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Travelling to London? Next in our series of Stroller vs Baby Carrier, we give our recommendations for the top 5 attractions in London. Read more at

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Going to London with a baby and unsure of whether to bring your stroller or a baby carrier?  We always bring our Ergo Baby Carrier along, even if we are taking the stroller.  It's easy to stuff at the bottom of the stroller and we just never know when we'll want to use it.  We've even been known to park our stroller and continue our sightseeing with the Ergo - like climbing the stairs in St. Paul's Cathedral.


Here are our recommendations for 5 top attractions in London:

Travel with a baby to London
Travelling to London? Next in our series of Stroller vs Baby Carrier, we give our recommendations for the top 5 attractions in London. Read more at


Arc de Triomphe Paris with Baby

William the Conqueror did not have stroller accessibility in mind when he built this castle.  While it is possible to bring a stroller into the Tower of London, you will be very limited to the areas you can explore.  If you need to bring a stroller, you may use their complimentary stroller parking areas then explore the rest of the site while using a baby carrier.

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The Louvre Paris with Baby

The main entrance to the British Museum is at the top of a flight of stairs, but there is a small elevator to the left which enables people with strollers to get to the main level.  Once inside the museum, you may find some walkways are tight, but you can explore all areas of the museum.  Small elevators enable you to reach all the floors. 

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Eiffel Tower Paris with Baby

You may bring your stroller into one of the capsules as long as it is folded down prior to entering.  You may not bring your stroller into a capsule if it does not fold down.  As you may not use your stroller during the ride, consider bringing a baby carrier or wrap for the 30 minute ride. 

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Palace of Versailles Paris with Baby

The main entrance to the Cathedral is at the top of a large flight of stairs, but people with strollers may use the accessible entrance on the south side of the building.  You can explore most areas of the Cathedral with your stroller with the exception of the Galleries which are reached by climbing several hundred stairs.  If you wish to visit the Galleries, bring a baby carrier and leave your stroller with the attendant at the bottom.  Leaving your stroller is at your own risk, but what kind of schmuck would steal a stroller in a church?

Travel with a baby to London


Musee d'Orsay Paris with Baby

Strollers are not permitted on the tour of the State Rooms in Buckingham Palace.  You may check your stroller at the entrance and pick it up at the end of the tour.  Baby carriers may be borrowed free of charge, subject to availability.


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