Why Travel with a baby or toddler

66. “Why travel with my baby? Some people think it’s selfish to travel with your baby and it’s all for the parents, but it’s not! I can spend my entire holiday focusing on my kid and it’s so wonderful!”

By Melissa of @melissavanschaik

67. “I love traveling with my babies because it allows us to spend quality time together as a family, away from the inevitable pressures of home and work life. No commuting, no rushing to and from nursery, no chores to worry about – no problem! If we see and do amazing things along the way, then that’s a bonus.”

By Erica of @mumtraveldiaries & https://mumtraveldiaries.com/

68. “We travel with our baby because we want them to experience the world through a variety of lenses. They catch on much earlier than you’d think about how different cultures can be.”

By Aja of @chaoticwanders

69. “I will be truthful and say travelling with a baby is definitely going to be more tiring then just me and my husband. We don’t get to explore as much places in a day, because baby has to take a nap or it is her bedtime. However, these are also the reasons why travelling with a baby is wonderful. With a baby we are forced to travel slow. We probably have only 1 to 2 itineraries per day. But this leads us to spending more time at a place and enjoying the place longer we get to absorb the culture and atmosphere.  

We get to experience and see the world in another perspective through our baby’s eyes. We made more friends along the way. People usually have a soft spot for babies and would stop to play or talk to her and in turn talk to us and share about their family. It is really an awesome experience we will never get when we travel without a baby.”

By Carrie of @Carrieelisha

70. “The main reason why we like traveling with our little Sophia Stella is to get to relive and experience the world through her fresh eyes. She’s giving us back that feeling of amusement for the smallest little details and for us that’s so important. She was so amazed by all the lights and colors that we actually noticed all the effort and level of attention to detail that Disney provide during their special events.”

By Polly of @petitevierose

71. “We travel with Zayn because we can. People say traveling with a baby is a hassle because they might throw tantrums, throw up, run around, etc… but even if we were to stay home, they will probably do the same…so why not experience the joy and toils of parenthood while travelling?”

By Hafizhah of @happytrippers

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72. “We travel with our baby because we learn, grow and share wonderful memories together. We believe that travel offers the best education, we watch our son grow and develop so quickly through his experiences and are always amazed at how well he adapts to every situation and location. We also love that we are teaching him that the world is different and unique and how truly wonderful that truly is.”

By Laura of @ontheroadfamily 

73. “I have always loved to travel. I’m constantly looking up flights and dreaming of my next trip. When I started having kids, I couldn’t imagine giving that up. I want my children to experience the world but more importantly, I want the family bonding time. My husband works long hours and there are days that go by without him seeing the kids. Trips are a great way for us to spend uninterrupted, quality time together.”

By Megan of @megmhaddad

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74. “I currently travel with two kids. My “toddler” just turned 5 but now we also have a 3 month old. We have been traveling with our oldest one all her toddler time.

Why: Because we love traveling! We have so much fun as a family seeing the world. We all learn so much while visiting new countries, especially kids. We currently live in California but my  family is on the other side of the world, in Finland, so we travel to visit the grand parents as well. “

By Paula of @paulagaston & https://www.paulagaston.com/

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75. “This quote is why we travel with my now 16 month old son, because he is living his life right now and he deserves to live it to the full:  ‘When we adults think of children, there is a simple truth which we ignore: childhood is not preparation for life; childhood is life. A child isn’t getting ready to live; a child is living. …we have forgotten, if indeed we ever knew, that a child is an active participating and contributing member of society from the time he is born. Childhood isn’t a time when he is molded into a human who will then live life; he is a human who is living life.’ -Professor T. Ripaldi”

By Vic of @butiwillremember

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76. “We travel with our baby because we want him to be a citizen of the world. To learn from and experience different cultures that will only broaden his horizons. Our son’s first international trip was to South Africa at 7 months old. Our greatest joy was watching him interact with all the people we met along the way. He seemed to know he was on a great adventure and his eyes were wide open. We know he’ll never remember that trip, but we like to think that somehow it left an imprint on his soul. He has worlds to conquer and we are along for the ride!”

