zoe Twin+ is not compatible with any car seat adapter.

Here’s our experience with flying with the Zoe Twin+ Luxe stroller, plus using the Zoe Twin+ for travel and at home.

view of the back of the Zoe Twin Stroller with diaper bag hanging on it

Flying with the Zoe Double Stroller

If you chose to travel with a double stroller, it is very important that you consider whether you will be flying or driving to your destination. 

Each airline has a different policy when it comes to flying with a stroller. The weight of the stroller is important when it comes to which strollers will be allowed to be taken past security to be gate checked versus checked at the ticketing counter. 

While many parents have made it past security without issue with even the largest strollers, you do not want to get to the airport and find out you will be required to check your stroller at the ticket counter!

The Zoe Twin+ Stroller fits through standard doorway
Zoe Twin Stroller fits through standard doorway.

As someone who has been stuck in a busy airport late at night with two toddlers, I can not imagine how much more difficult it might have been if I did not have my double stroller. 

Using Zoe Twin Stroller at airport with baby sitting next to it on the floor
Flying with the Zoe double stroller.

Therefore, when choosing a double travel stroller, I wanted to be sure this would not happen to us. I researched the stroller policies for our most frequently traveled airlines and found that American Airlines had the tightest restrictions. According to the American Airlines website, all strollers over 20 lbs (or 9 kg) be checked at the ticketing counter. 

This weight restriction narrowed my search down quite a bit. I found one or two double umbrella strollers and The Zoe Twin+ (which weighs only 19 lbs).

Zoe Twin+ Luxe vs Classic Style

There is actually very little difference between the Zoe Twin+ Classic and Luxe styles. The Luxe includes upgraded ball bearing wheels, leatherette handles, nylon storage basket, and a moisture wicking fabric on the stroller seats. 

I opted for the Zoe Twin Luxe package due to the upgraded wheels. That said, I have not tested the Classic package so difficult to say if this made the upgrade to Luxe worth the increased cost. 

Zoe Twin+ Stroller – Pros

I ultimately chose the Zoe Twin + Luxe stroller for the following five reasons:

1. Lightweight

I wanted a twin stroller that would meet the most stringent of airline weight requirements, but also had more features and space than an umbrella stroller.

2. Easy to Fold

I frequently travel solo with the kids and would need to be able to set up the stroller while holding a baby and chasing a toddler.

3. Sun Protection

We love to get outdoors while we travel and frequently visit tropical locations. Constantly applying sunscreen to kids on the move is a challenge, so I like the idea of having adequate UV protection when they are in the stroller.

The sun protection offered by the Zoe Twin+ stroller is great and outperforms all of my other strollers! The stroller features a four-panel expandable canopy with UPF 50 + lining. 

showing large canopies on Zoe Twin+ Stroller - Review

4. Excellent Recline

The Zoe travel stroller seats also have a nearly full recline, up to 165 degrees which means that with seat reclined and canopy drawn it makes a wonderful and safe spot for baby to nap. My 1-year-old fits completely shielded from the sun and 3-year-old with only bottom part of her legs exposed. 

5. Comfort & Stroller Accessories

The material itself is very thin so air flows well, even with the canopy is fully extended. We have the Luxe Grey and do not have any issues with the kiddos getting overheated. On particularly warm beach days I will un-Velcro the rear portion of the stroller to create a little wind tunnel which definitely helps to keep things cool. 

The Zoe Twin+ Luxe comes with several stroller accessories including: a parent cupholder, 2 child cupholders, a center snack holder and belly bars.

The cup and snack holders are very easy to pop on and off, however I think it’s important to note that with the parent cupholder on, I was not able to fit through smaller doorways so I usually just left this off. 

The Zoe Twin+ double stroller definitely performed well in all of these areas. It is very lightweight and I could easily fold the stroller and lift into the trunk of our SUV with one hand. I even accomplished this while holding my youngest.

Zoe Twin+ Stroller – Cons

As you can see, there are many pros associated with using the Zoe Twin+ stroller, but based on my experience, there were a few things that I think could be improved on this double stroller for travel.


The price of the Zoe Twin+ is comparable to other similar double travel strollers on the market, but it with prices ranging from $379 (for the Classic) and $449 for the Luxe, the Zoe Twin+ is certainly not a bargain.

