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Flying with a Toddler – 8 Tips You NEED Before You Fly

Having flown with babies and toddlers, I can say without a doubt the age between 12 months to 18 months is the most difficult. Flying with a toddler takes patience and setting the right expectations.

This post will give you the tools to not only survive a flight with a toddler but have you saying “that was so much better than I expected”.

This is a question I see pop up over and over and over about how to entertain a toddler on a plane, in all different forms:

“How can I keep my 1 year old entertained on a flight.”

“Anyone have advice to keep an active 14 month old busy during a flight.”

“Help! Long haul flight with a busy toddler… please send me all your tips.”

Sound familiar? Who has planned a trip with a toddler and not gone out seeking advice on flying with toddlers.

I usually respond by sharing our best airplane activities for babies & toddlers. But it has finally occurred to me that this is not enough. Why?

image of best toddler travel toys for airplane

Because a few suggestions for activities aren’t going to give an anxious parent the comfort they need that they will in fact survive that long flight with a toddler…That they can actually come out on the other side [only partially] unscathed.

So let’s just get that out of the way, this is not a post about toddler airplane activities!

If you are looking for suggestions on specific activities to keep your toddler busy on a flight, you can find them all in the airplane travel toys for toddlers post mentioned above or in these toddler travel toys lists:

This post is more about toddler behavior: what to expect on a flight with a toddler and how to survive air travel with toddlers.

Flying tips with toddlers

This post contains compensated links.

So why am I specifically addressing flying tips for toddlers? Babies and toddlers have completely different needs when it comes to flying.

Babies aren’t on the move. They aren’t climbing over the seats and throwing tantrums. Babies can more easily be lulled into sleep by some warm milk (see more of our tips for flying with a baby).

Toddlers, on the other hand, are completely different. They want to move. They want to explore. They know what they want and they aren’t afraid to tell you (or scream it at the top of their lungs).

As a parent, having to keep said toddler contained in one seat for the duration of a flight can be frightening.

flying with a toddler

Our Experience Flying with a Toddler

I can speak from experience that my kids had very little attention span for movies or games on the iPad until about 2.5 years old. I limited TV at home and it still wasn’t exciting enough to keep our toddler entertained on the flight for very long.

I never thought I’d wish for my kids to be addicted to the screen, but when it comes to long haul flights with toddlers, this is exactly what I find myself hoping for.

Now every kid is different in this aspect. My daughter was eyes glued at 2.5 years old but my son still isn’t there. There are some shows, like Little Baby Bum, that work better than others but overall he has an attention span of about 20 minutes (and it was much less at 12-18 months).

What does that mean for the flight with our toddler? It means I spend a lot more time trying to keep our toddler entertained on the plane, but still content in his seat.

airplane travel with toddler

Preparing for a Long Haul Flight with Toddlers

So with screen time offering up only an intermittent distraction, how exactly do you survive a flight with a toddler?

Here’s the secret to airplane travel with toddlers:

The key to getting through this depends on two things: (1) your expectations and (2) repeatedly cycling through all your toddlers airplane activities.

plane toys for toddlers

Let’s start with your expectations. You should go into this with the notion that while traveling with a toddler on a plane, you will be entertaining your toddler THE ENTIRE TIME. 

If you plan on getting on that plane, setting your toddler up with an iPad then starting your own movie, you will be disappointed. If you get on that flight with the right expectations, then anything better than this is a bonus. Your toddler may just surprise you.

I won’t lie, this next part will be exhausting and I hope you either have someone to share it with or you can get your toddler to sleep on the flight, but if not just remember that the flight is such a VERY SMALL part of your trip

And just to prove that I know what I’m talking about, we took our 14 month old on a 12 hour flight. He did NOT like being held and was in a stage where he loved to scream.

On that entire flight, we managed to get a whopping 1 hour and 45 minutes of sleep.

Sound like your worst nightmare? It actually wasn’t that bad. We spent a lot of time trying to get him to sleep, I got to know the flight attendants and some other parents pretty well at the back of the plane and we arrived in Japan tired but ready to explore.

So here is how this next part works…

Some people swear by bringing wrapped gifts for your child. I have never done this. I probably won’t ever do it. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, I’m just not that organized. Besides, in the end that comes down to just having a lot of little distractions to switch between.

toddler plane activities

Bring multiple activities (don’t over do it, just plan to have a lot of little activities like iPad games, movies, toddler airplane snacks, stickers, coloring, etc.), then repeat that along with any other entertainment you can create along the way.

Play with a plastic bottle/lid (this is a winner with my little guy), give your little one the remote (on super old airplanes), find a willing participant to peek-a-boo or let them play with the menu/safety card.