By Gina of @whiskandwander 

77. “Traveled solo from #yyz to #lhr with these two and had lots of tough times but the benefits of traveling with them far outweighs the drawbacks!  

Why do we travel with our little ones even though they might not remember it? Because we’ve noticed that our children become more creative with play, they build better communication skills, they see their parents trying new things, they ask more questions, they invent games and toys with whatever is at hand, they need less, they learn how to adapt.  

I’ve realized that travel teaches me so many lessons – parenting doesn’t require lots of toys/baby gear/minivan/big house, routines can change, adventures and inquiry don’t stop with children.  When my daughter was 2 and beginning to speak, she told her daycare teacher a story about a bird trying to get out of a window in a bedroom – something that happened when we were on holiday when she was 18 months old!  Maybe they do remember!”

By Jen of @openroad.mummy

78. “Sometimes in life, you don’t realise things as clearly as when looking in retrospect.  Our kids are now 7 and 4. We travelled with our baby girl a lot; we were expat travellers living overseas at the time, so it was a natural extension of what we did.  Once your children start school (our baby is now in Year 1) you realise that you have obligations around their education, and perhaps more importantly, their social lives! (Yes they have friends!)  So when you travel with a baby there are no time restrictions, you just pick the best time and go!  This is TOTALLY a reason to travel with your baby. 

Having a baby is certainly a massive change from being a traveller; they come with routines, and a pile of paraphernalia!  But once you adjust to this, and they start to sleep with some regularity, it is a time when you can wonder at the marvels of the world.  Pre-walking, you can spend time soaking up the atmosphere of places while not chasing a terrible two or a tantrumming 3!!!  Those blissful first 12 months are an ideal time to travel with a little one.”

By Ariana & Norman of @worldoftravelswithkids & https://worldoftravelswithkids.com/

79. “My husband and I always loved travelling and when our first son came along it came natural to us to look at him as a new travel companion, rather than a reason to stop exploring. We went on our first trip as a family when he was only 2 months old and while the experience was immensely different from any holiday we had as a couple, we loved every minute of it. 

We loved being able to have a cuddle with him in a beautiful new place, we loved capturing the moment when his tiny feet touched the sea for the very first time. And we loved the relationships that a baby creates around you: people came to us to see him, to ask questions and to share stories about their own kids. Regardless of language, with words and gestures, people shared that they too had kids or a friend with a baby and they tell you how many, how old, how cute they are. And it made us feel that we had something in common with them, parenthood, something so powerful to cross language and cultural barriers!”

By Marta of @learningescapes & https://www.learningescapes.net/

80. “They will remember more than you think. Before every trip we’ve taken with our now 2 1/2 year old, we’ve heard the same comments from naysayers and critics. “She won’t remember any of it. Traveling with a baby or toddler is a waste of money.” While it’s true that people don’t remember much from their infancy and early years of childhood, defining moments as a baby or toddler will ultimately mold one’s interests.

My daughter may not remember details from her first plane ride, but even at her young age, she absolutely loves planes, airports, and trains. Obviously, she has memories of traveling or she wouldn’t love and talk about airplanes as much as she does. While our toddler may not be able to recount stories from her travels abroad, those experiences have shaped who she is today, and they will continue to shape who she becomes in the future.” Read more here…

By Melissa of @parenthoodandpassports & https://parenthoodandpassports.com/

81. “Why travel with a toddler: Because life doesn’t need to stop when you have kids.  Who knows if you’ll be able to afford to travel once your kids are grown or when you’re retired so if you can afford it now, you should do it now. Plus, as a working mom, the only time I can really connect with my family without worrying about work is when I’m on vacation.”

By Brittany of @mommyplusmiles & https://mommyplusmiles.com/

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82. “The baby stage is the perfect time to test out the waters traveling with kids. Babies are portable, they sleep a lot (except at night of course!!) and they are fascinated by everything. If I’m going to be a 24-hour milk machine, you better bet I’m going to do it poolside with a tropical drink in hand.”