Despite the moderate-to-high price range on this twin stroller, it is very simple and doesn’t have many bells and whistles. There are small storage areas on the back of each canopy large enough to fit a cellphone and sizeable storage compartment underneath which easily fits toys, diaper bags, etc.

side view of Zoe Double Stroller Twin+

Occasional Size Concerns

While the Zoe Twin+ it a lightweight stroller, the fold is not very compact so it does take up a fair amount of trunk space.

The stroller was able to maneuver through most standard door frames, but I have found a few doorways in smaller island airports or restaurants where I was not able to squeeze through without finding the wheelchair access sites. 

Zoe Twin Stroller folded next to a chair for size comparison

Additionally, as mentioned before, the cupholders had to be removed to fit through some tighter spaces as well. 

baby and toddler in a grey Zoe Twin Double Stroller at airport next to red suitcase

That being said, I was able to maneuver through airport security lines with no problem and even brought the stroller with me into a single bathroom stall in the airport, which I thought was an impressive fit.

Wheel Size

The wheels performed great in the airport and do well on most city streets. If you are needing a stroller which can handle uneven terrain or those beautiful old European cobblestone streets, this would probably not be your best bet, even with the upgraded wheels. The Zoe stroller really works best on hard, flat surfaces.

While the wheels are certainly not made for off-road terrain, the light weight of this travel stroller allowed us to easily drag it across the sand during our recent family trip to the Bahamas.

Zoe Twin Double Stroller with baby in it and other seat empty

Travel Bag

We also purchased the Zoe twin travel bag and discovered the fit was just too tight if we had any of the attachments on. I learned very early on that the Zoe twin travel bag was just not worth it for me. 

I found folding the stroller and getting kids onto and off the plane simple, however trying to cram the stroller into the storage bag took a significant amount of time and effort. I always ended up a sweaty mess dropping Cheerios all over the place. Thank goodness for the fabulous tribe of travel moms who saw me struggling and came to help.

On our return flight I decided to just forgo the Zoe double stroller travel bag all together and the stroller did fine. It may be easier to use if traveling with two adults but, for most of our flights the benefit just wasn’t there. 

The travel bag is also soft sided so while it protects from tears and scratches it does not offer any serious structural support in the event of mishandling by airlines. 

Compare Zoe Twin+ to other Double Strollers

Price Comparison

Comparing the Zoe Twin+ stroller to other double travel strollers, the Zoe double stroller is one of the highest priced stroller. The Mountain Buggy Nano Duo and Joovy Cooper X2 Double are the only two priced higher.

Weight Comparison

For weight, the Zoe Twin+ is the most lightweight double stroller, unless you compare it to the Delta Children LX Side by Side stroller. The Zoe double stroller weight is only 19 lbs. Even then, the Delta stroller is just a double umbrella stroller with canopies that don’t compare, and it’s only 0.7lbs lighter! The Mountain Buggy Nano compared to the Zoe Twin+ is slightly heavier at 20lbs.

Car Seat Compatibility Comparison

The Mountain Buggy Nano is the winner when you need car seat compatibility and the most compact size (only 28 inches wide). It has a weight suitable for gate checking (20 lbs) and is car seat compatible, though it falls short in that the max weight for each seat is only 33 lbs (compared to the Zoe double stroller weight limit of 45 lbs per seat).

Canopy and Recline Comparison

No other double strollers compare when it comes to the excellent coverage of the canopies on the Zoe stroller. And they all have a near flat recline, which ranges from 140 degrees to 165 degrees.

Double Stroller Comparison Chart

Double StrollerWeight (lbs)Max Weight Per Seat (lbs)Width (in)**Car Seat CompatibilityPrice
Zoe Twin+ Double Stroller194529NoneCheck Price
Mountain Buggy Nano Duo203328Yes, with adapterCheck Price
Summer Infant 3DPac CS+ Double Stroller235030Yes, adapter not req’dCheck Price
Delta Children LX Side by Side Stroller18.33529.9NoneCheck Price
Joovy Kooper X2 Double Stroller285030.3NoneCheck Price
Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller234031NoneCheck Price
** Standard doorway is around 30 inches

Final Thoughts: Zoe Twin+ Stroller Review

Overall, I am a huge fan of the Zoe Twin+ stroller. Being able to fold and store the stroller with one hand and the easy fit through standard doors makes it worth it for me. Although it was bought with travel in mind, the Zoe Twin+ has even become our everyday stroller because it just so easy to use!

Zoe Twin+ Stroller Review

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