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10 Best Baby Travel Change Mats

Let’s face it, when you’re traveling with a baby, the road is full of unexpected and challenging situations, and that includes the inevitable messes! Spilled food, spit-ups, vomit, and full diapers are difficult enough to deal with at home, let alone while traveling or flying with your baby. But that’s where a baby travel change mat come in! 

Baby travel changing mats can help you navigate these situations by making clean-up and changing faster and in our opinion, are an absolute essential when traveling with a baby. Here, you’ll find out all you need to know for making your purchase as well as a list of the best travel changing mat options. I’m certain you’ll find the perfect portable baby change mat for you, so keep reading!

baby diaper changes while hiking

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What is a portable change mat?

A portable change mat is a diaper changing mat that can be folded and carried in your diaper bag or stroller. Some are simple and disposable changing pads, where others have features like pockets or come as a clutch.

Do you need a travel changing mat?

If you are wondering if a travel changing mat is necessary, we are here to say that it is! This is the single most used baby travel item. You’ll still be changing plenty of diapers and having a portable change mat makes it easier to day anywhere!

What to look for in a baby travel changing mat?

A travel changing mat has the same uses as a regular changing table, except that it is compact and folds up to easily fit into your diaper bag or under your travel stroller, making it an must-have travel stroller accessory!

Perfect for when you’re on the go, there are plenty of great portable changing mats for both babies and toddlers on the market today. What choosing your ideal baby changing mat depends on, however, is the key features you’re looking for.

This can be anything from its size when folded up, the amount of extra storage it has, or how much padding and head support it offers.

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Here’s what to look for to find the best travel change mat for your family:


An ideal portable baby change mat should be large enough for both babies and toddlers, yet slim enough to carry or fit into your diaper bag. A clasp or a buckle helps to keep the fold/roll securely fastened without adding bulk to the bag or backpack diaper bag


Baby travel changing mats are usually carried in a diaper bag, under a stroller, or around the wrist. Most of the higher-end products out there come with a loop or a wrist band that makes it easy to carry and hassle-free to store while on the go.


Waterproof, wet-wipe friendly, and soft on the skin are the most important features to look for when purchasing a changing mat. This ensures it stays dry, relatively germ-free, and free of nasty odors. A portable waterproof change mat is the best for travel.


Ensuring that your baby feels comfortable in an otherwise uncomfortable situation is one of the benefits of owning an excellent travel diaper changing mat. There are options for this purpose, with built-in head support or general padding. Moreover, it’s crucial to get a travel changing mat with a good head cushion if you have a newborn, and even more so if they’ve been through a tough delivery.


A changing mat, despite being a baby travel essential, should not burn a hold in your pocket. You can get an adequate travel changing mat for less than $10, and a fully loaded travel changing mat with pockets for a maximum of $30. Whatever your budget, it can’t be denied that pricing is an important factor when deciding on the best travel change mat for your little one.

Cheap portable changing pads, although fundamental, will still provide everything you’ll need to change a baby on the go. The more luxurious mats, on the other hand, usually have top-quality details and extra features such as extra storage and wrist loops.

Storage capacity and Functionality

Most of the higher-end changing mats come with additional pockets and sleeves which make it easier to carry extra diapers, creams, and even toys. A number of them also come equipped with a separate baby wipes case which comes in handy when in a pinch. Some others even come with complete organization from side pockets to hidden zips to fully foldable changing bags.

Ultimately, the option to carry extra baby essentials with your mat means you will always have everything you need, especially when you need it the most!

mother changing baby's diaper on portable changing mat for travel

Best Baby Travel Changing Mats

There’s no need to sacrifice style or functionality when choosing a baby travel change mat! However, based on your specific requirements, modes of transport, vacation destination, and budget constraints, your choice may vary. Here is a list of our top portable baby change mats that will help make picking one easier!

Our Top Recommendations for Baby Travel Change Mats

Best Travel Changing Mat: Skip Hop Pronto Baby Travel Change Mat

The Skip Hop Pronto portable change mat is the best all around plus it’s perfect for flying. It folds into a clutch that keeps everything you need to grab and go for diaper changes. No need to carry your entire diaper bag into the cramped airplane bathroom!

Best Portable Change Mat for Budgets: Comfy Cubs Baby Portable Baby Change Mat

If you are on a strict budget, just want a low cost item to add on to a baby shower gift or looking for an extra change mat, you can’t go wrong with the Comfy Cubs portable change mat.

Best Travel Change Mat for Toddlers: BABY LOOVI Store Baby Portable Changing Pad

For toddlers and babies that are on the move, having an extra large size is well worth it!

Best for a Baby Shower Gift: Skip Hop Pronto Baby Travel Change Mat or Gimars Large Capacity 6 Pockets Baby Portable Changing Pads

Both of these travel change mats have it all and make excellent baby shower gifts for parents who love to travel!

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The Best Portable Change Mats for Travel

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