By Katie of @tearfreetravel & https://www.tearfreetravel.com/

83. “We travel with our baby because we weren’t about to let an addition to the family slow our travelling down! We went somewhere new almost every month before we had our daughter and instead of stopping we decided to bring her along for our adventures. Sure we had to do things a little more family friendly, but now we get to share our passion for travelling with our little one as well!”

By Carolynn of @famjamtravels & https://www.famjamtravels.com/

84. “I have always loved traveling… seeing new places, the sights, the smells, the history and culture. When I got pregnant every time I would go on a trip or talk about vacation, my friends would all tell me that I “wouldn’t be able to do that with children” and “better enjoy it while you can”. I would tell them my love for travel was greater than that. When William came along. Flights were still made, hotels still booked. I was going to prove them wrong. We still traveled…. just a little differently. 

We made sure to buy dish soap where we were going so bottles could still be washed in the sink. We stayed in places longer to accommodate for “nap time”, but we saw so much more. We checked out parks and “kid friendly” places we might never have thought to go to. We learned that people all over the world are willing to help you out. Helping carry a stroller up stairs, spending time directing us to a location. 

Vacations changed slightly but my love didn’t. Yes, he won’t remember being freezing cold in Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day, or the gorgeous weather we had on our walking tour in England. He won’t remember hiking in Maine or the first beach sunset he saw. But these memories are etched in my brain for me to enjoy. So selfishly, I travel with my child because I still love to.  But, I hope in the future it will make him a better person – a more humble, well-rounded, go with the flow person; because that’s what travel teaches all of us.”

By Kate of @kam03f & will_where_i_am

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85. “My husband and I fell in love with traveling early on in our relationship, and I truly believe we fell in love because of traveling. When we had our baby, staying home was never an option for us. By his first birthday our son will have visited eight states, four countries and two continents. Traveling with him has allowed us to meet countless new friends as babies are instant conversation starters. I want him to develop a deep appreciation of other cultures and places and an understanding that while sometimes challenging and inconvenient, travel is always beautiful and worth it…a great metaphor for life!”

By Angela of @angelamichelleg

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86. “We love to travel with our daughters because it gives them experiences that they would never get otherwise. It also helps them understands perspectives of other people and other cultures. They have no preconceived ideas and it’s amazing to watch them experience new things with eyes wide open.”

By Rosalind of @globalhealthfamily

87. “Even though it is definitely more work, more prep, and more time to go on day trips & mountain adventures with our little man, it’s so worth it.  We find that as long as we go into the adventure with the expectation that it’s just that…an adventure, we all come out on the other side with our souls a little more full of the good things in life.”

By Jacey of @weneedmorewild

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88. “We love to travel! We have done so since my oldest was a baby. Now my second is one and we are loving it. There are obviously many cultural and educational reasons to travel. All of which we value but our number one reason is simply to be together and make memories! My one year old may not remember specifics of traveling across the ocean but I think she will remember our bond, our family connection and the fact that our favorite place to be is together.”

By Rachel of @beboldlittleones

89. “We initially travelled with Lilah when she was 3 months old and were in Europe for 7 weeks. Escaping the summer heat of Saudi Arabia where we lived was always our plan and this did not change having a baby. 18 months and 18 countries later we have enjoyed every moment traveling with her, sharing our love of travel now as a family. It is amazing to see her so comfortable on a plane and interact with people from all over the world. The experiences we have as a family are priceless.”

By Riki of @kiwisinbarefeet & http://www.kiwisinbarefeet.com/

90. “I travel with my babies so I can show them that the world is more beautiful than people say it is. I want them to learn to explore, ask questions and see it for themselves.”

By Christine of @tapped_out_travellers & https://tappedouttravellers.com/

91. “We want our children to understand the beauty, diversity and the challenges of the real world.”

By Brittany of @britsbigexperience & https://www.mybigexperience.org/

92. “You should travel with your baby because they fly for free as lap infants! And on a more serious note. I personally travel with my baby because she is what makes each adventure special. Seeing the world through her eyes truly opens mine.”