The key here is to get creative and keep your energy up. You will get through this.

how to keep toddler busy on flight

A Typical Flight with a Toddler

This is what a typical flight with our toddler looks like:

We get on the flight and he’s excited! He wants to touch and play with everything. I let him (at least within the confines of our seat). Seat belt light goes on and I use the iPad or a snack in a spill proof snack cup to entertain him while we take off.

Then we basically rotate through the activities until the food arrives (which provides another distraction). After the food has been cleared, we do our best to get him to sleep.

Getting a toddler to sleep on an airplane isn’t always easy and not always successful, but we just keep trying to get him to lay down. This can take up to an hour even when mimicking our usual bed time routine, but eventually he will sleep.

Sometimes we even pack a portable white noise machine just to help block out noise and keep him asleep! Then once he’s awake, it’s back to rotating through activities until we land.

toddler sleeping on airplane

There is some crying and some tantrums in there. Getting the seat belt on and having him not continually unbuckle it is sometimes an issue, especially if the flight has a lot of turbulence. 

Don’t forget to read our posts on the Best Toddler Travel Bed and Toddler Travel Essentials!

Tips for Flying with Toddlers

If I had to give some tips on flying with toddlers, here is what has worked (or not worked) for us:

1. Save the best distractions for when you really need them!

Am I the only one that avoids letting my toddler know we can walk up and down the aisle? Seriously, aside from taking my newly potty trained toddler to the airplane toilet, I never let on that we can walk up and down the aisle.

Why do I do this? One – so I don’t have to spend the entire flight doing it. Two – so I have one really special distraction in case I need it.

2. Plan for those inevitable toddler tantrums.

I try to think what will cause a tantrum and plan for managing toddler tantrums on the go. As an example, I know take off and landing will be the hardest parts so I make sure to have a fun snack and an activity ready to go for when that seat belt light goes on.

image of mother flying with a toddler on your lap

3. Have fun toddler airplane activities to cycle through.

In our toddler travel toys post (mentioned above), we give sample activities that our kids have enjoyed at each stage. This is our starting point then we adjust depending on what our kids are interested in most at the moment.

If they love Paw Patrol, we will get a Paw Patrol Color Wonder book. We also try games and movies out at home. Our kids love reading, so the Epic! digital library app is an great alternative to cartoons – simply download some Read To Me books onto your iPad prior to the flight.  

Our 2 year loves trucks, so we got the Trucks & Diggers app and he loves it. Test things out before you go. Give them a chance to try the apps.

Don’t have time to put together toddler plane activities? Order one of these activity packs for toddlers from KeepEmQuiet, which include entertainment and snacks!

image of toddler travel toys on airplane

4. Let your toddler play first.

Trying to stick to our schedule, I’ve tried to get him to sleep too soon and failed miserably. I’ve learned that it’s best to wait at least an hour (unless he’s tired enough and falls asleep on his own. I think this happened once?).

Let the food and beverage service finish so everyone is settled and there are far less distractions around. This has been our best chance for getting him to sleep.

Check out these inflatable airplane beds for toddlers to give your toddler all the room to play, eat and sleep.

5. Try different ways to get your toddler to sleep on the plane.

Make sure your toddler has time to burn off some energy in the airport and to explore his new surroundings on the plane. You want him tired, but not over tired, and ready for sleep.

image of toddler running in airport

When it is time to sleep (on an overnight flight), we have tried to get him to lay down by repeatedly telling him “head down, time to sleep” and not engaging with him otherwise. This has worked pretty consistently but usually takes a while and involves some crying.

On our last flight, I positioned the iPad so he had to lay down, which helped him to calm down on his own and eventually fall asleep. If it’s not an overnight flight, I don’t stress about naps.

Check out these family friendly airports! Perfect for getting your toddler to burn off some energy before the flight!

6. Bring a travel car seat or inflatable airplane toddler bed.

Whether bringing a car seat on the plane will work best or just an inflatable airplane bed for toddlers, be prepared with the best option to keep your toddler content and help him sleep.

We always had success getting our kids to sleep on an inflatable airplane toddler bed – it’s one of our all-time favorite toddler travel hacks. We’ve used the Flyaway Kids Bed and the Fly Tot, both of which we were quite happy with. If those aren’t in your budget, check out these budget airplane travel beds.

toddler sleep on plane on Flyaway Kids Bed (airplane bed for kids)

You can buy the Flyaway Kids Bed directly from their website. If you find it to be out of stock, we recommend signing up to be notified when it’s back in stock so you don’t miss out.

7. Talk to your toddler about the flight.

Before a flight we spent a lot of time talking with our toddler about being on the airplane. We talked to him about what would happen, what to expect and what he needed to do. We continued these conversations with our toddler on the plane.

For example, we talked about the seat belt lights over and over and over. Pointing it out each time it went on or off. Asking him if it was on. Asking him what it meant. This made putting the seat belt on less of a fight.

