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Based on my years of traveling with my toddlers, I can tell you that flying with a toddler can be intimidating. What makes flying with a toddler so scary is that they do not sit still, and there’s no amount of convincing (read: pleading) that can get them to. This is precisely what makes toddlers, over all other ages, so challenging to handle on flights. In my experience flying with toddlers, I can tell you that a little planning goes a long way. It also never hurts to pack these toddler travel essentials along with a selection of my favorite toddler toys for airplane travel.

I’ve learned that the key to success on a flight with a toddler is to pack a selection of particularly engaging airplane toys for toddlers. I always tried to pack a variety of small toddler airplane toys in my carry-on bag, so I can easily rotate between them.

a toddler, from the Baby Can Travel family,  plays with a Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring book on a flight with his family.
Our toddler using the Crayola Color Wonder on the airplane.

Keep reading to learn how a few toddler toys for airplane travel can make all the difference, and get ready to have some of the best vacations with your toddler in all the best places!

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a toddler, from, walks in an airport with a cute teddy bear in his toddler carry-on bag.
Our toddler walking through the airport carrying his travel backpack with a stuffy and sippy cup!

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Toddler Travel Toys for the Airplane

The kids from the family enjoy a snack of blueberries on an airplane.
Snacks are great for entertaining toddlers on a plane!

When choosing the toddler airplane toys for your child, just remember that they need to be light and compact enough to fit in your carry-on bag or your toddlers travel backpack. The best toddler plane toys should be easy to carry, take out and put away quickly, and durable enough to handle the rigors of travel. Bonus points, of course, if they have an educational aspect to them!

I know, it’s a tall order. But don’t fret, because I have distilled my years of family travel experience into a curated list of my favorite toddler toys for airplane. When reviewing my list, consider your child’s personality and select a variety which will appeal to your child the most.

a toddler from Baby Can Travel sits nicely with his brown teddy bear while on a flight for his family vacation.
“Brown Bear” was a good travel companion for our toddler on the plane.

And after all that playing, who knows, you might just get your toddler to sleep on the plane! A sleeping toddler on a flight is a true gift. Take it from me, having an airplane toddler bed is so helpful for this!

I also have a ton more options in my posts on toddler airplane activities and screen-free toddler travel toys.

a toddler from the Baby Can Travel website  plays with a seatbelt on an airplane.
Don’t forget, toddlers love to play with buckles, water bottles and anything else new on the airplane!

My Top Picks for the Best Toddler Toys for Airplane Travel

I know you don’t always have time to read, especially when you are chasing a busy toddler! So here are my top picks for the best airplane toys for toddlers:

Best Toddler Travel Toy Overall:

Vinyl Gel Clings – these excellent toddler travel toys are small, inexpensive and provide hours of fun. The perfect combination!

Best Toddler Travel Toy for Creativity:

Boogie Board Magic Sketch Drawing Pad – When my kids had their Boogie Boards, it’s like they ceased to exist. They’d sit for hours drawing new creations, over and over and over…

Best For Preparing a Toddler for Flying:

My Plane Trip Coloring Book – Talking to your toddler about an upcoming flight is an excellent way to prepare them for the experience. This fun coloring book helps prepare them for the flight, and then helps occupy them during it. Trust me – make sure you pick up triangular crayons too!

A toddler plays with the remote control on a plane ride with his family.
Our toddler playing with the remote on the airplane. Check out those cute crossed legs 🙂

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