By Amoya of @trippinmomma & https://trippinmomma.com/

93. “There are many reasons why we love to travel with our two two rascals. We are super outdoorsy family who loves to hike. There is this stigma that once you have a child your life changes drastically and you can no longer do all the things you loved to do before becoming a parent. Not with us! We always loved to hike and we’re not going to stop our passions because we had a baby. We found a perfect solution – we purchased Osprey Poco Child Carrier ( we are not getting paid for this) and continued our adventures with a baby on our back! It makes it super special because we get to experience all of these amazing moment in the company of our kids.”

By Gosia of @travelerstateofmind & https://www.travelerstateofmind.com/

94.  “I want my baby to know who his parents are. I always saw pictures of my mom skateboarding, surfing, and traveling before I was born. But she stopped doing a lot of those things when she had me. It made me sad that I never got to know that really adventurous girl from the old pictures. So, I want my son to know me and my love of adventure. Because of this I’ll continue to travel with him & teach him how to surf. And hopefully we’ll have some really awesome pictures to go with all of our stories.”

By Jenna of @jennaschrader89

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95. “We are getting ready to move cross country. My husband is a naval aviator so we travel and move a fair bit 🙂 James (our baby) is a joy to travel with. We love seeing James sense of wonder, sharing new experiences with him, and making sure he is a well-rounded person. I grew up traveling internationally, my husband lived in Japan as a child, so it is important to both of us to expose James to different cultures, art, food, and people.We believe life is about experiences, and what better way to experience life than to travel.”

By Ali of @alicartemenus

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96. “We want to show the world to our baby, to show him what a beautiful diverse place it is. We want to open his eyes to see these beauties and appreciate the diversity.”

By Saman of @fitandactive_afterbaby

97. “Travel is great for creating special memories together.

Because Quality and quantity time with your family. Time together is so important for us. When you travel, you’ll share unique experiences that will bond your family. You’ll always have those special memories that bond your family together.”

By Linsey of @by.linsey__

98. “To show myself that I can continue to let my curiosity guide me across the globe,  even after becoming a mom. And, to show my daughters that there are multiple paths to take in life, that they are certainly not bound to one. The world is their playground!”

By Kate of @flippingmoons 

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99. “We travel with our toddler to open her mind. Ultimately, we want to teach her that not all classrooms have walls. She won’t learn empathy, heartbreak, or joy from textbooks or backlit screens. She’ll learn from experience and be better for it. Travel will spark her character, open her mind, and strengthen her courage. It will teach her more than we ever could alone.”

By Chelsea of @unsettledown & https://unsettledown.com/

100. “We’ll admit it. Traveling with the kids (5 months, 2 years and 4 years) is partially for ourselves. They aren’t going to stay small forever. Though not every memory is stress-free, I promise that one day you WILL look back and laugh and smile when you think of each memory. We want to be able to look back into a collection of daily treasures, instead of just the day-to-day routine of everyday life. Traveling with kids isn’t always for them; it is okay for it to be about you too! Our kids won’t even remember their first trips to Disneyland, but they were priceless, and we sure have some amazing memories.”

By Debbie of @worldadventurists & http://worldadventurists.com/

101. “Why I’m traveling with my babies, first reason is, because as a parent, we also need a break. We need some refreshment, I always believe happy parent equals happy baby. Traveling doesn’t mean having to go to expensive or extraordinary destinations. Extraordinary moments are created by ourselves. 

Second reason, sometimes as a parent we put to much fear in ourselves. Fear of mistakes, fear of being judge and fear of getting out of our comfort zone. New places will give us new perspectives and the ability to enjoy ourselves (because usually you know nobody at the new place). Don’t be afraid if your baby will like it or not. Our baby feeling is a reflection of their parents. As long you enjoy your trip, so does your baby.”

By Yuannisa of @yuannisahopmans

And for one final one…

We travel with our children because we want to show them the world. We want them to see that there is so much more than our small pocket of the world. In doing that, we hope that they learn that all people are good, regardless of where they are from. 

By Celine & Dan of @babycantravel & @familycantravel


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