When he went to take his seatbelt off, I’d ask if the light was on or off then explain again what it meant. He was almost 2 years old when we did this, but it worked. On our most recent flight, he got into his seat and immediately asked for his seatbelt (he even did this on a bus!).

8. Know when to ask for help. 

When I’ve had enough, my husband jumps in. We have an older daughter, so we switch kids. This helps us both keep our positive energy up.

getting toddler to sleep on flight

Even More Tips for Flying with Toddlers

We also went to other experienced parents from our Instagram audience to get their tips for traveling with toddlers by plane. Here are their best tips for flying with toddlers:

What is the one thing that is always on your “Flying with Toddlers” checklist?

Of all the answers we received, the number one answer was plenty of airplane snacks for toddlers, followed by iPad, toy cars, toddler headphones & favourite stuffy or blanket.

“Not just for the toddler, but for my husband and me. We strapped our car seat (Diono Radian RXT) to a Magna Cart, put the kiddo (16 months) in the travel car seat, and wheeled her around the airport that way. She didn’t have to walk, and we could take it down the aisle of the airplane.” – @solmiano

What are your best tips to get toddlers to sleep on a plane?

Flying with a toddler car seat looks like a huge pain to carry around, but traveling with a car seat contains the toddler better and also easier for them to fall asleep in. Having a car seat trolley makes it pretty manageable! @hychan1

We create a mini bedtime routine that we do every time. About 20-30 minutes before we are ready for them to be asleep we start to wind them down, change into jammies have a bottle of milk, start talking about how it’s nap/bed time. We shut off any screens we have going and turn on our white noise app pretty quiet. We read 1-2 stories (usually from memory) and snuggle them in with fav stuffy. It has worked 100% of the time since I discovered this easy little routine. @howwetravel4

Security blanket and pillow from home. Patience!! @Burgessadventures

Have them in comfy clothing, bring a blanket just in case, and stay as calm as possible. We also sit on or behind the wing (it’s the loudest) which mimics a sound machine. @apietry

It’s tough to get our son to sleep before the lights are out, so we try to have realistic expectations of him. Once the lights are out, we nurse him to sleep. @Mamatravelpants

A toddler carrier for travel (still magic!) Sarah from or @exploreasafamily

A warm blanket from home, keeping our toddler busy before the flight and tiring them out by getting them to walk from the gate to the plane if possible. @rupeat

For short haul accept that sleep will be a bonus rather than relying on it. Do a physical activity at the airport… let them run as much as possible. Also eat at the airport, napping on a full belly is always easier. On larger planes try to find a space without distractions (particularly the TV screens). Find a way to be able to lay them down to keep them asleep. @Katief_bubsandus

Only way to get her to sleep is taking a red eye flight and not letting her sleep all day before taking that flight. During the day time flights she’s way too excited and won’t sleep, no matter how long the flight is @lara_on_the_move

What do you wish you did differently or knew before your flight with a toddler?

Before the first time I flew I wish I had just accepted that babies cry sometimes and that’s ok. I remember panicking the first time we flew every little whimper and I would stress and it wasn’t what anyone needed. Now I just accept that sometimes there are tears but if I keep a positive attitude it keeps everyone calm and happy. @howwetravel4

Don’t board first (unless it’s Southwest and the seats will fill up). If you have assigned seats wait to board last with your toddler and let them run their energy out in the airport. Waiting for everyone to board can take 30+ minutes. That’s 30 minutes your baby isn’t trying to climb over everything and get off your lap. @irishtwintravels 

This time I had everything. A blanket, toys, an inflatable leg rest pillow and I ordered in advanced the kids menu. @Ticamominhh

Toddlers will lose their mind for no reason, its best to just roll with it. I try not to ever let myself get worked up. I try and bring her down to my level, not rise to hers. @Burgessadventures

I wish I would have been wearing layers because I got so hot holding her and was stuck in a hoodie @apietry

Try to plan a convenient flight for their awake times (knowing that for international you will need to arrive at the airport several hours early). @Myfamilyfeliz

We were lucky for all our flights. For the 4 times we did Paris to LA, we always had spare seats, the baby bed, and staff that was awesome on the plane. Maybe I will pack less as I had planned too much stuff to keep her busy. @Fifi_babyselena

Eating meals in a cramped space with a toddler can be a disaster. We ask the flight attendants to bring one meal first so that we can take turns keeping our toddler entertained while the other eats. @Mamatravelpants

Don’t board with the family boarding announcement – the earlier you board, the longer you have to keep a toddler entertained on the plane! @finelinetravels

Small toys sometimes just end up being extra weight. I carried most of her favorite toys but ended up useless because she was more interested with other stuff (play set gift from the airline, seat entertainment controller, magazine and etc) @vidiatoffany

You Got This Mama!! 

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